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Damaged Men

There’s many a damaged man out there, and believe me, the last thing that such men need
Is sexually explicit and pornographic material on which to feed.
Nor public titillation that frustratingly arouses, fuels an inner fire,
Be that via billboards, books or magazines, movies, videos, or sexy attire.

And no doubt most of these men, (if not all), have no idea why they’re the way they are,
Often victims of abuse and trauma, that something deadened, or left a deep scar.
And as to who or what caused such, set their path, who knows? But much goes on behind closed doors,
Leaving young children confused, hurt, roaming emotionally disturbed corridors.

Many of these men take their illness out on women, and who knows why that might be?
Though I suspect there’s often some connection, that women wise, has left them anti.
And hence those vicious attacks on women, perhaps fueled by what they see as teasing,
That being, the sexual titillation that says look but don’t touch — hardly pleasing!

No, such damaged men would no doubt see such as just adding insult to injury,
Though no man really likes being teased or frustrated via such unfairness, quite frankly.
Men may go along with such, but underneath, deep within, they take it seriously,
For it activates very powerful forces, plays with what affects men deeply.

Don’t get me wrong — I don’t condone sexual attacks on women, but let’s face the facts,
Porn and public sexiness just have to play a part in some of these cruel attacks.
And who knows who any attacker might be? A neighbour? A friend? Some relation?
And the cause? A combination of injury, stimulation and frustration.

Yes, men being men, seems only natural that sex will play a part in many crimes,
But given the sexual climate, we shouldn’t be surprised that such behaviour climbs.
And more so, when earth’s littered with damaged men, who women wise, may have an axe
to grind,
And until we face up to this, even more and far worse sexual crimes we’ll find.

Sure there are damaged women too, but here, we’re addressing men, (testosterone bound),
Hence why wherever there’s crime, a sexually attacked woman is often found.
But what stokes the fire though, is often the sexually flaunted and explicit,
And that which demeans and disrespects men, which isn’t to a woman’s benefit.

A man is more easily damaged than women realize, and can take such badly,
Hence why women should take care, not treading on his manhood or masculinity.
Men have certain soft spots — that when hit — work against a woman’s best interests, clearly,
For such lessens a man’s desire to protect and cherish, sees him acting less selflessly.

Yes, men being men, they so very easily turn to force, lash out physically,
And given their strong sex-drive, and conquering spirit, are prone to erring sexually.
But far more so, even terribly so, if injured when young, or demeaned when men,
And because both are common today, it’s often a case of “Here we go again!”

There will always be monsters, who seemingly have no cause or quarrel, but even then,
How can we be sure that nothing actually happened somehow, somewhere, to such men?
Sure they might have simply become depraved via a life of lust and debauchery,
But hey, look at society, it’s saturated with things that act injuriously.

And who’s aiding and abetting? It’s often women themselves, who shed their clothes and pose,
Causing men to lust, or pressure to build, until something boils, and then bursts or blows.
Yes, they don’t know what they toy with, even with their sexiness round town, that’s daily seen,
Which I believe with all my heart, so often plays a part, in many a crime scene.

But play the game they do, having bought into this foolish sexy nonsense, that oft backfires,
For in the hearts and minds of damaged men, such can stir crooked and callous desires.
But even the undamaged man can be overcome, and to injurious acts succumb,
And so it will be, while that posing and flaunting throttle remains at maximum.

By Lance Landall

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2.  When Fantasy Becomes Reality

It’s not uncommon for men to fantasize sexually — their focus the female body —
Such fuelled or aided by pornography which acts like petrol, the fire burning furiously.
And oft adding to the petrol, (who knows to what degree?), is some emotional injury,
Enter the likes of a sexual obsession; a potent mix, ticking bomb, waiting and ready…

More so where there’s inner anger too, and hence come whatever they do.

Fantasizing can be bad enough, but throw in pornography, (and where there’s no moral brakes),
Those fired up feelings seek reality, (fantasizing not enough), hence compulsion overtakes.
Enter the six o'clock News and those sexual crimes against females — yes, no surprises there —
Such not helped by that public sexiness that more of the female form is seen to flaunt and bare.

Sex has always been man’s Achilles heel, and where such is exploited by women, women pay,
For the downfall of men-cum-whatever hardens them, can only but women further dismay.
And women need to know this, for the harsh reality is — and given the state of many hearts and minds —
That many men in the street would rape if they could get away with it — and do, hence those sex crimes.

Yes, not all sexual crimes are reported, and the assailants are oft conveniently disguised,
They abducting, drugging and binding; their victims violated and murdered, or brutalised.
And yet, women persist in featuring in porn, flaunting what’s not wise-cum-teasing sexually,
And walking alone in the dark and in secluded areas, they inviting injury.

But it’s no wonder that sex is so oft on a man’s mind-cum-women mere playthings to be used,
And why — given the objectifying of women, thanks to their compliance — they’re so abused,
And by compliance I mean, they happy to be photographed in provocative sexy poses,
Nude or somewhat nude, as seen on billboards, in movies, or in mags in which men have their noses.

Oh, you foolish women...

Yes, they smiling or smouldering sexually, and seemingly naively, for it’s no game,
(Though seems they think so), but rather, Russian roulette — the next victim bearing the very same name?

And prior to such, their image on some man’s mind, it playing over and over again, until
Fantasy becomes reality, he lying in wait, and who he is, what woman can tell?

Yes, the sexual's seen everywhere today, and such, a serious problem for many men,
Let alone it’s ravaging of society, and why it’s a case of, “Here we go again.”
And why women must accept their complicity in such, for such stirring only leads to ill,
And thus is why many men attempt to get what they want regardless of any woman’s will.

You know,

I got to thinking how mothers love their babies-cum-toddlers, and here, we’re talking about boys,
Their mothers so protective of them — yes, waxing lyrical over their wee bundle of joys.
And yet, they oft encouraging their daughters in seductive-cum-sexy, public, dress and ways,
— an irony —
For woe betide any other mother’s son-cum-grown man, who due to such, gets in strife or strays,
— there being many!

This reminds me of a sad reality of Nature — protect my own but look out others —
Such being a cruel reality that seems lost on these oft just as sexually dressed mothers.
Yes, both they and their daughters encouraging what isn’t wise nor even fair, come the above;
In other words, those negative consequences — oh, why don’t they just stick to romance-cum-love?

When women dress in a way that excites a man’s loins, they behave like predators, men their prey,
They taking advantage of that proverbial Achilles heel, all of which can ricochet.
And often it does, come those unwanted advances, those criminal acts via some mother’s son,
Such aided by mothers and daughters who view public sexiness as fair game or harmless fun…

Well, it isn’t...

By Lance Landall

3.  Such Is How A Man's Mind Tracks

A man has a radar that very quickly picks up on anything sexy,
In other words, anything remotely sexual to full on nudity.
And hence why men have a problem with their eyes, for such is how a man’s mind tracks;
And because men are easily stirred, pity help the man who self control lacks.

But what’s not helping men, (and possibly the biggest problem they face today),
Is the proliferation of the sexy, and why many men err and stray.
And is it any wonder, their radar activated continuously,
Be that via women dressing more sexy, porn, mags, movies or what’s on TV.

And hence why men are objectifying women more, their radar running hot,
And they, checking out each woman that passes by, whether she’s endowed or not.
And oh, how they mentally scan and process, that strong focus being her body,
For such is how a man’s mind tracks, except where refined by nobility,

A higher source that returns a man’s radar to its healthier frequency.

But tell me, how much refining is going on today, and on either side?
For oh, it’s not only the behaviour of men that’s been seen to quickly slide.
Yes, women developing a radar of their own, it tracking weirdly,
For women were never built that way, and therefore, have simply been conned, clearly.

All why they play the game and are paying a cost, for look how much they’ve lost,
They far less treated like ladies now, and on their body, “Sex object” embossed.
Well, certainly in a man’s mind, his eyes being drawn to what’s packaged temptingly,
And not to what they should be, a women’s best interests, personality.

Yes, they can display their body sexually, even allow it to be used,
But men will hardly be thinking of them, and the latter will see them abused.
And the reason why is, men are men and many not principled enough, but
Ready to risk it all for sex, and why some windows and doors are best left shut.

By Lance Landall

4.  As Addictive As Crack

One way to mess up men and make things far worse for women is to feed men porn,
Such as addictive as crack, it rewiring the brain, and why I seek to warn.
And all why more men are objectifying women and running hot with lust,
Soft porn turning to hard core, (as with drugs), and soon scenes of force and rape a must.

We’re talking deadly stuff, and many men not able to function normally,
Straight sex not cutting it anymore, arousal requiring depravity.
Are you hearing me?
It’s got to go folk, its consequences apocalyptic in dimension,
And why it should be banned — and as for men: The only real answer abstention,

From porn, that is.

By Lance Landall

5.  Addictive, Deadly Filth

Yes, addictive, deadly filth. And the culprit? You guessed it. Pornography,
Which is plaguing and destroying the whole world, corrupting society.
Oh, how it has taken millions captive, turned them into sexual slaves,
Because it changes how a person thinks, and thereby distorts how one behaves.

So let’s not beat about the bush, for when everything is said and done,
Pornography is incredibly destructive, a deadly loaded gun.
Yes, many marriages and lives having been tipped upside down by this drug,
Which grips anyone who embraces it in a boa constrictor’s hug.

It’s tragic that there're many women out there who such evil aid and fan,
Via their pandering to the crude wiles of some camera-wielding man,
Because such women are stripped of dignity, used like puppets on a string,
They having foolishly let themselves become someone’s perverted plaything.

And it’s disturbing that there are these males who treat women in this way,
Because such filth-inspired men, simply greed, self, and carnal lusts obey.
They thereby degrading the one they film, proving that they've a debased mind,
And via their low, thoughtless and sordid trade, their fellowman they thus bind.

With pornography being so rife these days, and publicly on display,
We are in serious trouble, and a high price society will pay,
Because when such is saturating books, the web, DVDs and TV,
There’s not a doubt in my mind that we have a very sick society.

So let's rid humanity of this evil that has been wrongly embraced,
Because so much crime that is rampant now, to its influence can be traced.
Such filth just fueling the damaged mind, or seeing good minds becoming ill,
Which is why many men these days sexually abuse and even kill.

Yes, addictive, deadly filth, a filth that is obsessed with the explicit,
And that is so shamelessly parading what we have sanctioned bit by bit,
Because everywhere such is seen today, and society's to blame,
As each day within many homes, a wee screen flickers with such filth and shame.


Addictive, deadly in the sense it deadens a man's heart, and filthy stuff,
So terribly, horribly perverted, and hence those rape movies called Snuff.

By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded on 31 December 2017.

6.  Dear Pin-up Girl

Dear pinup girl, even naked calendar grandma, happy to so be seen,
The thoughts of many ooglers are so screwed up, disgusting, feverish and mean.
And therein lies danger, more evil men out of jail than in, and perhaps near,
All why you’re all taking a terrible risk with what you are choosing to bare.

But such men aside, men in general are becoming sicker due to porn,
And they too staring lecherously, and how in their hearts much ill’s also born.
So it’s a shame you’ve bought into this baring-it-all scene, because one thing’s clear,
It’s no laughing matter, ain’t helping either sex, and is really cause for fear.

Yes, it's a very different world now.

By Lance Landall

7.  The Hard Facts Are...

Because of the way a man is designed sexually, he’s never more a threat that when he’s lacking morally,
For without the restraint of a higher force working within him, it’s most likely that he will act wrong sexually.
Thus, it’s not just certain men committing sexual offences, but basically any lacking morally,
That is, when they can get away with it, and many a man does, where he gets or creates the opportunity.

This is why women should only choose partners who’re sound morally — that is, whose conscience is very in tune with what’s right,
Otherwise, they will end up with someone capable of such offences, or who has a deviant appetite.
And sad to say, many women have, or are currently with such a man, and thus either burnt or about to be,
For rest assured that it’s most likely only a matter of time, be it lust, deviance, crime, or adultery.

Yes, the hard facts are…that men who aren’t sound morally, are more likely to offend, and less likely to act faithfully,
Not that every good man doesn’t offend, for some do, but in their case, usually nowhere as despicably.
For the mind of a morally sound man isn’t dwelling on such, looking to offend, nor as likely to offend,
Given his mind is governed by worthy principles, ones that deviance, crime, or adultery wouldn’t defend.

Unlike that mind in those soldiers who take advantage of helpless citizens — yes, raping at will, and savagely,
Having succumbed to animalistic impulses, the lowest common denominator, and most willingly.
Yes, someone’s partner, (even someone’s farther, sadly), and why women should choose with care, keeping themselves sound morally,
For as one is, as one often gets, for where one’s lacking morally themselves, the more likely they will pick poorly.

By Lance Landall

The serial rapist-murderer Ted Bundy, (by his own admission), was influenced and propelled down the path he took, by “soft-core” available via Playboy magazines that he encountered as a thirteen year old boy in 1959.  What is seen on TV today, the web, and in magazines freely available, exceeds that displayed in the Playboy magazines when Ted Bundy was a thirteen year old boy.  How many Ted Bundys have we seen since, and how many more will we see in the future, given what children are being exposed to these days?

Recommended reading:
"Soft Porn" Plays Hardball by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.

"Well-meaning people will condemn the behavior of a Ted Bundy while they’re walking past a magazine rack full of the very kinds of things that send young kids down the road to being Ted Bundys. That’s the irony."
Ted Bundy

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8.  Strippers And Rugby Teams

When any stripper takes her clothes off at a rugby doo and thereby strongly stirs,
Why would she expect the principles of those men to be any higher than hers?
In other words, they’re hardly going to act like gentlemen, and then there’s the booze,
Not just the excitement, and boys will be boys, not that any wrong we should excuse.

But hey, things are apt to go astray, the air bawdy, hardly pure and innocent,
And hence why that steamy event is hardly likely to be without incident,
Because those motors started and copiously fuelled aren’t made to stop on a dime,
And why such unseemly childishness has a habit of turning into a crime,

Hence that indecent grope, or whatever.

Yes, a crime’s a crime, but why invite such, so to speak, creating a stumbling block,
It like dangling a steak in front of a lion, and soon triggers that tick tock tick tock.
All why such stripping is cruel and unwise, and it effectively setting men up,
Who though sipping from the saucer will hardly be satisfied ’till they’ve got the cup.

Booze filled hormone charged oafs are hardly high performance sports cars with ABS brakes,
But more big rigs with a heavy load and long stopping distance, and hence those mistakes.
They somewhat unable to help themselves, and thus any stripper’s protest naïve,
And why some things we must take on the chin, crimes aside, when provocation we weave,

A woman’s disrobing hardly benign, so best no stripper, best no request, lest...

By Lance Landall

Regarding the song "Sex Bomb" sung by Tom Jones.

9.  "Sex Bomb?"

From one man to another, and with the greatest of respect,
Was it profit or blinkers that saw such a silly song picked?
I mean, really, Tom, “Sex Bomb?” Hence why I’m left shaking my head,
'Cause is sex all some think about, and if so, what lies ahead?

No, I’m not Victorian, just wondering where’s common sense,
Given that your sphere of influence, via your music, is immense.
You’re just giving sex a bad name and painting it bawdy blue,
And, sadly, many think it's cool, when it's really quiet askew.

Sex isn’t for messing with, it’s a loving intimate act,
Or at least it’s meant to be, and used to be, and that’s a fact.
Now you’re making it look tacky, sleazy, an animal act,
And when it is reduced to such, it’s just porn — another fact.

A sex bomb is clearly an object, just something to be had,
Something to be stared at lustfully — selfishly, I might add.
You’re distorting the picture, Tom, and using women for gain;
'Cause it’s making you money, but not a sound use of one’s brain.

Calling a woman that is hardly
a compliment, Tom, no,
In fact, far from it, 'cause it’s degrading, and very much so.
Once you’d get a slap for that, and deservedly so, I say,
But who would want to call a woman a sex bomb anyway?

It’s far from manly prancing about shouting out “Sex Bomb,” Tom,
And tell me, where did you get such a ridiculous song from?
Yes, it’s really quite childish, a playground mentality,
Something that one would expect from kids, who lack maturity.


From one man to another, and with the greatest of respect,
You've not done women any favours, but more damage, I suspect.
Nor men any favours, I must add, which is rather a shame,
And why it is that so many are treating sex like a game.

And as for the rest of the song, I think it’s appalling, Tom.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 15 May 2018.