Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Day Dreaming

How I wish I could relax on those clouds up in the sky,
I’d sink down deep inside them, close my weary eyes and sigh.
I’d doze with one eye open lest a plane disturb my rest,
And catch me in pyjamas, unshaven, not at my best.

How I wish that I could soar and glide along through the air,
Especially in summer, warm breeze tugging at my hair.
I’d do aerobatic stunts, I would circle, dive and dart,
And I’d tease with daring swoops, for I’m rather young at heart.

How I wish that I could swim like those mammals out at sea,
I would search the ocean depths, for there’s so much there to see.
I’d love to meet some creatures that I’ve seen on the TV,
However, I’m not at all sure what they would think of me.

How I wish that I could spring like a cat that’s spied a bird,
Or jump about like a flea, for they jump so high, I’ve heard.
Yes, such could come in handy when threatened, or playing sport,
But particularly, if you’re like me, that is, rather short.

How I wish I were as strong as those elephants one sees,
That lift fallen forest trees with dexterity and ease.
How I’d love to have the strength that such elephants display,
However, not their appetite; do you know how much they weigh?

How I wish that I could run like a cheetah chasing prey,
That such energy and speed I had in me every day.
If I, just like a cheetah, had the same get-up-and-go,
Productivity would flow from my head down to my toe.

How I wish I could climb trees, just like those agile monkeys,
And then swing from branch to branch, like folk do on a trapeze.
I would perch upon a branch, one that gave me a clear view,
And should you pause underneath, there’s a good chance I’d go, BOO!

By Lance Landall