Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Deep And Virulent

Have you ever stopped to think just how sick this old world has got,
And lest you might disagree, friend, I’ve prepared a small snapshot.
It will only take a minute, for very quickly you’ll see
A picture that’s most disturbing, one to ponder thoughtfully.

There’re people killing creatures for monetary gain or sport,
And there are many women who a little baby abort.
There are those who kick and punch until someone’s bruised and bloody,
Believing that it’s just sport — yet, the killer instinct study.

There are those who rape and murder, or who pedal snuff movies,
And there are horrible bullfights, where matadors cruelly tease;
These bulls die eventually, their bodies punctured by spears
Thrown periodically, amidst sickening yells and cheers.

There are muggings and beatings, there are wars and settling of scores,
Disturbing scenes on TV, that children watch while Daddy snores.
Many pierce their precious body due to some barbaric craze,
And gratuitous violence is thrilling more people these days.

There are random stabbings or shootings, gangs that roam and attack,
There's accelerated bullying, those who vicious dog fights back.
There is spouse and child abuse, and shocking animal cruelty,
Wide spread self destructiveness, and unpredictability.

Occultism and witchcraft, many openly advocate,
And the sordid, weird and macabre, many seems to fascinate.
Yes, the gruesome and the ghoulish are captivating more minds,
And the more one looks around, the more one such things duly finds.

I know it’s quite depressing, but it’s time that we faced the facts,
There’s no time for inaction, we can’t afford to turn our backs.
We’re just heading for disaster — yes, that point of no return,
Where, after having reached such, our sad fate too late we will learn.

Thing’s certainly aren’t getting better, for we’re in a tail spin,
There’s an illness deep and virulent that has found its way in.
Thus, I fear that a prognosis would leave us without a doubt
That our condition's terminal, unless there’s a change about.

We just can’t allow this cancer to continue to devour,
Otherwise, friend, I'm afraid it'll ultimately overpower.
Surgery is badly needed, we can’t afford to delay,
Or we will soon discover that there’s greater cause for dismay.

Although there’s no simple answer, there are things that we can do,
That will help reverse this trend that disaster is leading to.
Thus, I hope that you’ll consider this little snapshot I’ve penned,
And help stem the tide, lest, humanity disastrously end.

By Lance Landall

What's Up With Us?

Most of us know right from wrong — at least to a certain degree;
We’re intelligent enough, we can figure things out — can’t we?
Yet, look at how we’re acting — it just doesn’t make sense at all,
In fact, some of our behaviour is completely off-the-wall.

Folk don’t want to be ill — yet, they take what they know is harmful,
Shortening their life, harming their health, via their skin or mouthful.
Whether they eat, drink, snort, or inject it — they keep on doing so,
And then wonder why they’re so ill, or lacking get-up-and-go.

Yes, folk don’t want to die young — yet, they indulge in high risk things,
Things that often take their life, or incapacitation brings.
Some just do it for the money — as if a life is worth that —
Or simply for excitement, or, who’s a clever copycat?

Women don’t want to be seen as objects — yet, is such surprising,
Given how many dress sexy, (and the percentage is rising)?
They display what stimulates and stirs men — some, beyond control,
For such is most men's weakness — it’s explosive, and hence the toll.

People don’t want to be duped — yet, they don’t do thorough research,
They don’t study for themselves, hence why down some wrong path they lurch.
They’re so easily conned, led astray — or ripped off, as they say,
And so much so — that for charlatans — such is just like child’s play.

Yes, it's odd how most don't want a violent society,
Yet, produce or watch violence, share aggressive activity.
They do so via some sports, computer games, TV or movies;
Much laced with the sexual, a cocktail that trouble guarantees.

Yes, people drink and drive, teach kids how to shoot guns, peruse porn,
They show very little sense, don’t apply logic, and wisdom scorn.
Though most folk know better, what is better, they choose not to do,
Hence my title — What’s Up With Us? — and where’s it all leading to?

By Lance Landall