Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Don't Blame God

Tell me, who is tearing down forests, raping jungles as well,
Thus, depriving earth of its lungs, turning earth in to a hell?
Who is causing floods and landslides by stripping our planet bare?
Who is taking homes from creatures, and filling them full of fear?

Yes, who’s endangering creatures, and has made some disappear,
When they have a right to life too, and the same right to live here?
Who’s plundering the land and sea with a reckless disregard,
Thus, unbalancing and depleting their very own back yard?

Who’s clogging the air that we breathe, altering our climate too,
Via those toxins that car exhausts or factory chimneys spew?
And who’s polluting the land, our rivers, our lakes, and the sea,
Via the waste that they dump and pump, that ill health will guarantee?

Who is damaging this earth with all their weaponry and wars,
Killing and maiming both man and beast, almost without a pause?
And who adds insult to injury testing bombs, missiles too,
That also stain our planet with their poisonous residue?

Who has even caused famines, spawned epidemics and disease,
And caused more destructive weather, causing ice-packs to thaw, not freeze?
Who has punctured the ozone layer, made temperatures rise?
Well, the answers a simple one — it’s us — yes, we get first prize.

Thus, don’t go blaming God, as we’re to blame, such is more than plain,
Yes, it’s we who have made this mess, it’s we who’ve acted insane.
Thus, we’re reaping what we have sown -- it’s our fault, and ours alone,
Yes, it’s we who are on trial, not God, and therefore, we can’t moan.

We have harmed ourselves and others, trashed this world, fouled our own nest,
And it's all because we have failed to do what would have been best.
Thus, we’re now in deep water, water that is rising very fast,
Water that will soon engulf us, unless sense prevails at last.

By Lance Landall