Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Dreams In The Night

Though I didn’t know where I was, it didn’t really seem to bother me so,
But isn’t that the way with dreams, that during the night silently come and go.
As I recall it, I was looking for happiness, contentment, tranquillity,
And consequently, trying to find folk who could direct me accordingly.

I noticed some people coming my way, smiling broadly, clearly friendly,
So I stopped to say, “Hello,” and then asked if they could kindly enlighten me.
I mentioned I was trying to find happiness, contentment, tranquillity,
And they pointed in the direction they’d come, which didn’t seem quite right to me.

However, they seemed to be au fait with such requests and such territory,
So I listened to their detailed and generous directions, carefully.
They seemed to notice I was looking puzzled but continued talking anyway,
Reassuring me with their confidence and calm manner that they knew the way.

What they mentioned sounded very familiar, too familiar, actually,
But how could I argue given my ignorance (rather embarrassingly)?
So I continued to listen to them taking note of everything they said,
Determined that despite my misgivings I’d heed their advice, and push ahead.

“Keep going ’till you get to Downsville,” they said, “Then turn right at Misery Street,
It goes for quite some distance, and along the way many hurting folk you’ll meet.
You’ll pass Heartbreak Hotel, Anguish Lodge, Grief Hall, Struggle Inn, Depression Alley,
And along the way you’ll see sadness, distress, things that won’t make sense, probably."

“When you get to the end of Misery Street, turn left at Troubled Boulevard,
It’s a pretty battered neighbourhood where you’ll see wounds, scars, folk doing things hard.
Next turn left at Woe Street, passing Downcast Dumps, Dire Straits, and taking Sorrows Lane,
Where you’ll see folk going through mishaps, trials, set backs, hardships, upsets, loss and pain.”

“Whoa!,” I said, feeling sure that they must be wrong. “I think you’re misdirecting me.
May I remind you I’m trying to find happiness, contentment, tranquillity?”
They smiled knowingly, “You will, if sincere, for the very thing you need to see
Is that such are discovered when one’s ministering in such territory.”

By Lance Landall