Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Even Nature Knows

I’ve six children whom I love, whom I’ve raised; and came to see
That a smack’s not child abuse when administered rightly.
Many animals cuff their young instinctively, wisely,
Knowing there’s a time and place -- otherwise, trouble there’ll be.

Yes, even nature shows us that there is a time and place,
Not that I’m saying to cuff, for it’s hands off a child’s face.
But a smack on their bottom, right behaviour will restore,
Where rebellion persists, resists authority, parental law.

Though there’re other ways to discipline, one shouldn’t rule out
That last resort — an appropriate smack — to bring a turnabout.
For if the bottom’s not dusted very early when needed,
It’s a given that sometime, somewhere, authority won’t be heeded.

Yes, even nature knows this, and responds accordingly,
Well aware that there are times when such is necessary.
When one can, one should avoid smacking, but only where one should,
For due smacks left unapplied will soon curse the neighbourhood.

Outlawing smacking won’t stop child abuse, nor folk smacking,
Despite any choruses that an opposite view sing.
Any law, whatever it is — many have/will — just break, so,
Let’s not get carried away, but rather, commonsense show.

Personally, I see parents getting more frustrated
Who wish to smack, but don’t, as “Don’t do so” was legislated.
Frustration can lead to anger, then anger to abuse,
Not that I am saying here that frustration’s an excuse.

Parents need some leeway when it comes to discipline. In fact,
All authority needs a certain leeway to sensibly act.
Knots are meant for ropes alone, though even knots can be undone,
But not so easily unwise legislation that sense would shun.

By Lance Landall