Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Excuse My Concern

Please don’t run away from Christ, please don’t wander from His side,
Don’t sell your soul to Satan or let sin take root inside.
Please keep away from playgrounds that Satan has engineered,
And hold on to your Saviour until He has reappeared.

Please don’t follow man-made paths, nor dally with temptation,
Don’t please men instead of Christ, don’t dice with your salvation.
Just fix your eyes on Jesus, don’t look back, and don’t look down,
Lest you become discouraged, lest you miss out on that crown.

Never let folk mislead you, don’t let others steer your course,
But rather, look to Jesus, do what Heaven would endorse.
Don’t let the devil fool you via his cunning and deceit,
But rather, trust in Jesus, in whom truth and wisdom meet.

Don’t let the world seduce you, for it’s soon about to end,
And then, if you’ve been faithful, towards Heaven will ascend.
Hope’s only found in Jesus, there’s no other friend as true,
And because I know that’s so, I here, commend Christ to you.

Satan wants to steal your joy, snatch you from the Saviour’s arms,
He’s a devil with a grudge, who controls, deceives and harms.
He doesn’t want you getting something he once had and lost,
And he’s hoping you’ll forget -- what sinners -- our Saviour cost.

This world isn’t worth a toss, it’s saturated with sin,
Because of the old devil, and humans who’ve let him win.
And he’s still claiming victims, because many haven’t learnt
That when you play with Satan, it’s guaranteed you’ll get burnt.

Yes, don’t run away from Christ, please don’t wander from His side,
For if you take that path, friend, with Satan you’ll be allied.
You’ll aid him in his efforts to distort the Saviour’s love,
And you’ll encourage others who may forfeit life above

By Lance Landall