Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Fallen Fathers

I’m so glad I have a heavenly Father who’s always there for me,
Because earthly dads can let their children down unintentionally.
Yes, many earthly fathers have issues that seem to get in the way,
And then there’re those renegade dads, who abuse, ignore and betray.

But not so our heavenly Father, who’s very mindful of it all,
And who makes Himself available should any suffering child call.
He responds with great compassion to the outpourings that reach His ears,
Outpourings that pain Him terribly, and more so, when they’re mixed with tears.

Yes, so many are looking for a father figure, a male who’ll care,
Someone they can unburden to, look to, and their inner feelings bare.
Someone who’ll fill that void within, advise, support, lend a helping hand,
Someone who’ll be there for them, just like a father, and who’ll understand.

And there’s no one better than our heavenly Father, who lives on high,
A Father we can call upon, a Father on whom we can rely.
A Father who’ll never let us down, a Father who’ll always be there,
A Father who is faultless, faithful, gracious, loving, and ever near.

So, don’t despair when your earthly father lets you down, or isn’t there,
For you have a Father up above, who, very soon, will reappear.
A Father who’s everything your father isn’t, wasn’t, nor can be,
For one is fallen and earthly — the other, righteous and heavenly.

One’s our template, the ideal — the other, a flawed, blemished reflection,
A broken vessel who will never truly measure up under inspection.
One’s perfect, pure, true — the other, imperfect, tainted, fickle, askew,
A defective role model, not really one we should be looking to.

Yes, “Our Father in Heaven” is who we should look to, and dwell upon,
And more so, where our earthly father has let us down, abandoned us, gone.
Only our heavenly Father can truly satisfy each longing,
Set us free, fill the void, heal that sadness within, and make our heart sing.

By Lance Landall