Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Foes of Humanity

When we turn on our own, and molest, rape, torture or kill, we act atrociously,
And as a consequence, join the despicable ranks of the foes of humanity.
Rather than being a protector, an upholder of good, we become a predator,
Just another shadowy figure that lies in wait along life’s perilous corridor.

Yes, we’ve sunk, sold out, betrayed, pillaged, savaged, added to the mountain of misery,
Be it as a lone wolf, or midst a pack, be it planned or opportunistically.
We’ve entered the realm of evil, the territory of those whose hearts and minds are ill,
Those who prey on the innocent and vulnerable, abusing their rights, sacking their will.

We’ve become another one of those cowardly monsters who act so devilishly,
And who often work behind the scenes plotting and planning, striking unsuspectingly.
And such could be a neighbour, a workmate, a friend, even a member of our family,
For life’s full of surprises, of which so many living victims can testify.

When we turn on our own, as so many do, we display the worst in humanity,
And so do those ones who feed off such monsters, skulking in the background expectantly.
Yes, hyenas and jackals, vultures who benefit in some way, and who blame must share,
Along with those who stand idly by when they could prevent such, or those who clap and cheer.

Perhaps we don’t turn on our own and molest, rape, torture or kill, but turn on them we do
Whenever we treat them unkindly, and at their expense, just self interest pursue.
Thus, we in a sense, and as little monsters perhaps, become foes of humanity,
Assaulting via the likes of slander, anger, racism, indifference, bigotry, adultery….

And the list goes on, for there are many ways in which we injure, (and terribly too),
And some of them maybe not intentionally so, but injure, they certainly do.
Yes, just like those who molest, rape, torture and kill, we too, oft leave behind misery,
And thereby, directly or indirectly, multiply the foes of humanity.

Thus, we’re hardly blameless, and yet, look at how we point the finger so furiously,
Slamming those who molest, rape, torture or kill, and who thereby disgrace humanity.
Sure they deserve such condemnation, but given the wrong things that we do, so do we,
For we, via our lesser assaults on others, show we’re also foes of humanity.

Yes, because we too, via such, are turning on our own.

By Lance Landall