Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



One doesn't have to be a Christian or a rocket scientist
To figure out that Hollywood is a nasty cancerous cyst.
One that long ago released its poison throughout this world of ours,
Planting baleful seeds that grew and bound; and it still, unhindered ploughs.

Yes, people are daily feeding from just a smorgasbord of trash,
As Hollywood — rather, Follywood — shamefully pulls in more cash.
Yes, most of the images seen that Hollywood is churning out,
Just danger, danger, danger, in the minds of everyone should shout.

We inevitably become the very things that we behold,
Hence why those things seen on TV, should be monitored and controlled.
And much more so, where there are children, lest the TV wrongly mould
An innocent tender mind, and thereby, cause more wrong to unfold.

That which invades our precious mind, invades the fortress of the soul,
Weaving a destructive web that eventually gains control.
Yes, whatever gets hold of your mind, inevitably gets you,
Or the children you have bourne; something you could soon have cause to rue.

So many — courtesy of Follywood — are watching everyday
A sullied and duped stream of actors who more trash and harm portray.
And despite being guilty of all that verbal and visual ill,
These actors who seem to have no scruples, are placed on a pedestal.

Buckets full of violence, sickening murders, bashings and rapes,
Are just spewed out unrestrained — which the mind of those who view such — shapes.
Foul language that's plain shameful, and sexually explicit scenes,
(Along with what’s gross and indecent), fills both small and larger screens.

Thus, it's no wonder crime is rampant, and society off track,
Given this potent multi-blended hour by hour aphrodisiac.
For whatever gets hold of the mind, invariably becomes you,
Hence why it’s so essential to control whatever is on view.

By Lance Landall

"Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss
and fifty cents for your soul."
Marilyn Monroe.