Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


For Adults Only

(In a manner of speaking)

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Husband and wife have been seen who’re happy!
Yes, you may well laugh, but how many marriages are a success, in reality?
After all, how many husbands and wives put each other first, act unselfishly,
Realizing that’s the only way a marriage succeeds; and preserves the family?

If the wife is a nag, and the husband’s always away; at work; or out with the boys,
Then that’s a marriage heading for disaster — for such, a relationship destroys.
If either partner is domineering, possessive, obstructive, or sulky too,
Then someone’s living with misery, and greener pastures will probably pursue.

If the wife withholds sex without good reason, or if the husband is more into lust,
Then that husband may soon commit adultery, and the wife’s love change to disgust.
If either partner lets themselves go, or has a problem communicating,
Then someone’s interest will soon wane, and success and hope, someone will be frustrating.

If the wife won’t respect her husband, and the husband doesn’t show the love he should,
Then arguments, disloyalty, infidelity and divorce are the likelihood.
If either partner has unresolved baggage, won’t admit they’re at fault, nor say, “Sorry,”
Then someone will suffer most unfairly, and there will often be controversy.

And so it goes, for one’s marriage can’t afford such assaults; that injurious word or deed;
But who has the right to mistreat their partner anyway, (who might be better off freed)?
And hence why some marriages shouldn’t take place, and hence why many do not succeed,
And hence why the sound advice of others, one should seriously consider, heed.

Yes, marriage should be treated like a delicate flower, very sensitively,
For even little things can do serious damage, and leave scars permanently.
No, marriage isn’t for the uncommitted, those who’ll leave should the going get tough,
Nor for the starry-eyed, besotted by fantasy — for their chances, such will snuff.

Marriage is not a playground for children, but rather, it’s a gym for the mature,
Those who don’t enter marriage lightly, nor pick their partner causally, but make sure,
Those who seek to give rather than get, but who will get if they give, (undoubtedly),
For what goes round comes round — and in marriage, this is very much the case, believe me.

By Lance Landall

Snakes In The Grass

Far too many folk are in far too bigger rush, when there are snakes in the grass,
All being why they say, “I do,” or live together, when they should really say, “Pass.”
Better to get hooked by the right kind of bait, and to be honest, even marry late,
And best one’s age be similar too — and what about that faith and race debate?

The truth is, that others’ prejudice and bigotry can act as a spoiler,
And with making a marriage work oft tough enough, why ensure that more woes stir.
All why differences can matter, despite there being no problem with some, and
Thus why when it comes to such unions, all the pros and cons one should understand.

Yes, come such territory, there’re plenty of snakes in the grass waiting to bite,
And why desires, interests and goals best be matched lest those differences blight.
And blight they often do, and even bite, thus leaving big holes in marriages,
All being why it’s best that the right horses get attached to the right carriages.

And why all should remember that snakes in the grass come camouflaged or pretty,
And even endorsed by some who appear out of touch with the nitty-gritty.
In other words, that harsh reality that most who’re smitten ignore as well,
Hence those marriages soon beset by many aggravating things or some ill.

And another truth is, that most who get married aren’t into growth but pleasure,
Hence hassles failing to please, even destroying such unions, dreams and treasure.
And therefore why folk should minimise whatever might impact negatively,
Unless, of course, they value growth as much as pleasure, though still acting wisely.

Yes, snakes in the grass come in many forms, and greener pastures oft full of them,
Which is why it’s best folk work on that union they have, and mind what they condemn.
For issues or discontent oft follow the disillusioned who erred from the start
By ignoring wisdom in favour of emotions that soon misled the heart.

And oh, how they err again if they don’t like hard work, that pain that goes with gain,
For differences that could’ve been avoided bring challenges in the main.
Challenges that can bring growth, and even lead to far greater joy and well-being,
Which, sad to say, the majority who wed or live together, aren’t seeing.

But still, I’d mind those snakes in the grass.

By Lance Landall