Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Get Over It

It’s easy to knock somebody who acts rather oddly or badly,
Yes, it’s easy to judge and condemn them — a common practice, sadly.
And yet, we seldom, (if at all), understand those that we’re running down,
Unaware of, or choosing to ignore, chinks in our own tainted crown.

Okay, so they annoyed or hurt us.

Sometimes we just need to get over things, get rid of our violin,
That is, quit nursing grievances, stop letting things get under our skin.
Life is too short for pity parties, and often it’s us who’s at fault,
Or at least we’ve played a part; and into our own wounds are just adding salt.

Even if we’re innocent, do we know why they acted like they did?
For let’s be honest, our understanding of others is limited.
We may partly know, but that’s not sufficient for a judge and jury
That, at our bequest, paints the crime scene, exaggerates the injury.

And then, judges in favour of us, busy letting everyone know,
Who in turn, then passes on the often biased account, blow by blow.
And so it goes, how we shred another’s reputation unfairly,
For whether they’re guilty or not, their crime shouldn’t be shared publicly.

Even should they be guilty, such isn’t a mature way to behave,
And sometimes, via behaving so, we effectively dig our own grave.
It’s better to move on, to leave the past in the past, and reconcile,
Rather than to display behaviour that’s really very infantile.

Too many pick at wounds, let their own issues, (hang-ups), get in the way,
And let’s face it, everyone has their issues, at the end of the day.
And too often those issues colour our judgment, have us acting as bad,
And later, due to complications, have us wishing we hadn’t had.

Yes, it’s so easy to knock those who act oddly, those who act badly,
But who really knows why they do, and we’re too quick to condemn, sadly.
Many struggle with the way they are, aren’t happy with some things they do,
And need our compassion, help — not our condemnation, often askew.

By Lance Landall

Ain't That A Shame

“Don’t feel like treating no one good until they’ve done good to me” — well, ain’t that a shame,
For such an attitude will get you far — I don’t think — and Mr Nice Guy, you can’t claim.
Best you do some reappraising, give that unfortunate point of view the heave-ho,
For such will dog your steps, ensure that less good comes your way, for we reap what we sow.

And you’ll soon reap a truck load, dumped and deep, for you’re just thinking downright selfishly,
Far too absorbed with a little word that’s far too often used, one that hollers, “Me!”
Well, ain’t that a shame, for who knows where such will get you, and it won’t be very far,
For with a sad attitude like that, chances are, that you’ll just remain where you are.

“Don’t feel like treating no one good” — man, where did you catch that from? — for that’s one mean bug,
One that needs a bag full of change, an injection of sense, and some might say a slug.
“Gonna wait until they’ve done good to me” — well, ain’t that a shame, no small tragedy,
For few trains will call at your station, and what’s that sign again? — oh yes, Me! Me! Me!

Yes, little good you’ll do, for it’s all about others and not pity party “Me,”
And why you won’t see results until you start doing good to them, and willingly.
After all, little comes from little, if anything at all, and ain’t that a shame,
For given your flawed thinking, nought or little will come your way, and you’ll be to blame.

By Lance Landall