Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Give The Man A Chance

Yes, many men err very badly, thereby causing their partner pain, sadly,
And so do many women out there too, it has to be said, respectfully.
However, here I'm just dealing with men, for protectors men are meant to be,
And never abusers — but that said, there's certainly some room for empathy.

Empathy, you say? Yes, because we all do things for which we’re very sorry,
And the consequences of those foolish mistakes can also cost us dearly.
Thus, our regret can be very deep, our sorrow likewise, and even guilt too,
All of which is a recipe for a very toxic emotional brew.

And such is made even worse when we are not forgiven, and further condemned,
Seemingly not allowed to move on in life, thus restricted, hampered and hemmed.
But our pain is even greater again, when just the once we badly err, and,
Not just guilt suffer, but constant reproach, and some very unfair lifelong brand.

Although there’s clearly no excuse for any violence, we must understand
That stress, poor health, circumstances, and even ones background can aid the unplanned.
And with males being masculine creatures, and somewhat programmed physically,
It could well be argued that they are simply reacting quite naturally —

That is, as males are so inclined to do, and hence why things often go askew.

I guess it’s the testosterone factor, the bane of many men, (and good men),
And why here via rhyming poetry, these words of empathy I've sought to pen.
But having said that though, even some women can act very violently,
And perhaps understandably so, sometimes — but never justifiably.

Thus, when men err — that is, very badly so — and are genuinely sorry,
We should let them move on in life, treating them fairly and compassionately.
For we all make some bad mistakes, and sometimes we suffer far more than we should,
And perhaps are maligned, sneered at, tarred with a brush — yes, judged — and misunderstood.

And tell me, who knows all the facts, the truth? It's hardly all those armchair critics,
Who smugly chew on gossip, and twisted or slanted news — such a dreadful mix.
And say, aren't there two sides to every story? Oh yes, there’s certainly that too,
But let’s give those remorseful men a chance, a new start, and thereby, a way through.

Go on, give the man a chance.

By Lance Landall

2.  Dear Suitor

My daughter is very precious to me, so I want the very best for her,
And it’s my duty as her father to rightly guide and duly protect her,
And hence my watchful eye when it comes to any man who has his sights on her,
Because I don’t want to see her hurt, harmed or used, though that choice is up to her,

'Cause where desire’s stronger than sense, it’s almost assured that one will err.

So let’s cut to the chase.

Will she be all the better or all the worse for your appearance on the scene,
Will she rise to a higher level or sink to a lower one, and I mean:
Will you keep your hands off her until you marry her, exercise self control,
Are you a disciplined man, have you standards and principles, a noble goal?

Or will others be heard to say, “What on Earth does she see in him?”, oh dear me,
Such not all that uncommon, ones manners and appearance conveying plenty.
So, what’s your maturity level, is your current state one of progression,
Are you going somewhere, are there any inklings of issues or aggression?

You see, if you can’t cut it now, you won’t when married, for this is how it goes,
One only as good as ones heart, as sound as ones mind, from which good or ill flows.
So, do you indulge in uncouth language, bawdy talk, lecherous pursuing,
Or visit porn sites; and when it comes to my daughter’s table, what can you bring?

Have you a little nest egg, or will she always do it hard, oft go without,
Are you responsible, trustworthy, faithful, or will she soon have cause for doubt?
So, should you seek my blessing, you will need to prove that you are worthy of her,
And that if she herself has somewhat fallen, that you will seek to raise her.

And hey, are you really matched, are both your paths the same, or will two worlds collide,
Maybe not immediately, but ultimately, and then there’s self and pride.
So, are you putting her best interests first, or not wanting to let her go;
The latter proving that you're less a man, ’cause by clinging, future pain she’d know.

Yes, would you love and cherish her, display affection, keep same hands in order,
Marriage still no place for lust, and why even there, there needs to be some boarder.
She no object but a person, her dignity to be protected, and so,
Best you do some thinking, son, ’cause unhappy marriages are hard boats to row,

And father-in-laws better a friend than foe, and there’s more I’d like you to know:

Should you have children, I don’t want to see them going astray, suffering too,
So what kind of dad would you be, your past or present a clue, undoubtedly.
And hence my calling a spade a spade, for stray dogs and alley cats don’t bode well,
My daughter not another conquest, please, and I’ve no time for that kiss and tell.

And should my daughter not listen and pain come her way, I will have the last say,
For she will have learnt that her dad was right, and why he wouldn’t give her away.
So you can seek my blessing, but if your intent and goals aren’t as high as mine,
You’re wasting your time — and so too, I believe, hoping for a blessing that’s Divine,

Divorce an ugly thing, and a negative response to this but a sure sign.

Yes, I’ve set the bar high, but frankly, that height should surely be normal for all,
The life of ones daughter no small thing, it so easily marred should ill befall.
And many an unsuitable suitor has insured such, wreckage everywhere,
Fathers left to pick up the pieces, and why I’ve made my feelings crystal-clear.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 24 March 2019.

3.  How Does One Treat A Woman  Ones Wife?

“How does one treat a woman?” he asked me. “As if she’s an endangered species,”
I replied with a smile, which only an honourable man desires and sees.
Never that man who can’t see past his food, loins, mates and beer, and who’s seldom there,
Or having a compartmentalised adulterous night, even long term affair.

So, how does one treat a woman, getting to the nuts and bolts of it all, and,
Bearing in mind those differences that neither sex will fully understand?
Well, you treat her like a female first and foremost, rough hands having no place here,
And you never giving her any reason for disappointment, doubts or fear.

In other words, you treat her like a lady, thus opening doors before her,
And when it comes to a clash of desires, you doing that which she would prefer,
And that way you’re surely bound to please, and how your tender care for her she sees,
For once you defend your wants, she’s likely to feel a cooling, self-centred breeze.

And yes, usher her cross busy roads with a gentle, watchful, protective hand,
And you then taking the curb side lest some driver make a move they hadn’t planned.
For she needs to know what length and depth you’d go to for her, should some threat arise;
Though such should be the way of any man the moment he hears a woman’s cries.

And yes, treat her kids well too, for how you do says so much too, they of her womb,
And thus when it comes to certain behaviour or acts, you giving such no room.
And such being to your benefit too, as your wife and kids will reciprocate,
For what goes around comes around, it's said, which so many find out far too late.

But you know, (and not to mention that example that fathers set-cum-show)...

A man’s not a man — well, hardly manly — if he treats any woman poorly,
And why a man should treat his partner well, love and cherish her, actually.
Yes, he delivering on his promises, or what he leads her to believe,
For there’s nothing worse than a spouse who’s seen to strike, renege, betray or deceive.

So, how does one treat a woman? Via all the above and more, that she may bloom,
And never have cause to regret whom she married, that younger sweet-talking groom.
He older now, but still treating her as affectionately, sensitively,
For a woman’s heart is never to be won but romanced continually.

Yes, that's how you treat a woman — your wife — though all women should be treated well,
For what does it say of men when women aren't? Hence those tales many have to tell.
And all why every husband should always seek to do what is best for his wife,
Who, when it comes to their relationship, has every right to a happy life.

By Lance Landall

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4.  Protect The Girl

Women desire security, for when a child’s born, they know it needs protecting — and this, instinctively,
Hence why sex isn’t such a light matter to them like it so oft is for men, who shouldn’t act so poorly.
But sad to say, even women these days are treating sex more casually, and this, detrimentally,
For such is a sure way to end up being used, and left alone with a child, minus that desired security.

But despite that imprudence coming from many females these days, they still desire that same security,
Well, at least underneath, that is — such being a natural inner yearning, one that Nature’s installed wisely.
After all, those little ones can’t care for themselves; though a mother desires the support of that child's dad too,
A good man, who provides for both their well-being, so that his wife the best interests of their child can pursue.

Though a woman can raise a child on her own, that’s not how it’s meant to be, for children need a he and she,
Both providing those essentials that only each gender can, which compliment and balance beneficially.
But what man wouldn’t want to act protectively, guarding both his wife’s and children’s security?
And thus instilling the same principle in any male child of his, both acting just as unselfishly.

Yes, women desire security, for unlike men, they don’t up and run the same, they acting selflessly,
And that meaning, they standing by their child, not abandoning their child, thus behaving more protectively.
Well, doing what they can, and why they should have a good man, for no wife or child should be treated wrongly so,
But rather, they protected, loved, cherished and provided for, which for him, should come just as instinctively.

Go on, protect the girl!

By Lance Landall

5.  The Enemy Within

Foolish man! Can’t you see what you have done? — all thanks to betrayal, lack of loyalty,
In other words, that foolish affair, a plague on many a wife and family.
How selfish, for now there’s a wife with a broken heart, crying, hurting, even depressed,
And if others hadn’t spoken, nor she confronted you, you wouldn’t have confessed.

And what about those innocent children too? My, some father you’ve turned out to be,
Given a man is supposed to be the protector of his wife and family.
But not you — oh no — you traded them all for a fling, sought another sexually,
And did so, despite all your needs being taken care of more than adequately.

You home wrecker! You martial saboteur! — imagine if your wife betrayed you,
Boy, I bet you’d soon squeal, call her trash, rant and rave, make her want to pay, undoubtedly.
Well, she’s showing you the door, and what’s more, you did it when she badly needed you,
Killing her faith and trust in you, and any faith and trust that your children had too.

Yes, you’ve stripped her of happiness, scarred your kids, stomped all over their security,
And you think you’re a man — well, that you may be — but one lacking in maturity.
You’ve done more damage than you can imagine, but what goes around, comes around,
So, I’d change my ways if I were you, lest your new partner in someone’s bed be found.

By Lance Landall

6.  Hands Off Women!

So many women have borne the brunt of some man’s thoughtless insensitivity,
Or they have borne the brunt of some man’s selfishness, callousness or depravity.
Yes, they’ve either been abused sexually, physically or emotionally,
And daily have to live with the fact that rape is a distinct possibility.

And come war, they’re often seen as fair game, some low-life soldier’s opportunity,
And as if that’s not enough, are oft lustfully leered at within society.
All of which shows that dark side that’s far too often a part of masculinity,
Or at least a part of those men who’ve chosen the path of evil and tyranny.

Such is man at his worst, who, rather than acting nobly, acts barbarically,
And who thereby discards his protective role, duty and responsibility,
For men shouldn’t take advantage of a woman, but rather, ensure her safety,
And that of her children, or anyone who’s exposed to vulnerability.

Women were never meant to be playthings, a sexual object, nor some man’s prey,
But rather, the object of a man’s loving concern, and in every single way.
In other words, every man should always have a woman’s best interests at heart,
Treating her with even greater thought and care than he would a priceless work of art.

So many women are left in tears, left sporting bruises and emotional scars,
All of which their rights, needs, desires and dreams assaults, and so unfairly their life mars.
And then there’s betrayal, an all too common occurrence — a cruel, bloody arrowhead,
For it deeply cuts and wounds, sacks their inner sanctum, and love for their man, oft leaves dead.

All such women deserve so much better, and yet, suffer at the hands of some male,
Be it via rape, molestation, violence, put downs, blunt words, neglect or betrayal,
Be it via their father, husband, some relation, friend, or stranger who comes their way,
For wherever there are renegade men, there are innocent women and foul play.

Thus, hands off women!
I say.

Yes, it’s time men backed off, and let them be, it’s time men grew up, changed their brutish ways,
For mistreating women isn’t manly, but rather, immaturity conveys.
Yes, it’s time men acted like real men, and treated women with tender loving care,
For those that don’t, bring shame on all men, and also, their own demise thus engineer.

By Lance Landall

7.  As The Die Is Cast

It’s my belief that men were meant to treat a woman well, shower her with love,
And such a prudent thing regardless of whether one believes in God above.
For love’s a universal key that unlocks the door of almost every heart,
Though having said that, it’s also true that treating a woman well is an art.

All why men should dote upon their partner as if she were a princess or queen,
She the recipient of daily affection and compliments in-between.
And should she be a willing housewife attending to her husband lovingly,
He thanking her at every turn, not taking for granted such kind energy.

And, let me add, he also minding how he goes come any intimacy,
Never pressuring or violating, she the focus and not her body.
For sex is but a part, not the whole, and why he should put his desires last,
Remembering that when it comes to marriage and happiness, “As the die is cast.”

Yes, when it comes to women, selfless love is what it’s all about, she put first,
For only via such fine behaviour can a man truly quench a woman’s thirst.
And why it always behoves a man to heed this sage advice, it old as Earth,
And therefore, it something that in time will prove a suitor’s unfitness or worth.

By Lance Landall

8.  Don't Soil Your Woman

So many are treating the abnormal as if it is normal, which is how normal it soon becomes,
That is, in the mind of those people who desire such aberrance, or who have simply not done their sums.
Yes, it’s sad how many put sense, principle and fairness to one side in order to fulfil desires,
And nowhere is this seen more clearly than when it comes to sex, and hence the deviant that soon transpires.

And why so many men wrongly convince or pressure their partner to do this or that sexually,
Which simply amounts to a form of abuse, and very much so where one is talking perversity.
But at the least, such manipulation is the product of those who are acting very selfishly;
And who have probably been encouraged or influenced by the easily accessed pornography.

Or by modern day gurus who preach that anything’s okay if both are willing to participate,
Which is not only plain nonsense, but how ill within society is soon seen to accelerate.
For in their haste to embrace such nonsense, many leave behind what actually does count for something,
Something far more important than they realised, or didn’t want to realise, happy to try anything.

And hence how the lives and marriages of many women are soiled and spoiled by such gross absurdity,
Or by their partner’s selfishness here meaning, their attempt to enact some pornographic fantasy.
In other words, their attempt to make the perverse and injurious seen as fun and acceptable,
Even if that means leaving their spouse feeling used or abused, an object, or plain uncomfortable.

By Lance Landall

9.  On Behalf Of (Reformed) Torpedo Joes

Is this you, dear friend?

“Seems no matter how I try, I’ll never be what I desire, a husband whose wife’s in love with him, and so,
I try to cope with knowing otherwise, my heart in tatters — and I, all at sea — hence inner tears that flow.
And so it goes — each and every day — life conspiring to defeat the efforts I make to win her love back,
Though I not really sure that I ever had her love, for some things that she desires, are things I seem to lack."

"Seems there’s little I can do, and that time and opportunity aren’t on my side, (for this reason or that), and,
Given that she doesn't have the issues and hang-ups that I have, how can I expect her to understand?
Yes, I’ve made mistakes that I regret, far too many to remember, and having started on the wrong foot,
And why over time, (compounded by things that haven’t helped), her love and affection I’ve trampled underfoot."

"I want her to respond to me, and by that I mean, with a love that reveals itself in desiring eyes,
But given how I’ve crushed her so, and deprived her of so much, it’s no wonder her busyness she justifies.
So here I am, reaping the results of my own folly, having learnt too late that love should never be bound,
For love only grows where it's given liberty, and why within the same wise and loving arms it’s still found."

"Yes, there were those good times, but along came torpedo Joe, I my own worst enemy, and hers, effectively,
And why so much joy that could’ve been, just didn’t stand a chance — and what right had I to act so callously?
Well, I could blame my background, certain things that I don’t understand, but such could never excuse my cruelty,
And why though repentant and having changed a lot, I’m up against it, for she can’t help but still see that me.”

Yes, is this you, dear friend?

If it is, you’re not alone, for there’re many like you, some regaining their wife’s love, but most not able too,
The damage too deep, and those changes coming too late, and why midst bitter tears, their fired torpedoes they rue.
And where they do regain their wife’s love — she forgiving indeed — they’ve still left her with all those sad memories,
And why at times she herself may falter, for such can colour things, leave her with some momentary unease.

I hear you speaking again.

“I’m fearful she’ll find another man, for that’s the last thing I want, though I know I’ve only got myself to blame,
For how she must have longed for a better life, and slept uneasy, and possibly pleaded in Jesus name.
Yes, little joy in my coming home from work, and she concerned for the kids, for some kind of father was I,
They undeserving of being on the receiving end too, and I, such behaviour unable to justify.”

Oh dear.

Well, keep hope, and press on with those changes, for should you still lose her despite such, you’ll be a better man, and,
This world all the better for that difference, and a difference you can make, as now you better understand.
Yes, for many men, such an understanding comes too late, but better late than not, and best you let folk know,
For despite the harm you’ve done, and what you still could lose, at least you’re no longer another Torpedo Joe.

By Lance Landall

10.  For Men, Though Women May Peek

It’s my belief,

That men and women have been designed to compliment each other in every way,
And even a few differing roles being part of that magic equation, I say.
For the greater those differences between them, the stronger the attraction, and
Every enhancement producing more satisfaction-cum-lending a helping hand.

So don’t apologize for being a man but be proud of your masculinity,
Just like any woman should delight in her male capturing femininity.
Yes, she not shackled by feminist agitations often born of injury,
But a woman in every way who’s in touch with Nature-cum-plain reality.

All why men should act like men, they enjoying their man cave, rugby or muscle car,
Not succumbing to New Age wimpiness just as a woman shouldn’t burn her bra.
For men were clearly made to be men just as women were made to be women, and
Nestle their sweet head in the bosom of a love that takes in the lie of the land.

Yes, it’s so strange how we’re living in a time where the genders are becoming blurred,
It oft hard to tell the difference at a glance, the situation quite absurd,
Off-putting, actually,
Women dressing and acting like men, and men mimicking women, and why we see,
Some men bending over backwards to apologize where there’s no necessity,

And thus it plain stupidity.

So rejoice in your manhood, men, only flexing any muscle protectively,
And thereby using your brains, no macho nonsense marring your masculinity.
And as for exchanging what you shouldn’t, I wouldn’t, thus retaining dignity,
Though never discarding selflessness, thoughtfulness, a certain sensitivity.

Seems ads on TV are hell-bent on portraying men as jerks, and as for females,
They’re oft portrayed as just as aggressive and raunchy as renegade lustful males.
And why one can’t help thinking at times that there is some kind of twisted agenda,
And why men and women should denounce such ill and do more to preserve their gender.

So never apologize for being a man but act like a man in every way,
Tenderly looking after your little lady while burning rubber on the way,
If you catch my drift.
In other words, treat her like a women but live like a man, for boys should be boys,
And girls should be girls, as anything that says otherwise just distorts and destroys.

By Lance Landall

11.  In Defence Of Men

My, how the world has changed, though some things never change, and hence why I speak in defence of men, and rightly so,
For it’s so easy for men to be wrongly accused, and many haven’t recovered from such a cruel blow.
What am I referring to? Well, a woman only has to cry rape, and some innocent man is in strife,
Be that accusation coming from a treacherous stranger with an agenda, or his very own wife.

And if it isn't rape, it’s some other sexual infringement, including sexual molestation,
But whichever one of these it is, what chance does a man have against such a serious accusation?
Hence why many men can feel uneasy about being alone with some woman, or a child, tragically,
Lest he soon find his life tipped upside down, (and despite him being innocent), such happening so easily.

And unbelievably at a time when the world’s in love with promiscuity, and full of pornography,
Thanks to a sexual revolution where just about anything goes-cum–a certain hypocrisy,
For men are so often teased and led on, hence those blurred demarcation lines, and then there’s the angry girlfriend,
(Or wife), who should she have it in her mind to, could sexually accuse, and some man’s happiness thus end.

Hence why men can also feel uneasy using a public toilet, or being alone with their grandchildren too,
They fearing coming under suspicion, given that there are betrayers who paedophilia pursue,
Yes, those men who make it hard for other men, who, though innocent, are at risk of some wrongful accusation,
An unfair sword that awaits every man’s neck, they meantime taunted by so much sexual stimulation.

Yes, the truth of the matter is, that while a woman’s always at risk of being assaulted sexually,
A man’s at risk of being accused sexually, and also of looking when he shouldn't be, apparently.
And as for the latter, men scratch their head, for when women dress up sexually — in other words, sexy —
Isn’t such in order to attract a man’s gaze? — and indeed it will — so why do women complain? — laughably.

By Lance Landall

12.  It's Time That Men Were Spared Some Thought

No one taught him how to raise kids, nor treat a wife, and hey, isn’t that life, well
So often for a man, that is — and thus why future troubles one can foretell.
And how men get a bad rap, little help available, even from their own,
It oft a case of the blind leading the blind, and thus men so accident-prone.

Got to be like dad, shouldn’t cry, must be tough, and there goes sensitivity,
Something that’s needed to bring some balance to that hardnosed masculinity.
But such coming rather late, little taught and learnt when such should’ve been, and why
Married men-cum-fathers so oft miss the mark, and why “Foul!” many woman cry.

Yes, on the one hand men must be this way, and on the other must be that way,
They unable to win, and if they’ve issues, things well and truly go astray.
Then out come the knives, folk pointing to the harm they’ve done, not that most men mean to,
But oh, how they’re destined to fail; and men being males, can’t see from a woman’s view.

Such being why men should be nurtured in the art of love and care from very young;
 And women taught to understand their man, that he may grasp and climb every rung.
And that children also support their father’s growth, not add to his load and pain,
Lest they or their mother create the husband and father of which they complain.

Yes, it seems men can’t win, they oft dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t, sadly,
And why, given they’re caught betwixt and between, they’re often seen to act badly.
And no wonder, James Bond like violence their diet, and lusty bedroom scenes too,
Such aided by callous porn, promiscuous women and that befuddling brew.

The truth is, that women can’t have it both ways, and therefore, must make up their mind,
But surely they preferring men who’re sensitive, loving, caring, good and kind.
Well, if that’s the kind of men women want, best they protest over what is seen
Come those confusing signals that are coming from each family’s TV screen.

Oh, how difficult and painful being a man-cum-husband and father can be,
Men seemingly having to be all things to both their partner and family.
Yes, a provider, protector, rule enforcer, tower of strength-cum-shoulder,
Sage, judge, guide, confidant, blame-bearer, fix-it-man, gentleman and skilled lover.

But wait, there’s more! — yes, he oft having to forgo some dream or worthy desire,
Or having to deal with unsuitable suitors, or men who his wife desire.
And thus the pain a man faces should poor suitors or wife-stealers get their way,
And why men can be over protective, or their protectiveness go astray.

And why men are oft dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t, (as mentioned before),
Wolves in the form of opportunists, unemployment, or knockers at the door.
Yes, on the one hand they’re condemned for their violence, and on the other hand,
Condemned where tearful, depressed-cum-not coping and in need of a helping hand.

And thus why it is that many men despair, for they need encouragement too,
A support base, someone who believes in them, understands what they’re going through.
For they not only have to deal with their own lot, both outside the home and in,
But those emotions and moods that oft rule a female’s life and wear a man thin.

Men are generally straightforward creatures, but not so women or children,
The latter demanding perfect parents, and baulking at required discipline.
And why men can’t win, unless they’re blessed with a perfect wife and perfect children,
Such unrealistic too, and why on husbands and fathers they should mind what they pin.

While men are guilty of much, they’re not alone in their guilt, and oft victims too,
Childhood assaults having weakened or damaged their manhood, hence those things some rue.
Yes, many men seemingly programmed, let alone those unfair expectations,
All of which works against men who’re often fending off unfair accusations.

Yes, never mind how much joy his kids may’ve stolen from his marriage-cum-life,
Precious, irreplaceable years spoilt by strife that came between husband and wife.
And so unfairly, but such is how it oft goes, and why many men despair,
Their kids having gone their own selfish way after having left behind less cheer.

Yes, never mind the problems that his wife may’ve posed, of which he had to bear,
For as I mentioned, and thus when it comes to guilt, women must accept their share.
And why here I write in defence of men, husbands and fathers, oft vilified,
And yet who’ve done their best despite it all, and inwardly, many times have cried.

By Lance Landall

13.  Don't Double A Good Man's Mistake

It’s sad that many good men somehow err — a sexual encounter, perhaps — a single act,
But one that sees them suffer greatly, for when good men err, they’re prone to being more cruelly attacked.
And the reason why often is, because they rattle those who don’t like certain truths being conveyed,
And with those folk oft being opportunists, they try to worsen things, and don’t let the mishap fade.

Hence added claims — they untrue, of course — but oh, how mud unfairly sticks, and armchair critics gab,
They certain there’s more to things when there isn’t, except for the lies, that following underhand stab;
As if the opportunists need any encouragement, their claims doing enough injury,
And this on top of the regret and anguish that those good men who err feel, and genuinely.

Yes, it’s always harder for such men, they oft having sought to convey and do what’s best for all,
And then due to whatever, (no prior intent), they badly slip — in other words, make that wrong call.
And though it’s said that “they should know better,” no one’s infallible, and all should be shown mercy,
Folk also taking into account the impact that their claims may have on someone’s family.

Well, what goes around comes around, hence why false accusers should beware, lest they suffer as well,
Although in their case they deserve to, for nobody should set about saying or doing ill.
Yes, good men shouldn’t err too, but they’re the last ones that folk should hammer given their better ways,
For they’re trying to make a difference, are walking a straighter path, which their mishap, outweighs.

When we stand for right, and call folk to a better way, more is expected of us, and rightly,
But at the end of the day, we’re all human, and can get caught out somewhat unexpectedly.
Thus, when good men err, we should help them up, (indeed all!), appreciating their contribution,
Rather than erring ourselves and indulging in what amounts to a form of persecution.

By Lance Landall

14.  In Search Of Good Men

In this sad and sick old world where the damaged, weak or evil succumb to ill,
I’m glad there’re men who don’t, they resolutely shouting “Won’t!”-cum-sound as a bell.
Yes, good men, noble men, men who stand up and speak out and only do what’s right,
For they’re the greatest of heroes, true men, real men, men who don’t strut, preen or skite.

Yes, men who’ve no egotistical ambitions, nor lust for fame and glory,
Men who don’t tell tales out of school, kiss and tell, pen some vain embellished story.
In other words, men who’re upright, humble, selfless and no wolf in sheep’s clothing,
And who when it comes to abuse and deceit, display indignance and loathing.

Such men never hide behind some religion, nor join secret societies,
They transparent in all their doings, not involved in crime, trickery or sleaze.
And they, the protectors of women and children-cum-never anyone’s foe,
But earthly angels who only the greatest concern for humanity show.

The truth is, that any fool can act wrongly, indulge in evil, maim or kill,
Such requiring no inner strength, nor intelligence or particular skill.
But oh, how it takes backbone to stand up to such, a heart that’s sound, mind that’s strong,
For as implied, it’s easy to be a fool, so easy to succumb to wrong.

So where are the good men? — they seemingly fewer today, but needed far more,
For ill and evil have seized this earth with an iron grip, and dangers at the door.
But who’s awake or not distracted, able to see and a man among men,
Whose good deeds, kind words and upward look are worthy of a resounding “Amen!”

Yes, men who’ve no desire to hurt, harm, deceive or profit underhandedly,
And who refuse to be the manipulated tool of some evil agency.
Men who don't stop searching for truth, men who uphold the rights of all, break no laws,
For all who believe the end justifies the means use the same flawed corridors.

Hence why I’m glad that there’re still good men out there, though fewer in number they be,
For without them we would’ve perished long ago, or seen more insanity.
And why I hope and pray that more men will rise to the challenge, choose right, not wrong,
They marching to their own beat, but sound beat, not that of some tyrant or the throng.

By Lance Landall

15.  A Father's Lot

Because fathers are effectively the family policeman, given that the buck stops with them, and rightly so too,
Their children can often see them in a far less favourable light than they otherwise might, and so often do.
However, where the father is keeping law and order correctly, there’s a much greater sense of security,
And also harmony too, and hence why a father should do what he's meant to do, despite any acrimony.

Yes, a father’s lot is far from easy, for what children may get away with with their mum, (not that any should do),
They certainly shouldn’t get away with when it comes to their dad, for with him, discipline should never go askew.
For after all, someone has to deal out those tougher measures, and such is what a father — a man — is called to do,
Given that such is more the natural domain of masculinity, of which women will often appeal to.

And not just seeking some brawn at times, but that manly authority — such meaning, his protector territory,
For it’s hardly the wife who repels any intruder, and nor should it be — that is, if we’re thinking sensibly.
Hence why every home — alias family — needs a caring dad, for where there’s no dad, there’s far less law and order,
For here, women weren’t designed to play a policing role, and nor to wield an axe, bow or sword — their shoulders less broad.

Sure some have tried to, or are needing to where renegade dads are absent, but such is not how things are meant to be,
And such comes a very poor second to the real thing, just the same as dads don’t make as good a mums, undoubtedly.
Yes, we’re talking reality, and the reason why dads bear the brunt of such a role — an unenviable one,
For at the end of the day, how many applaud policemen? — and why their children’s affection is often hard won.

By Lance Landall

16.  Guys, Know Your Woman


Marry someone who, should you be unfaithful, would simply walk away from you,
Not someone who’d seek revenge, even take it out on you physically too.
For if such is in her heart to do, you made an unwise choice, one that will cost,
And why some old sayings aren’t that clever, like, “It’s better to have loved and lost...”

Such behaviour is not uncommon amongst women, and should be borne in mind,
Lest any vindictiveness, nastiness, cattiness or strife, you too late find.
And often there are telltale signs which one needs to discover well before time,
Lest you dig yourself a very deep hole, one out of which you’ll struggle to climb.

Not that I'm saying it's okay to be unfaithful.

By Lance Landall

17.  Dear Son-In-Law To Be

When you push on ahead without the blessing of your father-in-law to be,
You prove your unworthiness, forgo that blessing that works beneficially.
A good man seeks to earn that blessing, not asks and then responds impatiently,
Because that’s how he soon loses the respect of his father-in-law to be.

Yes, that son-in-law to be may get that daughter’s “Yes, I will,” but at a cost,
Because regaining that respect can take an awfully long time once it’s lost.
That’s if it is regained, and why it’s folly to treat that blessing so lightly,
Remembering that what goes ’round comes ’round; perhaps the same thing visiting thee.

Without her dad’s approval, your wife’s happiness will be lessened by degree,
His heart not truly in that relationship, you having acted childishly.
And thus you having lost too; such not the actions of a man but more a boy,
Who, via wanting it all his way, something very special is sure to destroy.

A father would be a selfish, thoughtless fool too, if here, he wasn’t fussy,
Protecting her being his duty, and why here, he should act responsibly.
And this why, if he’s worth his salt, he’s not going to say “Yes” to anyone,
And where need be — figuratively speaking, that is — may well reach for his gun.

By Lance Landall

18.  What Will You Leave Behind?

History records the rule and deeds of men — yes, many lauded, many condemned, via the historian’s pen, for in this life and here on Earth, men either let goodness or evil give birth, and when in possession of power and thereby control, either sow peace or fear in the hearts of each soul, and an influence too, that as a result, sees others good or evil exalt, and such also pursue.
Thus, in our three score years and ten, we inevitably emulate those good or bad men, and in our own sphere, either sow love and peace, or hatred and fear, and thereby, make the world all the better or worse for our being here, and leave others lauding or condemning our deeds, those positive or negative sown seeds, for such we invariably sow, and on others, good or bad influences bestow, for no man’s an island, but a part of life’s ebb and flow.
And hence why I ask: What will you leave behind, what might future historians find — would you go down in history as one who acted self-sacrificially, one who loved and cared unconditionally, and who spoke up on behalf of the wrongly condemned and oppressed, supplied healing balm and encouragement where others were distressed, sought to find impartial solutions where there was unrest, saw the restoration and improvement of society and Earth as your quest, always sought to do that which was better and blessed, clearly practiced principles and standards that you professed, treated each fellowman just like one would a guest, and in the best interests of others sought to invest, or, will you go down in history as someone who acted very selfishly, indifferently, recklessly, even evilly — another blot, blemish, stain, that rather than blues skies and sunshine, brought storm clouds, destructive winds, and heavy rain?

By Lance Landall