Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Glory For Who?

Were the Jews entertained in their synagogues and sanctuary
Via the likes of Bill Gaither type singing groups, (stars, arguably)?
Did the likes of such appear in the apostolic churches, maybe,
Backed by musicians enjoying the same great popularity?

Oh, and also drawing on the secular genres of the day,
The ancient equivalents of jazz, country, rock, rap, cabaret?
And were they applauded too, given standing ovations as well,
Advertised to the joy of Christians who church premises would swell?

Were concerts the order of the day back then, like they are today,
Or did all this start to happen when the apostles passed away?
Was there a shift in thinking, perhaps a degree of compromise,
An influx of unconverted converts, a desire to customize?

Why do I ask such questions? Well, it’s because something’s puzzling me,
For when I read the Scriptures, the likes of these things I do not see.
That is, there’s nothing there confirming such, no record, testimony,
Nothing showing such took place in a church, synagogue, sanctuary.

Yes, there were musicians in the temple, accompanying a choir,
But nothing like we see today, designed it seems, to feed desire.
No. Back in those days, the musicians and choir didn’t entertain,
But rather, praised God in a very solemn and reverent vein.

So how did the Bill Gaither type groups, or the Carmans, come about?
Well, certainly not apostolically — of that, there’s no doubt.
And before then, there was that rebellious people who constantly erred,
Thus, I wouldn’t draw too heavily on them — but rather, God’s Word.

And the Word of God says, that He’s to be worshipped reverently,
That self has no place here — nor entertainment, inadvertently,
That glory belongs to God alone, not singers or musicians, who,
Don’t seem to be doing things as God planned; bathing in glory too.

One only has to look at their following, (their fans) — and the billboards,
That is, all the hype that surrounds them, not to mention those awards.
Plus the photo shoots, the image — hardly humbling, sanctifying,
For though they sing of Jesus Christ, who else are they glorifying?

And I guess that’s why we do not see the likes of such in Scripture,
Which as I mentioned earlier, conveys a different picture.
No church concerts there, nor applauding, and no one’s name up in lights,
Unless one’s confusing some activities of the Israelites.

Glory for who? Yes, that’s the question, isn’t it — an important one,
And as I understand things, the answer to it is clearly the Son,
And why Bill Gaither type groups, and the Carmans, aren’t seen in God’s Word,
And why in churches, synagogues, and the sanctuary, such weren’t heard.

Now, don’t get me wrong, for I like the Bill Gaither type groups, truly,
It’s just a case of whether such is right in church and generally.
And as far as I can see, neither appears right Scripturally,
Given the glory factor, and that the worldly’s mixed with the Holy.

Yes, seems the glory’s being shared, and the Holy adulterated,
Contrary to what both God Himself and Scripture have mandated.
Hence my questions and concern, as I, God’s warnings don’t wish to spurn,
Either stubbornly or unwittingly, lest His displeasure I earn.

By Lance Landall

“The apostles had hardly died ere the spirit of deception thought it could easily break into the churches as into an empty house left without a guard...It may be conceived that in this second century originated nearly all the heresies which afterwards raged in the Church.”

The Magdeburg Centuries, chap.1, p, 2.

“Toward the latter end of the second century, most of the churches assumed a new form, the first simplicity disappeared; and insensibly, as the old disciples retired to their graves, their children, along with new converts, both Jews and Gentiles, came forward and new-modelled the cause.”

Ecclesiastical Researches, chap. 5, p, 51, edition 1792.

“A number of people in today’s Church like to set about repairing some sections of the Word of God because they feel they are not in line with modern culture. But it is not that the Bible is out of step with culture; it is that culture is out of step with the Bible. Culture changes, Scripture never changes.”

Author unknown.

Question: Are the ‘music changers’ of our day any different from the ‘money changers’ of Jesus’ day?