Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


God Bless America?

Now, I’m not picking on America, but rather, just making a point,
For there are many nations that act wrong, and that thereby, God disappoint.
But “God bless America” is such a commonly heard and heartfelt phrase,
And one that appears to be more on the minds of Americans these days.

Well, God certainly could bless America. The question though, is would He,
For how could He, and why would He, if it behaves illegitimately?
Such as, by restricting each citizen's right to freedom and liberty,
Whether that be misguidedly, treacherously, and incrementally.

In other words, by its using its power unlawfully in some way,
Be that via mismanagement, some deluded vision, or simply foul play.
That is, by using its position of power to unjustly control,
In order to achieve some misguided, injurious, or devious goal.

Or by wrongly and foolishly seeking to combine the Church with the State,
A union that in the past has always oppressed and sought to dominate,
A wrong union that has always sought to force its dogma on everyone,
Or at least eventually so — so let's all remember: Once begun.

To continue...

By treading on God given rights, or by carrying out wrong in God’s name —
And didn’t past persecutors that same divine authority so claim?
Yes, so many have erroneously claimed that divine authority,
Whether that be cunningly, (alias, knowingly), or mistakenly.

To continue...

By acting very piously while polluting sea and land shamelessly,
Or by torturing, illegally warring, wrongly supplying weaponry.
By wrongly imprisoning, by wrongly executing the innocent,
Or by hiding or distorting the truth — and yet, claiming enlightenment.

By spending billions on war, or sending spaceships to the moon, pointlessly,
While in the meantime, thousands of its citizens live in abject poverty,
Or whilst the medical needs of many of its citizens aren't being met,
Nor their housing or education needs, and, whilst knifing the welfare net.

Yes, by acting very self-righteously while recklessly building up debt,
Ignoring victims, veterans, the homeless, all of whom problems beset.
By allowing corruption in high places, lying, appointing cronies,
By not acting transparently, by creating innocent casualties.

And so much more could be said here, but I'm sure that you get the point, don’t you?
Which begs the question: Which future path will the American people pursue?
For God certainly won't bless the wrong path, nor will He bless any nation
That harms its people, spurns His revelation, provokes His condemnation.

But hey, are all Americans Christians, (seriously, nominally),
Or simply just a large portion of them — even the biggest portion, maybe?
Have they all been faithful to God, is America God's theocracy?
Hardly — so why should He bless Americans more so, and grant them their plea?

No, God will hardly bless any nation should it foolishly take the wrong track,
Though He could change His mind if that nation repents of its wrong, and heads on back.
But the truth is, that God’s about to wrap things up — thus, only people He’ll save,
Not nations, regardless now of how a nation does or doesn't behave.

You see, salvation is a personal matter, not a national one,
For God is only calling individuals to respond to His Son.
Yes, all these governments come and go — but not so our Lord, who’ll soon return,
And then, (as He's said), every earthly nation He’ll uproot and overturn.

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned 2 March 2008.

“And at another moment I may declare concerning a nation or a kingdom that I will build and
plant it [and bless], but if it does evil in My sight, not listening to My voice, then I will
change my mind about the good that I had intended to do to it” (Jer 18:9,10).