Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


It was grace that saved the thief beside Christ on Calvary,
And grace that bore long with ancient Israel’s apostasy.
It was grace that sought out Zacchaeus perching in a tree,
And that didn’t condemn the woman caught in adultery.

It was grace that rescued Jonah from the belly of a whale,
And that parted the Red Sea and across it made a trail.
’Twas grace that turned a blinded Saul into Apostle Paul,
And grace that at Golgotha saw the powers of darkness fall.

It was grace that saw the plan of redemption put in place,
So that there would be hope for the rebellious human race.
’Twas grace that saved Esther and her people from annihilation,
And it’s grace that offers the repentant sinner salvation.

It was grace that saved Joseph’s brothers despite their treachery,
And grace that healed the blind, the crippled — those with leprosy.
It was grace that spared Lot from a terrible fiery end,
And it’s grace that wipes out the record of our sins that offend.

It was grace that threw a party for the prodigal son,
And covered him in a robe despite all that he had done.
It’s grace that’s preparing a party in Heaven’s banquet hall,
And that covers with a robe all who heed the Saviour’s call.

Yes, it’s grace that warns, spares, enables, transforms and sanctifies,
It’s grace that responds to heartfelt repentant cries.
It’s grace that showers us with things that we do not deserve,
And that lovingly guides all who willingly their Lord serve.

Yes, GRACE, unfathomable Divine grace — so heavenly,
A grace that cannot be earned — given undeservedly.
It’s the heart of Jesus — GOD IS LOVE — compassionate and kind,
Thus, where genuine love is present, grace you’ll also find.

By Lance Landall