Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Grace, Or Majority?

“The majority rules,” you hear said, but should it always?
As so often from what’s right, or good, the majority strays.
Thus, in a Christian setting I’d rather see grace at work,
For ’midst a majority unfairness can often lurk.

Sometimes, even often, it’s the minority that’s right,
And the majority that’s wrong, in the dark, not the light.
Therefore, we should take more care, lest democratically we err,
And thereby — discontent and opposition — quickly stir.

Yes, let’s get beyond majority rule, step outside the box,
And emulate our Lord, who often, conventional thought rocks.
Yes, His ways aren’t always our ways, hence some stories we read,
That are found in the Bible, and that are telling indeed.

Perhaps you’ll remember them, for I will mention three here,
That away from conventional thought or wisdom seem to steer.
One might say, “They’re all about people,” when they’re all about grace —
As with us — for though we didn’t deserve it, who took our place?

The following people weren’t deserving either, we could say,
Yet, via these three stories here, God has something to convey.
And if we are receptive to the Holy Spirit’s role,
We’ll pick up on what God’s saying, more clearly see the whole.

The first story tells of workers who worked for just one hour, yet,
Received a full day’s wages — much more than they thought they’d get.
The second tells of a wayward son, who undeservedly,
Was very generously given a homecoming party.

The third tells of a beggar, who ahead of someone wealthy,
Made it into Heaven, which seems unfair, admittedly.
And yet, here these stories are, which says a great deal to me,
For they’re all about grace, not convention, nor majority.

By Lance Landall