Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Gracious Love

There’s nothing more amazing than that love and grace manifested at Calvary,
A love and grace that’s still manifested today on behalf of humanity.
A love and grace that’s beyond our comprehension, even our mortal dimension,
A heavenly, intentional, and generous sacrificial intervention.

Yes, a love and grace that everyone should embrace, with open arms, heart and mind,
For such has always sought both the present and eternal well-being of humankind.
Yes, unfathomable love, that’s showered upon undeserving humanity,
And gifted grace, grace that saves, frees, empowers, grace that’s guaranteed and heavenly.

In other words, gracious love, love that provides us with hope, lightens and brightens each day,
Love that despite Adam’s fall, and our own rebelliousness, has provided a way.
Love that paid a price that cannot be matched, love that beggars belief and description,
And that on the hands and feet of its source — Jesus — bears our personal inscription.

Yes, gracious love, love and grace combined, a heavenly blend with you and I in mind,
For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son in order to save mankind.
A Son whose love but merely reflects the Father’s, a Son whose actions said it all,
Actions that love and grace had in readiness, should humanity succumb and fall.

So much could be said, and often is, regarding such love, such grace — yes, such mercy,
But suffice to say, love found a way, the only way, via that cross at Calvary.
For love knew only grace could save, not an ounce of human endeavour, (perish the thought),
For we, fallen and sin sick, wouldn’t have a hope, if via our works, we Heaven sought.

Hence why we sing “amazing grace,” for we don’t deserve such, never could, shouldn’t try,
For Christ did it all, and we’re unable, though were we able, in self we’d glorify.
Thus, grace it is, and grace alone, that Christ be glorified, and deservedly so,
For there’s only One who’s worthy, truly righteous, and to whom much gratitude we owe.

Oh yes, what love, what grace, that willingly took our place, and suffered on Calvary,
That we, via our response, could receive power from on high, and immortality.
Yes, what love, what grace, that leaves every author, artist, or preacher scratching their head,
For such will never be fully grasped, regardless of what is penned, painted, or said.

By Lance Landall

2.  Does God Zap Us?


Of course God doesn’t zap us, but when we come out from under His umbrella,
The devil seizes the opportunity, and then, who’s a silly fella?
Yes, either you or I, for surely we know better, and therefore shouldn’t stray,
As coming out from under God’s umbrella is certain to make Satan’s day.

No, God certainly doesn’t zap us when we stray from right and do something wrong,
And I meaning, something contrary to His will which oft sparks that tired old song:
“Help me, Lord, I’m in a jam, I really am, and trouble’s breathing down my neck,”
And the reason why is, because Satan’s allurements are laced with arsenic.

Should’ve known better, but oh, how we revisit those same old situations,
We seemingly more tuned to Satan’s snares, unheavenly insinuations,
Or, so sure we know better, God having got things wrong again, supposedly,
And there we are coming out from under His umbrella, tempting misery.

And misery we oft get, not because God zapped us, but because Satan did,
God having warned us of the devil’s bubbling cauldron, shouting, “Don’t lift that lid!”
But lift it we do, (the hot steam of Satan’s evil burning and scaring us),
And this, despite us knowing that his lies are preposterous and dangerous.


God’s no zapper — however, He does chastise those whom He loves, though here again,
Not via zaps, but via creative workings and those consequences that plague men,
In other words, those consequences that plague hell-bent humanity, Christians,
The latter still learning the hard way due to their fickleness and cherished sins.


It’s so wrong to think that God’s a zapper, which Satan wants us to think, for we
Will soon become very discouraged and disenchanted with the heavenly.
And what a shame, God not only maligned, but we losing faith, doubting His love,
And the more we’re out from under His umbrella, the less blessings from above.

Enter that vicious circle, for how can God bless us when we turn to wrong, and
Hence how we get caught in those unpleasant showers in which Satan’s had a hand.
And all because we gave him a chance to zap us, or slowly anaesthetize,
When we should’ve known that all we could hope for with Satan was a booby-prize.

By Lance Landall

Also see my poems Never Without Good Reason and The God Of The Old Testament which are further down this page.

3.  The God Of Emotions

Oh yes, Jesus has feelings too, hence that tragic setting at Gethsemane,
For there Christ was witnessed sweating drops of blood at the prospect of Calvary.
Oh, the weight of what He had to face, and failure being a possibility,
Hence why He fell with His face to the ground overwhelmed at the enormity,

And prayed: “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me,”

And thrice He prayed such, though adding, “Yet not as I will, but asYou will,” and then,
There He was at the tomb of Lazarus where He wept, touched by the sorrows of men.
Oh yes, Christ sure has feelings, has known rejection, grief and pain, (such is clear),
And therefore, how terribly unkind it would be to think that He doesn’t care.

Yes, many times He was moved by the plight of someone’s suffering, and still is,
For via His creating of Adam and Eve, every person on this Earth is His.
And oh, how He cares, hates the sad entrance of sin-cum-that great controversy,
Which, in order that He be vindicated, must reach its telling finale.

And why I holler, “What a great God of love He is!,” and I will tell you why:

At any time He could’ve easily and completely destroyed humanity,
And with every right given our rebelliousness, ungrateful insanity.
Yes, that sad lack of trust, that disbelief, as if we just found our own way here,
When it was He who created everything, design and not chance crystal clear.

So listen, friend, for when you’re down and out, backed in a corner or nursing pain,
There’s a Saviour who’s deeply moved by your distress and with keys to every chain.
And all you have to do is turn to Him, for everyone’s plight tugs at His heart,
And oh, how He longs for that day when both you and Him will never be apart.


The God of emotions who feared eternal separation from His Father,
And sweated drops of blood while His disciples slept, (we too, doing what we’d rather).
Yes, a God who wept at the tomb of Lazarus, mortality’s cold domain,
And whose heart wells up with the same deep emotion when we too cry out in pain.

And be that pain emotional or physical, Christ suffering from both too,
His hands and feet marred by ugly nails, His heart pierced by sin and words that weren’t true.
Oh, how He suffered, for He’s the God of emotions, emotions placed in you,
For we’ve been made in His image and thus were created with same feelings too.

By Lance Landall

4.  What! God's Feminine Side?

God’s “feminine side,” they say, and who might they be, feminists? Those with their new theology?
Well, they can say such as much as they like — foolishly — but they cannot prove such biblically.
Though God created male and female, such hardly means that He somehow has a “feminine side,”
Nor does His analogy of a “hen” suggest such — He the Son, the Bridegroom, the Church His bride.

Oh, how people foolishly come up with this and that, they skewing things said figuratively,
Or simply reading things into things, hence why it’s not long before we’re looking at heresy.
No, God doesn’t have a “feminine side,” nor any male, as any softer traits that we see,
Are traits that cross the genders, they part and parcel of humanity, though less so since Eve’s folly.

Though to be fair, usually more apparent in females, but not bound to femininity,
Be such traits gentleness, tenderness, kindness, empathy-cum-loving, caring sensitivity.
And why it’s nonsense to talk of God’s “feminine side,” or any males so-called “feminine side,”
Or for that matter, any woman’s “masculine side,” we keeping our minds better occupied.

It’s clear that God’s a male, and He, the very hub of love, hence His sacrifice on Calvary,
Such having nothing to do with some “feminine side,” but everything to do with His mercy.
And He, desiring that both men and women become like Him in every way, same traits in all,
Such meaning, be we male or female, and why those talking of God’s “feminine side” have a gall.

Some things will remain a mystery until Christ’s second coming, for we see with lesser minds,
And why we should always take God at His word, as it’s foolishness for us to trust in mankind’s.
And God’s Word tells us He’s a male, makes no mention of a “feminine side,” for such isn’t so,
As God intended those softer traits be seen in all, they part and parcel of the “fruits,” you know.

By Lance Landall

5.  Stephen Asks His Grandad

“May I ask a few questions about God,” Stephen asked his grandad. “Certainly you can, son,
But bear in mind that my knowledge and understanding are limited too, I a mere man, son;
In other words, as human as you — however, God has given us His Word, and when we pray,
Night or come day, the Spirit guides us into a deeper knowledge and better understanding,
And thus as time goes by, God’s Word ever unfolding, our insight progressively expanding.”

“Thank you, grandad,” young Stephen responded gratefully, “You sure know an awful lot more than me.”
“Well, son, I do have age on my side, you know,” his grandad replied, “Though not infallibility.
But fire away with those questions of yours and I’ll do my best, and where I’m stumped, I’ll turn to prayer,
And next time you call, son, hopefully the answers to those tricky ones I’ll be able to share.”

Stephen looked at his scribbled notes. “If a woman gets pregnant due to being raped by somebody,
Did God intend she have that baby?” “No, son, God certainly doesn’t work like that, believe me.
Many things in this fallen world are random, son, they having nothing to do with God at all,
But oft much to do with Satan, or our own folly — even carelessness, hence that trip or fall.

So many people have some strange ideas about God, be they conservative or liberal,
And thus why when it comes to certain things, either camp assuming that God is responsible.
Hence those comments that folk make like the one that’s given rise to your question, son, which I heard too,
And which I can assure you — going by the Word of God and plain common sense — is far from true.”

“Is God against abortion on demand, grandad?” “Most certainly, son, and how could He not be?
For He created humanity, and thus in His eyes, our lives sacrosanct, and that baby,
Be that baby born or still in the womb, but having said that, son, there’s one thing we mustn’t do,
And that is, mistreat those having abortions, or aborting babies, for such behaviour’s wrong too.

It’s one thing to condemn something, another to mistreat folk, hence why we must mind those who’re Gay,
Only condemning their same-sex sexual acts-cum-intimacy — otherwise, we too stray.
It’s one thing to condemn what God himself condemns, and as His followers such is our duty,
But woe betide those who mistreat anyone, we forbidden to act callously or cruelly.

God is who He is, son, not who or how folk make Him out to be, and why we should read His Word,
Lest rather than the God of the Bible, He simply become some other God that’s more preferred.
For many people it’s a case of God says but I think, or they simply misunderstand His Word,
Which is why so much wrong is coming from Christians these days, let alone certain nonsense that’s heard.”

“You mean like that baby of a raped woman being God’s will?” “Yes, son, such simply an evil act,
One that resulted in a baby, its entry having more to do with the devil, in fact.
However, both that woman and baby innocent, and all life precious, son, once it's begun,
And why such needs to be taken into account, for every baby’s accepted by the Son.”

“Funny you mentioned Gay folk, grandad, as that’s been on my mind as well, for aren’t they precious too?”
“Indeed, son, for as I mentioned, life is life, but that doesn’t mean that God winks at wrong we do.
For though God loves us all dearly, He cannot accommodate sin, and thus sin has clarified,
Which we seriously need to bear in mind, for we’re either on His side or the devil’s side.”

“I guess it’s like me saying I love you, grandad (and I know you love me), and yet, I hurting you,
And by that I mean, I deliberately doing something you hate, and which I shouldn’t do.”
“Yes, son, for what would such say? And when we think of what Christ did for us, some things we should forgo,
Or bear, for what’s three score years and ten compared to eternity? And Christ almost here, you know.

The problem, son, is that most don’t want to forgo or bear things, all because it doesn’t suit,
Selfishness, pride, love of ease and comfort, or any number of other things at the root.
Hence why folk continue in sin, or try to dump their burdens as quick as they can — Free me, Lord! —
They not liking trials and hardships that God can use to their benefit, but oh, give me that reward.

Yes, life can be hard and cruel, and things happen to us that are unfair, but God can help us through,
We looking beyond ourselves despite the heartache and pain, while others’ best interests we pursue.
'Cause that’s what character is all about, son, we doing it tough for Christ’s or another’s sake,
But as I said, such not being a popular path that the majority of folk wish to take.”

By Lance Landall

6.  Why's It All Happening?

Why? Why? Why? Oh yes, how oft such is heard regarding all the ills of today, and more so all those calamities,
But how else can God get our attention, even that of Christians, many lost in worldliness, rebellion and ease.
So, is God zapping us? No, I don’t believe so, but rather, He's gradually removing His restraining hand,
And the reason? “As in the days of Noah” — which means there’s little left of that hour-glass sand, Christ’s coming near at hand.

And is that it? Well, not entirely, 'cause there's a little more to this picture given the age old controversy,
That battle for the hearts and minds of every human, Christ on one side and Satan on the other (and angry).
Hence why this devil, his evil angels (and evil human agents) are increasing their wicked activity,
Bearing in mind that they know that their time's short, and thus are upping their efforts to get control of humanity.

Hence Satan’s historic plans that are coming to fruition — yes, even under the guise of Christianity,
'Cause both Satan and deluded sinful men have always worked within the Church with increasing fury, sophistry.
Hence that tragic state that the Church is in — yes, that hi-jacking of Christianity (nothing but outright folly),
Due to sincere but misled Church members introducing and changing this or that, thus aiding our old enemy.

But further to the question “Why?” (in general, that is), are the results of Adam’s fall when Nature went askew,
Which has resulted in the Earth brooding and festering, the catastrophic results of the flood being a clue,
'Cause under Earth’s crust there's continuing activity due to such disruption, which can no longer be contained,
And which is why the likes of erupting volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis are increasing, which God once restrained.

And, it must be said, that humanity hasn’t helped the situation, given all the damage that's been inflicted
Via letting off nuclear bombs, disrupting and damaging Nature ecologically — guilty, convicted!
At the end of the day, we can’t pollute the seas, strip the Earth of trees, and think we can get away with doing such,
Hence why (regardless of Christ’s coming), when it comes to turning things around — hope and time, there really isn’t much.

And many would say, “None at all,” and I’d agree, 'cause sin and decay have done their worst,  hence why Earth is cursed, sadly,
Aided and abetted by that selfish, wicked pre-flood behaviour that's so entrenched in modern society.
And then there're those random acts that cause so much suffering, 'cause where there's a world in chaos, there’s no rhythm or rhyme,
And why some things don't make sense, but rest assured, committed Christian, that further answers to such, will come in time.

And this is why we must look beyond our present trying conditions, awaiting our Saviour’s glorious return,
Not letting anything get in the way of our salvation, making sure that those tragic lessons of the past we learn,
'Cause those who're faithful to their Lord, our Creator, and in every way, will soon delight in His victory day,
And spend eternity with Him on this Earth made new, minus death, fear, tears and pain — oh happy day! — not far away.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 15 February 2020.

This crossover poem also appears in my secular section.

7.  It's Us, Not God!

There’s no question that whether you believe in God or not, Earth’s coming to some end,
A fact that’s surely clear, for look at the state of this Earth and society, friend.
Yes, both in a dreadful state, perilous state, and thus coming apart at the seams,
And why we need to take stock of where we’re at, face reality, not cling to dreams.

So why’s it all happening, and is God, (for some reason), responding angrily,
He supposedly behind all the mayhem, each disaster and calamity?
The answer? No! But rather, that He's been slowly withdrawing His restraining hand
Given the growing wickedness that has been accelerating in every land.

But you know, if God didn’t withdraw His restraining hand, far more folk would be lost,
They not awakened from their self-imposed slumber, folly-cum-distractions that cost.
And thus they not ready nor prepared for Christ’s return, even scoffing at the thought,
Having no belief in God at all, or not having given such the thought they ought.

The truth is, that it’s not God who’s been causing anything, but dumb humanity,
Folk having largely repudiated all that once protected society.
And then there're those offenders, some with agendas, some who’d like to control us all,
Or who simply bring ill on others via their selfishness, wickedness or wrong call.

However, given all I’ve said, God can’t stand idly by, and let’s remember too,
That He’s given us plenty of time to get our act together, like we should do.
Or rather, should've done, for who created us, gave us life we wouldn’t have had
If it wasn’t for His generous nature; and He, not guilty of all that's bad...

And with every right to be hopping mad.

Thus, be it earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes or storms, it’s a sign of the times, friend,
For such ills are on the increase-cum-planet Earth convulsing as it nears its end.
And God not to blame, but man, though much the result of a planet in its death throes,
Aided by irresponsible caretakers — us — which, (sadly so), glaringly shows…

And God no longer prepared to hold things back.

By Lance Landall

“ ‘There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of  the sea [destructive forces of nature]. Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory’ ” (Luke 21:25-27, NIV).

“ ‘...and there will be famines and earthquakes’ ”
(Matt 24:6,7, NASB).

This crossover poem also appears in my secular section.

8.  In Defence Of God

Is it any wonder that God’s not understood, for the following is clear,
And that being, that most hardly know Him, nor His Word, and just go by what they hear.
Yes, they’ve never experienced Him personally, nor seen the proof He’s real,
That evidence that points to a Creator who again Himself will reveal.

Yes, that God of old who worked within the confines of a rebellious rabble, He
Ruling them directly, hence that ancient Jewish nation — a theocracy.
And such why the likes of an eye for an eye, and the death penalty back then,
 Stood at that time until Christ appeared and pointed out a better way to men.

In other words, that theocracy long gone, Christ having been spurned by His own,
They acting like those destroyed in the flood, their minds corrupt, their hearts more like stone.
And so it’ll be near Earth’s end, we’re told, and why God will once again have to act,
For when He’s spurned or rebelled against, it’s soon seen that every evil is backed.

Yes, one doesn’t have to be a Christian to know the Bible’s onto something
When it says, “As in the days of Noah, so it’ll be again-cum-every wrong thing.”
For look around you, friend, as humanity is growing sicker by the day,
Rather than improving as things always have when people have done things God’s way.

Hence why throughout history God’s had to make some tough decisions, otherwise
We wouldn’t have lasted this long, and why even His own He’s seen to chastise.
Oh, how so many of them act like those ancient Jews, or those before the flood,
And they, foolishly thinking that they will still be covered by their Saviour’s blood.

Well, they won’t be, for those who wish to be saved must take God’s will seriously,
And surely Christians can see this by just looking at biblical history.
First a worldwide flood, then the end of an old theocracy, and finally
Due to “As in the days of Noah,” another scene, apocalyptically.

Yes, its best folk get to know God, and well, He no ogre but a God of love,
Who warns us in order to spare us ill below and rightful wrath from above.
And surely we can see He knows what He’s talking about, for look at our tracks,
They embedded in evil, folly and failure, and if in doubt, look at the facts!

Facts that God has had to deal with, and for our own good, not that most see this though,
Many denying Him, knocking Him, or bending His Word to suit as they go.
And thus where not denied, He oft accused of this or that-cum-misunderstood,
Some even using His name-cum-authority to do things they never should.

Hence why I write in defence of God, my understanding having grown with time,
And why I can better see behind those things where there appears no rhythm or rhyme.
For there is an overall picture, certain things having to play out, and then,
God’s better ways will be proven so, and so too, all that foolishness of men.

Yes, God’s little understood, even by those who profess to know Him — Christians —
They oft more lost in what’s un-Heavenly, still indulging in favourite sins.
And hence those heresies that are presented as biblical truth, or those acts,
Be they private or corporate, that neither the Bible nor God himself backs.

By Lance Landall

“ ‘Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man [the state of the world at the time of Christ’s appearing]…’ ” (Luke 17:26, NIV) ——— “Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth [pre–Flood], and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God, and the earth was filled with violence [hence the worldwide flood that God sent]”
(Gen 6:5,11, NASB).

“Many [Christians] will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works?’ And then will I profess unto them, ‘I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity’ ” (Matt 7:22,23, KJV).

"Do you not know that wrongdoers will not enter the kingdom of God?..." (1 Cor 6:9).

This crossover poem also appears in my secular section.

9.  God Didn't Cause That Earthquake

Oh, how they think they know it all, that they’re so right — “God caused that earthquake,” they say,
Possibly referring to some law sanctioning unions between those who’re Gay.
Well, despite God loathing same-sex sexual acts, there’s no one He doesn’t love,
And this being why He’s not sitting there zapping cities and people from above.

No question that God’s slowly withdrawing His restraining hand which holds things in check,
Man’s cup of iniquity full and God trying to get his attention quick,
Hence the increase in the likes of earthquakes that with time would happen anyway,
For much below Earth’s surface was damaged by the flood, is ready to give way.

Yes, there was a worldwide flood, the evidence crystal clear, but sin came before,
All why the Earth’s been in a state of decay and its end nearly at the door.
And how God worked with folk back in Old Testament times, (Earth’s early history),
Is another thing, He acting within the framework of a theocracy.

Now we’re a mixed multitude. However…

That withdrawing of God’s hand does display a general disapproval, and,
That there'll also be a day of reckoning — judgment
sin’s end being at hand.
All why the likes of earthquakes should have folk pause, for if God’s real, as I believe,
And has warned us, then disbelief and ignorance will leave us with cause to grieve.

Yes, it’s funny, isn’t it, for “God caused that earthquake,” they say, (somewhat smugly),
Yet He didn’t do something about that same wrong elsewhere, interestingly.
Hence why those particular Christians need to study God’s Word more carefully,
Thereby getting to the truth of their God’s ways lest they witness incorrectly.

As far as God's concerned, sin is sin, be it committed by Gays or those termed straight,
And thus all whose hearts aren't clean and conscience clear looking at the very same fate;
In other words, that time ahead-cum-Christ's return when He rewards or deals to,
And why in the meantime all should mind those things that they think, say, do and pursue. 

By Lance Landall

"We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time" (Rom 8:22, NIV).

"By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men" (2 Peter 3:7, NIV).

This crossover poem also appears in my secular section.

10.  Did You Know...

Did you know that the Christian religion is the only one with a Saviour?
A God whose grace alone saves, (through faith), and not one’s rituals or behaviour.
You see, all other religions teach salvation by good works, such being folly,
For good works are simply that, works, and we, still fallen sin-sick humanity.

Oh, how some like to think they’re not too bad, even pretty good, but such not so,
For even our so-called goodness is tainted, we self obsessed from head to toe.
Yes, so unlike that Saviour in whom not an ounce of self was found, hence that cross,
It shouting love and sacrifice, whereby, no one need suffer eternal loss.

Sure we should all be into good works, but such can’t and will not save anyone,
For we not only need a new heart but Someone who can work that — Christ the Son.
The truth is, that we all need help outside ourselves, both heart wise and future wise,
And why any religion that says otherwise is clearly playing with lies.

No founders of the world’s religions could conquer their own death, rise from their grave,
And no man’s able to redeem himself by his own efforts, how we behave.
And here’s where Christianity differs, its Saviour seeking, saving, restoring,
Hence why Christianity’s not merely a religion, but relationship...

And why, “Take the world but give me Jesus,” Christians sing, change their citizenship.

Other religions attempt to reach up to God, but with Christianity
It’s God reaching down to us, He calling out, wooing and waiting patiently.
In other religions we see man’s answers to man’s problems, but once again,
With Christianity we see God’s answers to man’s problems, and now, not when.

Yes, God does for man what man can’t do for himself, hence Christ being the redeemer,
And not man redeeming himself, such thinking the work of Satan the schemer,
Who, has so many running after anything but Christ, Christianity,
And why today we’re seeing so much New Age nonsense, and even heresy.

You see, opposing convictions, beliefs, can’t both be true, and thus why it’s so,
That there can only be one true God and one true way, which all should seek to know —
Yes, the Christian faith being based on a historical event, the Resurrection,
And why Christianity’s unique, the Bible passing any inspection…

Yes, it tested, proven, reliable, and full of hope and sound direction.

By Lance Landall

“The basic difference between Christianity and the world’s religions is this: As a Hindu I [S.K] was drowning in a large lake and I did not know how to swim. The religious leaders and gurus came by and gave me lectures on how to swim. Confucius taught, “You should have followed my teaching and then you would never have fallen.” Mohammed advised, “Allah wills whatsoever he wills.” Buddha came by and said, “It’s all an illusion in the mind, change your mind and you will change the problem.” Krishna came along and said, “It’s your karma that you have fallen into the lake. You deserve it.” Then Jesus Christ came. He did not give a lecture or some good advice. He said, “I have come to seek and to save those who are lost,” and He came right into the lake and lifted me out of it and changed my life and put a new song in my heart.”

Taken from the book “Christianity For Skeptics” by Dr Steve Kumar

“Indeed, taking all the evidence together, it is not too much to say that there is no single historic incident better or more variously supported than the resurrection of Christ.”
The Gospel of the Resurrection by B.F. Westcott

11.  Never Without Good Reason

God saw that everything He’d made was very good, but then sin entered, sadly,
And soon every heart became evil except for Noah’s and his family.
Yes, God could’ve completely wiped out humanity, and justifiably,
For all have sinned, but He gave humanity another chance, displayed mercy.

Well, it wasn’t long before the vast majority turned to evil again,
And thus God lamenting their waywardness, that path of foolish women and men.
So He raised up a nation — ancient Israel — at that time a theocracy,
One that He wanted to bear witness of His love, wisdom, goodness and mercy,

And that He’s righteous and Holy.

For Israel to survive midst the evil and oft threatening majority,
God permitted, (but only at that time), the destruction of some enemy,
Vile blasphemers, folk past the point of no return and dammed eternally,
For their evil practices had more than filled up their cup of iniquity.

Some of their gross practices being child sacrifices, witchcraft and sodomy,
And sexual diseases having run rampant through a whole community.
And thereby, neighbouring nations and communities endangered too, you see,
Here why we need to take a closer look at things lest God be portrayed wrongly.


The truth is that God never does anything without good reason, and this why
He’s seen to warn via prophets and angels, Nineveh having only just scraped by,
In Jonah’s time, that is.
But not so Sodom and Gomorrah, archaeology bearing testimony,
For our Lord means what He says, and one soon day will deal with all iniquity.

If God hadn’t taken such measures back then, I doubt we would’ve got this far,
Though now we’re headed back to those days of Noah’s time in a turbocharged car.
And this why God must act once again, save and destroy, but this the final time,
For He will bring an end to sin and death, and with the faithful few, upward climb.

Yes, it’s always been a few, a minority, Heaven less cherished than sin,
And why within the ranks of Christendom there is many a lukewarm Christian.
Yes, they no more saved than some crude unbeliever, for who can serve two masters,
Or to put it another way, when were goats and sheep assigned the same pastures?

By Lance Landall

12.  The God Of The Old Testament

Ancient Israel was a theocracy, one that was ruled by God himself, (no nation now though),
The cross wrapping up that ancient people’s rebelliousness, which any Bible student should know.
And hence why God doesn't operate in quite the same way as then, but wherever He did so,
His methods at the time, a contextual wisdom, fairness, goodness and all seeing knowledge show.

Oh yes, they not only a raggle taggle bunch, but they stubborn and “eye for an eye” types too,
Such God seeking to make fairer at the time, bigger changes needing far more time, as they do.
But the Israelites were often surrounded by nations whose cup of iniquity was full,
Hence those surgical actions that God allowed or took where He deemed such was justifiable.

So much is misunderstood by those who’re ignorant of the exact whys and wherefores,
God dealing with a certain time period and mindset, hence particular rituals and laws,
All of which were designed to preserve a chosen people and bring them up by their rough bootstraps,
Given that they were always complaining, rebelling — and between themselves, often locked in spats.

Hence why not all they did should be copied, for when it came to God’s will, they oft went contrary,
Which is why God — on several occasions — allowed them to be taken into captivity.
Or why certain things befell them, they having ignored God’s warnings and what He said would occur,
And so it is today that folk oft suffer too when they rebelliously do what they prefer.

The truth is, that God actually showed amazing restraint given their dreadful behaviour,
And to top it off, look how that people treated the "coming Messiah," their very Saviour!
And yes, regarding the surrounding pagan nations, God showed remarkable restraint there too,
Which says much about His love and mercy, for much that He could’ve done to them, He didn’t do.

And let us remember this too: That both His people and surrounding pagan nations were warned,
But oft to no avail, His people still rebelling, and oh, how pagan nations such warnings scorned.
Hence what befell them both, though if God hadn’t allowed the destruction of many a nation,
(Sexual diseases and so on being rampant), we may've seen the end of civilisation.

Yes, such being the reason for the flood, as only Noah and his family were free of evil,
God giving humanity another chance after that watery deluge-cum-upheaval.
But here we are now, things becoming as bad as back then — yes, "As in the days of Noah,” we’re told,
Hence Christ’s soon return-cum-rescue of those who’re like Noah and his family, and God’s will uphold.

By Lance Landall

13.  Can’t Figure God Out?

Yes, even I find it hard to understand why God has allowed certain things,
Like the killing and eating of creatures, which, with a loving God, hardly rings.
Or so it seems.

And then there's those commands He once gave — for example, death for adultery,
Which doesn't help the atheist mindset — and yes, such also bothering me.

Many Christians have tried to explain these things, but they still don’t sit well with me,
And nor with other folk, and why they struggle with such too, understandably.
And I guess we’ll really only understand such come our Saviour’s soon return,
And there in Heaven of His various reasons for doing this or that learn.

But the following’s for sure, and evidence declaring: That God is real, and,
That He’s loving, merciful, good, faithful and true, that His coming’s close at hand,
And that Calvary was no manmade tale, but rather, a cruel reality,
Such witnessed and recorded apostolically and historically.

And therefore, and despite our concerns, we have God’s Word, His truths and promises,
That blessed assurance, for we did not evolve from apes, but are truly His.
Yes, for we were created in His image, and thus many things making sense,
Like the great controversy that’s raging, Adam’s sin and the sad consequence.

And thus God working within the framework of a fallen world, which, quite clearly,
Has seen Him acting in certain ways that He wouldn’t have originally.
All why He calls the coming destruction of the wicked His strange work, odd act,
Such so foreign to Him, and why via fallen eyes, some still struggle with this fact.

And with other facts, but God is righteous and Holy, He one who does no wrong,
Thus fault can only lie with us, and as for the answers? — well, they won’t be long.
Yes, Christ returning soon — and we, as an old hymn goes, learning to “trust and obey,
For there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

Oh, if only we had the faith of our fathers, they giving doubt no room,
Patiently waiting and trusting, for satanic doubts can only but consume.
And Satan’s the “father of lies,” for Adam did die, and why Christ took our place,
Hence that blessed hope, so let’s not doubt, but rather, God’s love and faithfulness trace.

By Lance Landall

Regarding "death for adultery," see the poem above this one.
Regarding the killing and eating of creatures, see my page Regarding One's Health which is
found in the grey box that sits near the top of my Christian poem list section.

There is also my page Why I'm A Vegetarian which is accessed via my page Planet Earth, Home page.

14.  Don't Be Another Fool

So many Christians are acting like enemies of God, doubting, challenging and picking holes in His Word,
Yes, exchanging Creation for Evolution, and disbelieving certain miracles, which is absurd.
For look at what puny, fallen man can do, and how we’re oft amazed by such — and given a few more years
Nothing will seem out of reach — and here are Christians doubting what God can do, and oh, how the old devil cheers.

Well of course he does, for such hardly helps God’s case, hardly helps His cause, but rather, acts detrimentally,
For who’d seek a God whose powers are limited, who’d put trust in a Bible that’s flawed — well, not too many.
Or so I would assume, and I guess that’s why many are renouncing God and His Word, and looking elsewhere,
Or are simply adding Him to an array of things they’ve embraced — New Age tripe being a major player here.

Well, there’s no fool like an old fool, such numbering in the millions — many found within Christianity,
And why, oft beggars belief, for if they’re disputing much of God’s Word, and are doubting His ability,
Why oh why are they there? — for such are like termites attacking from within, who anger God, undoubtedly,
For it’s not only Him that they blacken and shame, but His Word and His Church, which He takes very seriously.

And so, they being the fools they are, they chase after man’s delusions, and play with Satanic territory,
The latter being the supernatural, the mystical, fantasy, heresy and liberality.
Yes, anything but truth and reality, preferring fables that lull and tickle the ears, foolishly,
In other words, anything but the sure Word of God, and that obedience that leads to eternity.

Now don’t get me wrong, for I’m not talking about salvation by works, but simply about doing God’s will,
As eternal life’s only for those who obey — which makes sense — for why would God reward wrongdoers-cum-ill?
They being, those who doubt, challenge and pick holes in His Word, those who snub His wisdom and mock His ability,
And who clutch at grace while living contrary — and so pointlessly — for God’s no fool, and such charades can see.

Either we’re in harmony with His will, upholding His Word as it stands, trusting in His ability,
Or not — and if we’re not, let’s not kid ourselves — for grace isn’t for doubters, knockers and flouters, quite clearly.
But hey, given what man can do, it’s surely not hard to imagine and believe in what the Lord can do,
For the miraculous is simply His greater ability, His means being way beyond ours, and tried and true.

And that’s the strength of it, friend — you either accept it or reject it — and rejecting such isn’t for me,
For even Nature declares an intelligence that’s superior to ours, and that’s very plain to see.
And why we should never doubt God or His Word, for that’s what Satan wants, hence his tricks, fiction and heresy,
Which so many Christians have succumbed to now, and many seemingly unwittingly so, but perilously —

  For I suspect that God won’t necessarily excuse ignorance, given some is inexcusable,
For His Word is clear — and history and the evidence around us verifies such, hence why things should gel.
Thus, where we’ve had opportunity to check things out, and haven’t done so, more fool us, and God’s judgment fair,
For Heaven’s not for the careless, lazy, neglectful, rebellious, worldly Christian — this, God’s made very clear.

Yes, there’s no fool like an old fool-cum-Christian who repeats history, for they’ve the benefit of hindsight,
In other words, Christians have the benefit of the recorded waywardness of the ancient Israelite.
And then there is archaeology-cum-evidence that somehow verifies many Bible prophecies,
Let alone that evidence that verifies both the Flood and Creation — for we hardly came from monkeys.

And please don’t waste your time on theistic evolution-cum-Christian Darwinism, for that’s nonsense too,
In other words, just a variation on a theme — same song, different notes — and thus equally askew.
And why our only safety is found in keeping to a “Thus saith The Lord,” the straight and narrow way-cum-God’s will,
For any deviation leads to treacherous territory — which erring Christians, God’s been trying to tell.

By Lance Landall

"Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him" (Prov 30:5, ESV).

"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven" (Matt 7:21, NIV).

15.  I Like, I Want, I Will

I like, I want, I will — oh, how oft Christ must see the sad fruitage of such, and whack! — there goes another nail,
Or if not another cruel nail, someone boots the foot of the cross again, and, “It’s my life!” Christ hears them wail.
Yes, I like, I want, I will, and there goes another whack, another kick, yet who gave them the breathe of life,
And whose heart beats with an abounding love for them, through which their wrong behaviour  just thrust another sharp knife?

That’s right, hammer more nails, boot that cross again — you fool! — 'cause you should be pulling each one of those nails back out,
And why boot that cross, 'cause that cross can save you, though not if you keep shaming Him so with that rebellious shout.
No, you just can’t keep on acting like that — alias I like, I want, I will — 'cause that will just void what He’s done,
'Cause all who carry on like they did before, neither truly know Him, nor appreciate what He has done.

Yes, I can speak about others, but it's also about you, 'cause surely you didn’t think you’re free of guilt,
'Cause at the end of the day, one way or another, every one of us is guilty, right up to the hilt.
Be it consciously or unconsciously, we keep hammering nails, booting that cross, and flying in His face,
And there He was, hanging there, praying, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” — and dying in our place.

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? 'Cause after all, He would’ve known about these coming nails and boots, and yet,
Off to that cross He still went, and how He suffered (and we think we’ve problems), and He did it without regret.
Yes, I like, I want, I will. Are you feeling ashamed? Well, you should be, and so should I, for how atrocious,
'Cause we, out of love and gratefulness, should not only be full of praise, but walking in paths of righteousness.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 15 February 2020.

16.  We're Our Own Worst Enemy

So often we create our own misfortune despite the ample wisdom that we Christians have received
(From God above, that is) — and oh, how often we've kicked ourselves over such, bemoaned our foolishness and grieved.
And even turned on God as if He had something to do with it, or should’ve prevented it somehow,
When it was us who chose to swing on the end of a risky branch, or some forbidden field chose to plough.

Yes, despite that wisdom God imparted, despite the consequences conveyed via many a sad story
(Within God's Word, that is), where there are lessons aplenty in order to spare us from such misery.
Lessons God has lovingly supplied us with, 'cause the last thing He wants is for us to suffer likewise,
Knowing Satan makes danger look harmless and attractive, 'cause he’s the father of falsehood, tricks and lies.

All of which we so oft succumb to — yes, willingly, knowingly, thoughtlessly, selfishly, rebelliously —
And we wonder why we suffer (and others too),  we usually being our own worst enemy.
Though Satan can tempt, he can’t make us, and besides, we’ve been given the benefit of others’ mistakes,
Hence why we’ve really only got ourselves to blame for our predicament, that cost when wisdom one forsakes.

And hence how we keep on learning the hard way — well, in a manner of speaking, 'cause have we learnt at all,
Given we’re oft repeating history — our own history — for how often do we stumble and fall?
Yes, we know that God knows best, and that His wisdom is for our own good, and yet, so often we stray,
Creating our own misfortune — all of which, our true spiritual condition must surely convey.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 22 February 2020.

The following poem is written tongue in cheek.

17.  Get Them Off My Back, Lord

I wish that You would stop making me feel uncomfortable by sending straight talking Christians my way, Lord,
Those who remind me that You desire obedience, and that only those who do Your will, You will reward.
Yes, I would rather they not remind me of such, Lord, for I much prefer to just focus on love and grace,
Despite them showing me from Your Holy Word that obedience-cum-doing Your will has its rightful place.

They even refer to some judgment, Lord which bothers me even more, for I’d rather think grace suffices,
In other words, that once having accepted such, that one can forget about personal sacrifices.
And by that I mean, that we don’t need to concern ourselves with the likes of discipline, and principles too,
For such requires a certain degree of effort on our behalf, which they say shows our gratitude to You.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Lord, for I’m glad that You died for me, but walking obediently isn’t easy,
And nor is upholding what they call Christian standards, we also being Your ambassadors, apparently.
And, let me add, we’re simply doing what comes naturally, we being earthly beings rather than heavenly,
Unlike You, Lord, so righteous and holy, hence why they talk about sanctification, becoming holy.

Yes, just like You, Lord, which is why they also talk about the Spirit’s enabling — team work — apparently,
Which still bothers me, I have to say, for I was hoping that grace would free me from all responsibility.
Therefore, I’d really appreciate it if You would restrain these straight talking Christians from unsettling me,
For I’d much prefer to go on thinking that nothing more than the acceptance of grace is required of me.

By Lance Landall

"Do you want to be shown, you foolish person, that faith apart from works is useless?" (James 2:20, ESV).

"For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous" (Romans 2:13, ESV).

“ ‘Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but [only] he
who does the will of my Father in heaven’ ” (Matt 7:21, NKJV).

“For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins [we will not be covered by God’s grace — it's made void], but a terrifying expectation of judgment...” (Heb 10:26, 27, NASB).

18.  Though Not Nice To Hear

Though not nice to hear, the truth is that we’re terribly fallen, in need of major surgery,
And any who say otherwise, (thus dealing in lies), are clearly out of sync biblically.
For God’s Word makes it very clear that we’re sick to the core, sin having permeated every cell,
And why we should never paint ourselves as something we’re not, for one thing is clear: We’re far from well.

Those who see themselves as not too bad or pretty good, have no idea of how sin-ridden they are;
And why we’ve no hope outside of Christ-cum-grace — and besides, our very best, our past would still mar.
Yes, we soiled from birth, our natural bent having us seeking what suits ourselves and not others,
And why so many of us are at loggerheads with our fellow Christian sisters and brothers.

Hence why there’s no point in us kidding ourselves, nor listening to those who tell us otherwise,
For though such lies may make us feel good, they won’t do us any good, and wrongly man glorifies.
Such being sin, for only God is truly holy and righteous, our best still being like filthy rags,
And this, straight out of Scripture — and another thing: The evidence seen in him or her who brags.

Yes, those who brag of their goodness show their pride and arrogance; they like those Pharisees of old,
Unlike the humble, who see their true state when the nature and example of Christ they behold.
For there, is seen the glaring evidence that we’re a very poor reflection of the heavenly,
And will still be no matter our best, which genuine repentance and commitment helps us see.

Such being why we need to fall at the foot of the cross, our only hope being found at Calvary,
For there, our inability triumphs in His ability, change being brought about by He.
But such the work of a lifetime, we receptive to the Spirit’s promptings, glorying in Christ,
Not boasting in our own efforts-cum-power, for should we, we’d be acting like the anti-Christ.

So many Christians fail to see the heinousness of their true condition, nor want to see,
They hoping to be convinced otherwise, re-enter those lies, and those who speak deceptively.
Yes, we no gods, and nor some earthy Christ, but rather, fallen, sin sick, mortal humanity;
We in time becoming more and more like Christ, but only when to the foot of the cross we flee.

And there remain, humbly aware of just how sin ridden we are, we no longer deluded,
But full of shame where self, pride and arrogance, (our so-called goodness), has sinfully intruded.
Yes, we not bringing Christ down to our level — He God Almighty — a being in whom there’s no sin,
Unlike us, our best still flawed, and why with ourselves, NOT OTHERS, we need to contritely begin.

By Lance Landall

“Indeed, there is not a righteous man on earth who continually does good and
who never sins” (Eccl 7:20, NASB).

“But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags…[only the robe of righteousness that Christ has provided will fit man to appear in the presence of God]” (Isa 64:6, KJV).

“As it is written: ‘There is no one who is righteous, not even one’ ” (Rom 3:10, NIV).

“Yea, thou heardest not; yea, thou knewest not; yea, from that time that thine ear was not opened: for I knew that thou wouldest deal very treacherously, and wast called a transgressor from the womb” (Isa 48:8, KJV).

“He [Christ] saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy...” (Titus 3:5, NIV).

19.  Don't Give God A Bad Wrap

Firstly, let me fittingly remind how we hate being maligned — that is, wrongly so — yes, falsely accused (effectively abused), portrayed incorrectly, misquoted injuriously, painted unfairly (possibly sincerely), be that via a misguided or so-called friend, or some foe.
Well, God hates such too, be such deliberate, or via some mistaken belief or view, one that paints Him wrongly so, unfairly so, for from such, much ill can flow, given that as a result, many folk wrong might exalt, and such also practice or pursue.
When Satan rebelled in Heaven (after jealousy led him astray), God did not destroy him straight away, nor Cain for killing Able, or those fools building the Tower of Babel, so let’s not draw some conclusion from God’s Word, (perhaps one that’s preferred), that only had relevance in its day — and by that I’m meaning: In order to defend some violent action (even revengeful reaction), no matter how right seeming — for example: War, or the barbaric death penalty, thus badly erring and aiding the adversary, who's behind all who act violently or murderously
yes, who's responsible for all the wrong we see, and thus the great cosmic controversy.
So let’s stop maligning our Lord, who rather than punish, wishes to reward — a God who has borne long with humanity, endured thousands of years of rebellious insanity, not to mention daring blasphemy and shameful profanity.
And though it now appears that after thousands of years (and despite the fact that He truly cares), that He’s removing His restraining hand (given man’s cup of iniquity is full, and Satan’s final stand), we can only but admire His long-suffering, and His praise duly sing, for He’s a God who’s slow to anger and loathe to smite, despite having good reason, the power, the glory and the might.
However, we know that there’s a day when justice must have its say, and hence why God, in time, the wicked will duly slay, but despite that being so, God has been mercifully slow, for such is His nature and way,
and why I feel compelled to say, He's truly a God we should honour, cherish and obey.
Yes, where God’s wrath was exercised in days of old, it was exercised very reluctantly, and as Scripture makes manifold, His warnings clearly displayed His long-suffering and mercy, His lack of desire to act hastily, unlike the devil, who like a roaring lion, and clutching his sin-branding iron, would slay us all immediately.
But, sadly so, those who should better know, oft use such wrath to excuse their own wrath, from which time and time again (as is the way with fallen men), we’ve seen violence justified in God’s name, a right that we can hardly claim, for we don’t live under a God directed theocracy, one that only existed historically, but no more, of course, for it suffered a painful divorce, which God saw to personally — though it must be said, lest you be wrongly led, that not God, but Israel, such chose, effectively.
And how long did God bear with them, warn and plead? — but as Scripture declares, they still rebelled, such warnings didn’t heed, and this, over hundreds of years, which reminds me of Noah, a faithful sower, who for a hundred and twenty years (under God’s loving direction, and a devoted daily connection), preached of a coming flood (and Christ’s future life-saving blood), but only to see, what once again will be, millions of souls lost eternally.
Yes, so don’t give God a bad wrap (nor via rebellion, an ungrateful slap), for He has clearly displayed undeserved mercy (just like that which He showed on Calvary), and time and time again, very patiently has borne with men, for He’s a God of love and peace, who wants all forms of violence to cease, and in its all too common place, desires a repentant race, one displaying unconditional love, just like that one that's displayed above, and also, the same heavenly long-suffering grace. 

By Lance Landall

You may also wish to read my article "Why Earth's Woes?" which is accessed via my
page Planet Earth, Home page.

20.  Choose Ye This Day

We’re so used to death and decay, even corruption too, for we’ve been born into sin, hence why we so easily stray, willingly wrong things do, and harbour sin within, but imagine how Adam and Eve must have felt after they’d sinned (and the devil had no doubt grinned) — their purity lost, and at such a cost — only to see leaves falling, once pretty flowers drooping, and to experience coolness on their skin, and in time, well past their prime, both painfully stooping, and let’s not forget the thistles and weeds, and new found sweat soon forming little beads.
Oh, the pain, the anguish, the heartache, the fear, the dread, for in time (now mortal, and viewing life through a smaller portal), they would soon lie dead, their children the recipients of sin, one even harbouring murder within, and thus, down through time, given sin’s upward climb, two camps forming, one group foolishly rebellious, the other willingly conforming, one group on the roaring lion’s side, one group on the Creator’s side, and thus, those on one side acting like an Able, Joshua, Moses, Daniel, Peter, John or Paul, those on the other side acting like an Absalom, Korah, Judas, Balaam, Jezebel, Herod or Saul, and thus down throughout history, on Earth and above — the great controversy — light versus darkness, love versus hate, truth versus error, peace versus war, and we, like all those who’ve gone before, and also at liberty to choose, will in our day, either sin embrace or refuse, and thus fail or meet the test (one cursed, one blessed), one that saw Adam and Eve fall, they having heeded the serpent’s call, and one that leads to eternal life, freedom from death, sin and strife, via heeding the Master’s call.
Yes, one that can soon see leaves falling and flowers drooping in our life, and inner turmoil, troubles, heartache and strife, or one that can soon see an inner joy springing forth, which, at Christ’s return, will more deeply within that heart burn.
Therefore, which one will you choose, and thereby, the other one refuse?

By Lance Landall

21.  It Only Took An Apple

It only took an apple, and the rest is history, and so it has been with us, for it’s always those little things, you see — yes, little apple seeds, one might say, we wanting our own way — yes, selfishness at the core, that proverbial flaw, all of which started with vanity — oh, what insanity — for Lucifer had it all, and then there was Adam’s fall — yes, he and Eve had it all too, and yet, what did they go and do?
Yes, it’s so hard to believe, and we shake our head at Eve, for wasn’t there fruit on other trees, and more than enough to please? — but just like ego bound Lucifer, similar desires began to stir, and from the forbidden tree, she plucked rebelliously, and were they better off for such? No! But rather, then in Satan’s clutch, and thus Christ to the rescue, Calvary’s rugged cross in view, for without His saving grace, death would have been the case
and I mean permanently but love, boundless love, spared them from that penalty.
Yes, it only took an apple — and now, look at humanity — oh, what a great tragedy — we all Adams and Eves, also devoid of leaves — yes, sinfully naked too, for what do we go and do, but reach for that same old tree, thus acting as rebelliously, and not just once, but habitually, kicking that bloodied cross at Calvary — and oh, how Christ feels the pain, we less like Able and more like Cain — and yes, Satan sniggers knowingly, grins and says, “Here’s another apple tree,” and out our hand is seen to go, we pleasing God’s ancient foe, one who still is, and our foe too, evil, twisted, cunning and askew, his own orchard full of trees, poisoned fruit we eagerly seize, only to suffer accordingly, and in time, possibly lose eternity.
Yes, little apple seeds, one might say, ones that we sow along the way, those seeds coming from Satan’s fruit, we choosing to do what us will suit, flattered by Satan’s sophistry, those things he whispers secretly, not that God misses such, I certainly knowing this much, for God can see inside the heart, that place where wrong desires start, and where self and pride first began, and hence the fall of Lucifer and man, and all because of a tree, no doubt one among many, but no, Eve desired that one — yes, the “You must not eat” one, which saw man banned from Eden, and ever since, mankind busy weed’n, but not so much those inner weeds, those selfish little apple seeds, and despite the cost of Calvary, that love that unlike ours, acted selflessly — and thus our crime even bigger, it seems to me, for though Adam and Eve caused Calvary, we keep renewing Christ’s agony.

By Lance Landall

22.  Praise His Name

Honour and glory belong to Jesus Christ the Son, for nothing greater than what He did, has anyone done — yes, no greater victory was so soundly won and are there any who could've come close? No, not even one.
Oh, how Heaven gasped at such outrageous love, such pure, selfless, unconditional love, love that was displayed on Earth, love of such width, length, depth and girth, thanks to our Lord who now reigns above, still exercising that incredible love — yes, what staggering love, what boundless love, what unfathomable love — love that bled for us intentionally and mercifully, love that successfully stormed the stronghold of our adversary, love that dispensed with the devil’s accusations so thoroughly, love that broke death’s hopelessness and shackles so decisively, love that expressed its true intent upon that cross at Calvary, love that’s source could only be but from somewhere heavenly, love that wove such an unforgettable rich and warm tapestry, love that spoke so eloquently and so persuasively, love that longingly sought the restoration of humanity, love that beautified a cross only known for its savagery, love that suffered terrible agony undeservedly, love that sought forgiveness for such callous insanity, love that so humbly and nobly bore such insult and injury, love that under trial and pressure retained its dignity, love that’s depths will be studied all throughout eternity, love that’s hands and feet are marked personally and permanently, love that revealed our Saviour’s character so strikingly — yes, love that acted so exceptionally, so heroically, so generously, so lavishly, so graciously — oh yes, what grace, what amazing grace — all of which no pen or brush can capture adequately, and at their very best, no matter how skilled or blessed, only but barely.

By Lance Landall

23.  God's Holy Word

I’m seriously into God’s Holy Word — it’s now more desired, loved and preferred — so I don’t just go by those things that I’ve heard, nor by any other prized and written word, but rather, calling upon the Father, I search the Scriptures very thoroughly, asking that the Spirit guide and convict me, for I wish to know much more about my Lord, and all about His plans, His will and His ways, so that my plans, and my will and ways, with His plans, and His will and ways, might thereby be in far greater accord — yes, more in harmony with the heavenly, and I, then with keener mind and sharper eye, responding more earnestly and receptively, always willing, waiting, watching and ready, my direction sure, purposeful and steady, with my Lord and Saviour stationed at the helm, and the whole of my rapturous heart His realm, where I, in order to Christ Jesus glorify, daily and gladly dispense His sweet love, join in the heavenly chorus above, dutifully carry out Christ-like deeds, sensitively attend to others’ needs, and share the light that is found in His Word, for such, He so desires be read and heard, given that within its sacred pages, one can see the living God of the ages, who very mercifully took our place, in order to grant us His saving grace, so that one very soon and welcoming day, from this old planet’s gloomy sin-sick grey, midst an awe inspiring galactic display, He might rescue us from this world of sin, and we, then granted immortality, a new life in Heaven with Him begin, along with those who chose to obey too, sensing the honour and gratitude Christ's due, and joyously taking Him at His Word, which they then receptively read and heard, and which here, without hesitation, favour or fear, I laud and commend to every one of you.

By Lance Landall

24.  Mind Those Angels

How must our guardian angels feel, given our sad words and behaviour, and so often straight after we kneel, which must not only pain these angels, but also our Lord and Saviour, who, because of His amazing love, despatched these angels from above, who, every moment of each day and night, keep us in their loving watchful sight, for their commission and desire, far more noble, selfless and higher (and they, by the way, endowed with greater might and intellect), is to guide, encourage and protect, and why we, distracted so easily, should be more attuned to their presence, both mindfully and gratefully, rather than forgetting that they’re there, for oh, what must they see and hear?
Yes, so very often they're forgotten, though sent by the Father’s only begotten, who knew that their presence we’d need, and why when we’re under trial and plead, more than our own one oft comes to our aid (be we discouraged, stressed or afraid), and all in order to relieve and strengthen, and lest we, rather foolishly, our ordeal just lengthen, for remaining cast down, leads to that which can drown, and why their presence is sent, and with such heavenly intent, for our best is their primary concern, and at our Lord’s soon spectacular return, both Him and they, I sincerely pray, we shall then get to see, and be with throughout eternity, and oh, how wonderful that will be!
Yes, so mind those angels.

By Lance Landall

"At this I fell at his feet to worship him [the angel]. But he said to me, 'Do not not do it! I am a fellow servant with
you and with your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony is the
spirit of prophecy [we're not to pay homage to angels]' " (Rev 19:10, NIV).

25.  This All Need To Know

Our fitness for Heaven is primarily decided by our treatment of others, be they fellow sisters or brothers, workmates, strangers, family or friends, a vagrant who nights in an ally spends, even an enemy, an anytime adversary — yes, whoever, wherever, whenever — for ALL are the children of the Lord (connected by a creational cord), but He, only the lovers of Himself and humanity will reward, and not those who wound, mock and hate, not those who seek to dominate, subjugate, or annihilate, not those who coldly calculate, manipulate, or intimidate, not those who losses of liberty legislate, not those who evidence against others fabricate, or others wrongly implicate, not those who hold grudges and alienate, not those who the hopes and dreams of others decimate, not those who with evil intent lie in wait, not those who misery and trouble for others create, not those who another’s woe aggravate or complicate, not those who unfair or cruel things advocate, not those who the misfortunes of others celebrate, not those who lies and untrue rumours circulate, or perpetuate, not those who wrong-doers elevate, not those who another’s new beginning frustrate, not those who revengefully retaliate, not those who another soul try to mislead or bait, not those who pain and suffering orchestrate — in other words, those who don’t act like the Lord, and whose life and Heaven aren’t in accord, and who in regards to eternity, will discover that their acts against humanity, their underhand and clandestine activity, and thus moral bankruptcy, are things that one can't afford.
Yes, too many Christians are far from Christian, their thoughts, words and ways far from heavenly, their lives so full of hypocrisy, and yet, they think they’ve secured eternity.
Oh, how foolishly deluded, given those they’ve excluded, mistreated, neglected, rejected, maligned, abused and used, and are still continuing to do so, but certainly not for long though, for Christ will soon put an end to their charade, and they, coasting on their broad, selfish and sinful boulevard, will discover far too late their sorry yet much deserved fate, given repentance and obedience were given too little regard.
No, Heaven’s not for such as these, nor that grace that they eagerly seize, for God knows the secrets of each heart and mind, He being far from naive, foolish or blind, and hence why many surprised folk will find, that Heaven’s only for those who’ve left wrong behind — those who
truly love God and humankind, and in whom a good fruitage we find.

By Lance Landall

“ ‘And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.’ ‘Then He will say to those on the left hand ,‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels’ ” (Matt 25:40,41, NKJV).

Though we're not saved by works, we're clearly not saved where works are absent.

“You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also [it is made void]” (James 2:24,26, NKJV).

“For if we willingly persist in sin after having received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer
remains a sacrifice for sins [God’s grace is made void], but a fearful prospect of judgment…” (Heb 10:26,27).

“Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works?’ And then will I profess unto them, ‘I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity’ ” (Matt 7:22,23, KJV).

"Do you not know that wrongdoers will not enter the kingdom of God?..." (1 Cor 6:9).

“ ‘Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven’ ” (Matt 7:21, NKJV).

“Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life [be given eternal life], and may enter through the gates into the city [the renewed earth with Christ]” (Rev 22:14, NKJV).

“Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart" (1 Peter 1:22, NIV).