Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Hammers And Nails

Oh, why do we so often re-crucify our Saviour,
Via wrong things we think and say, along with wrong behaviour?
Given what He did for us, it must truly pain Him so,
For no greater love and mercy Christ on Calvary did show.

And even though in agony, excruciatingly intense,
He cried out to His Father in His enemies’ defense.
Yes, as He hung upon the cross, pinned by nails men had hammered,
He asked His Father to forgive those who for His life had clamoured.

So, tell me, why do we re-crucify our Lord afresh,
Via selfishness, thoughtlessness, neglect, or sins of the flesh?
Why do we reopen Christ’s wounds with nails of our own,
Hammering like those soldiers used to parting flesh from bone?

Every morn on bended knee, before we begin our day,
We should dwell on Calvary’s cross, and with gratitude thus pray:
“Help me Father, lest I re-crucify Your Son, dare it be,
Via one thought, word or action, willfully or accidentally.”

And with each step that’s taken throughout every day ahead,
Our thoughts, our words and actions, should show that we’re Spirit led.
And each time the devil tempts us we should let our minds return
To that cross that bore our Saviour, and Satan’s promptings spurn.

But should we slip or stumble, God’s mercy will still abound,
Via the cross of Calvary, where forgiveness can be found.
For there, lies our redemption, there, Christ’s precious blood is found
That covers repentant sinners — yes, grace that’s so profound.

Oh, why is it that we so often drive another nail home,
Like those soldiers at the cross, from the land of ancient Rome?
Let Christ who died for sinners take our hammers and nails away;
He has paid enough already, and more, shouldn’t have to pay.

By Lance Landall