Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

“...He heareth the cry of the afflicted” (Job 34:28, KJV). Note also Job 22:27; Jer 29:12; Matt 5:4.

“Now this is the confidence [confidence in approaching] that we have in Him [God the Father], that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us” (1 John 5:14, NKJV). Note also John 16:23.

“Instead, you ought to say, ‘If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that [we are not to presume upon God]’ ” (James 4:15, NIV).

“Concerning this thing I [Paul] pleaded with the Lord three times that it [his affliction] might depart form me. And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness’ ” (2 Cor 12:8,9, NKJV).

“Endure trials for the sake of discipline, God is treating you as children; for what child is there whom a parent does not discipline? If you do not have that discipline in which all children share, then you are illegitimate and not His children” (Heb 12:7,8).

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer [look beyond the darkness and trouble of the present moment to the things that are unseen and eternal]” (Rom 12:12).

“But looking at them, Jesus said, ‘With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible’ ” (Mark 10:27, NKJV).

“How precious is Your steadfast love, O God! All people may take refuge in the shadow of Your wings” (Ps 36:7). Note also 2 Cor 1:4; Ps 9:9.

“The Lord is good to all, He has compassion on all He has made” (Ps 145:9, NIV).

“Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7, KJV).

“Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear [respect, reverence] Him” (Ps 103:13, KJV).

“Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Gal 6:7, KJV).

“Before I was afflicted I went astray; but now have I kept Thy word” (Ps 119:67, KJV).

“...Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8, NASB).

“ ‘And He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away’ ” (Rev 21:4, NASB).

“The saying is sure: If we have died with Him, we will also live with Him; if we endure, we will also reign with Him; if we deny Him, He will also deny us; if we are faithless, He remains faithful—for He cannot deny Himself” (2 Tim 2:11-13).

Hang In There

Could it be that you’re discouraged, or experiencing despair?
Does the loss of someone you have loved seem impossible to bear?
Is there trouble in your life that you feel you can’t with others share?
Could some folk have left you thinking that no one really seems to care?

Perhaps you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or drained emotionally?
Perhaps you’re feeling lonely, or has somebody hurt you badly?
Perhaps your health is rather poorly, causing misery and pain,
Or has some doctor's prognosis conveyed that your life will soon wane?

Well, there is One who offers hope, One who hears every anguished prayer,
One who’ll make a difference if you’ll just surrender to His care.
No, He may not remove your woe, nor prevent one that's on its way,
But He’ll sustain you throughout it, and grant you strength for every day.

He hates to see any suffer, but He knows that some pain must be,
For ones character is refined via those fires of adversity.
Often pain is the only way that He can get our attention,
And thereby bring about what’s better, love's ultimate intention.

But you can rest assured that He knows all that you’re going through,
And that He truly cares intently how it’s all affecting you.
Hence why tender pity fills His heart for the one whose plaintive cry
Calls upon Divinity, or tearfully questions, “Why oh why?”

And you can also rest assured that He’ll respond to every plea,
And that He will do so wisely, lovingly and creatively.
For those things that seem impossible, He can do so easily,
So trust Him, friend, please trust Him, for it’s amazing what you will see.

However, what is requested, He’ll only grant if it’s His will,
For God (who loves us very deeply), some requests will not fulfil.
You see, tough love (or rather, true love), only does whatever's best,
And hence why He may well deny you your most passionate request.

But sometimes we pay a painful price for our own rebelliousness,
Or bring lots of trouble on ourselves due to our own foolishness.
However, we can also suffer due to others’ unkind acts,
Or other peoples’ carelessness, and the old devil’s cruel attacks.

But despite it all, God’s in control, and suffering He'll soon end,
And then all our  tears will cease to flow, and our broken hearts will mend.
And death will never strike us again, nor will evil rule the heart,
For when sin’s horrid reign has ended, life in Paradise will start.

So, hang in there, for that time is near — yes, trust in the One who cares,
For very soon you’ll have a new life when the Son of Man appears.
Yes, that cosmic battle raging between powers of dark and light
Will soon reach its climax, which means that things are looking very bright.

But listen, friend, are you ready? Have you Jesus Christ accepted?
Lest it be that you find yourself amongst the ones who're rejected.
For it would be such a tragedy if eternal life you lost,
But that, and joy unspeakable, is what spurning Jesus could cost.

However, if you have accepted Christ, you have no need for fear,
As both your future and the present are securely in His care.
Thus, you’ll know He’s made a difference, made things easier to bear,
Given you a brighter future, and a reason to hang in there.

By Lance Landall

The expression 'Hang in there' can be interpreted as: Don't give up, keep going, hold on,
stick with it, etc.
I would recommend that you read my poem Where Was God In Las Vegas? which can be found on my page Hurting? (Home page, purple box).

2.  Give God Some Credit

Listen, friend, God knows you’re trying, and He’s no ogre, so give Him some credit,
He knowing full well the battle — and as for propaganda, He knows who fed it.
Yes, a devil who’s been at it for ages, so just ignore his lies and pokes,
Because he’s the one who’s heartless, and who those fires of opposition stokes.

But God’s another story, a fellow sufferer who knows the battle’s tough,
And how midst the stress and strain of it all, you’re prone to feeling you’ve had enough.
Hence the Holy Spirit, those protective angels — and of course, Christ at the helm,
Who, hanging there on Calvary, dealt a fatal blow to Satan’s evil realm. 

So mind those plummets, because it’s Satan who’s behind them, he veiling the Son,
And hence that darkness, those clouds of discouragement, those cruel blows that sting and stun.
And yes, those cleverly pitched temptations, that diabolical bait-cum-snare,
For you’re not the apple of his eye; he just like a wolf that’s sniffing the air. 

And God understanding your lot, we fallen and weak, easy prey but for prayer,
That power from on high — and despite your doubting moments, our Lord always there.
His expectations not that of some cruel taskmaster, but God of love and grace,
Who, while we were all yet sinners, allowed himself to be scourged, and took our place.

So give God some credit, He well aware of our fallen humanity, sad state,
And He having taken such into account, His righteousness having cleared our slate.
We now anchored to the Rock of Ages, and allowing Him to steer the ship,
A God who put His hand out when Peter nearly ’neath the waves was seen to slip.

Thus all we have to do is keep our eyes on Jesus amidst the storms of life,
Calling on His name, trusting in His promises, no matter the woe or strife.
His hand sure to save, His compassion mirrored in His grace that can’t be earnt, and,
That well before this sad planet existed, this very rescue mission planned.

Yes, God’s been through it all Himself, heard the lies, felt the pokes, met temptation too,
Hence those eyes so full of love and care, that every single day, follow you;
Not because they’re waiting to catch you out (like Satan’s eyes) but because you’re dear,
And this why He’s hoping that despite the wounds and shadows, you’ll persevere.

Heaven’s not about your goodness but God’s goodness, and so you shouldn’t despair,
But simply surrender your heart, friend, leaving that transformation in His care.
He knowing that despite your best intentions, you’ll have need to fall on your knees;
Aware it’s not about works, but love and loyalty, which always seeks to please.

So give God some credit, because He’s far from unmindful of your plight on Earth,
And well aware of your attacker, who, midst your battles, doubles up with mirth.
A devil who’re we’re no match for, but with Jesus on our side, the battle’s won,
Not because of anything on our part, but because of all that He has done.

By Lance Landall

3.  Not Should But Must

We should always keep in mind that there’s a great controversy raging, a war,
One between good and evil, God and Satan, one we can’t escape or ignore.
And we right smack in the middle of it, the target of Satan’s villainy,
Hence why ill and affliction comes our way, randomly or deliberately.


Satan creating chaos, confusion and misery, upping the anti,
He seeking to discourage us, steer us wrong, and destroy us, ultimately;
And the reason for the latter is, he’s doomed, about to meet his end, and so,
He’s trying to take as many with him as he can, and he a cunning foe.

Oh, how he loves people blaming God, tries to weigh and bog us down, trap us too,
He incredibly mean and spiteful, a known liar, evil through and through.
And thus our only hope being in Jesus and His power, and why we pray,
Learning to trust in Him and lean on Him, every moment, every day.

And yes, our lot possibly seeming too much to bear, we struggling with our load,
But God is faithful and true, Heaven in view, we nearing the end of the road.
All why we must hang in there, not should but must, lest our pain and loss be worse, and
Satan chortle over another success, we not enter the promised land.

All why we should help each other, though ultimately, it all comes down to us,
And how strong our walk and relationship is with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus,
Because salvation’s an individual thing, it dependant on ones choice,
We hanging in there helped or not helped, listening to God and not Satan’s voice,

Folk oft letting us down, but not God, in whom we’ve every reason to rejoice.

By Lance Landall

"A faith that hasn't been tested can't be trusted."
Adrian Rogers


4.  God Has A Thousand Ways

If only we had the faith we should have, our God so able to deliver,
And no doubt much He would’ve taken care of for us, but oh, how here we err.
We not really convinced that He would have, having kind of reasoned things away,
God able but not really likely too, and so why do we bother to pray?

And such so sad, for God has a thousand ways, and we not knowing one of them,
And why it’s scoffers and those who’ve little faith in Him that He’s seen to condemn.
For ones lack of faith suggests a certain disbelief, some sneaky little doubt,
And perhaps this why we’ve less cause to let, “Hallelujah, God is good!”, ring out.

But hey,

Do we seek for our good, or for the good of others, including God’s glory,
Thus we seeking freedom from our affliction for His and their sake, so that we
Can work unhindered in our outreach and good deeds, time short and Christ almost here,
And this surely the better reason for our approaching Him in earnest prayer.

But He might still say, “No,” you’re thinking now, and that may be so, but the truth is,
Our requests are usually more for our benefit than they are for His,
Or that of others, but whatever they may be for, prayer and faith must be wed,
Our God more than able to fulfil His promises, do whatever He’s said.

And yes, God having a thousand ways, His ability way beyond compare,
For He’s our creator, and why we’ve every reason to seek Him in prayer.
And He able, willing and waiting, His ear cocked, His heart full of love and care,
A compassion and mercy that when it comes to faith and trust in Him, says, “Dare.”

By Lance Landall

5.  Don't Give Up

Dear fellow Christian who desires to live and be like our loving, righteous, heavenly Saviour,
But beset by taxing burdens, or struggling with the old nature-cum-contrary behaviour.
Oh, how I feel for you, and Jesus too, for don’t forget all that suffering that He went through,
Hence His empathy, and mine, for I’m beset with my share of trials, and am struggling with sin too.

Yes, no strong words needed for you, for you're no backslider, but rather, a battle weary soul,
One whose heart and mind are still seeking God’s will and company, and that birthright that Satan stole.
But midst such, sometimes struggling with discouragement, and so aware of your fallen condition,
You oft putting your foot in it, succumbing to some weakness, and tired of that repetition.

Well, you haven’t got that on your own, and hence my own tired groan, I well aware of Satan’s tricks,
And where it’s not his clever cunning (he knowing us well), it’s one of his below the belt bricks.
So yes, I can understand your struggle, such well known come the Christian walk (it far from easy),
And oh, how Satan hates the more committed, and loves to hone in on those low on energy.

All being why I keep calling on Jesus who applauds the tryer, He offering a pierced hand,
The comfort of His strong arms, or the company of angels, who like Him, our needs understand.
And oh, how He looks upon the anxious struggler with such tender pity, no rebuke in mind,
He longing for that end to it all, His countenance sorrowful, His eyes compassionate and kind.

So don’t give up, for that would please Satan greatly, and remember: Christ’s coming is very near,
And what a joyous moment that will be, He longing and looking for you, His love crystal-clear.
And you, rising to meet Him, and all because you hung in there, and kept turning to Him in prayer,
He aiding, guiding, empowering and strengthening, and why I too, cling to Him and persevere.

By Lance Landall

6.  Trust Him!

When you’re feeling discouraged, dwell on the awesome power of God, a power that’s available on request,
And in that mighty power from on high that’s generously provided, eagerly and thoroughly invest.
Remembering that this ruler of the universe awaits your every call, with your best interests at heart,
And that His love for you is deeper than deep, higher than high, wider than wide, and from you will never depart.

Oh yes, we have a God who can outsmart Satan any day, and solve any seeming impossibility,
A God who can do anything — nothing being too big or too small for Him — and such done very creatively.
A God who thinks with His heart, a heart that’s attached to wisdom that will never fail, wisdom that will never err,
And to which we in our hour of need, or amidst our daily duties, should just as wisely refer and defer.

Yes, a power, wisdom and love that will never let us down; unstoppable, unshakable, true, sound and deep,
And working on our behalf every day and every night — such meaning, whether we're active or soundly asleep.
And all freely available, there whether sought or not, 'cause God is unchangeable (Himself can only be),
A God who’s a seeker, giver and rescuer, a MIGHTY God, and one who’s unfazed by our archenemy.

So trust Him, 'cause you can, beyond a shadow of a doubt, falling to your knees in repentant recognition,
'Cause when it comes to an obstacle that towers, intimidates or blocks, He knows all about demolition.
Oh, how He loves to tear down hellish strongholds, push His way through devilish barricades, and open up closed doors,
'Cause He is a God who hates darkness, a God of love and light, who cries from His anxious children never ignores.

By Lance Landall

7.  Hurt That Cripples

How does one deal with hurt, Lord, hurt that runs deeper than deep, goes right to the core,
Hurt that seems resistant to healing, a cruel wound that’s open, bloody and raw?
One that’s seemingly laughed at, or ignored, and that requires stitches urgently,
Lest contamination soon claim one’s soul, it wrecking havoc mercilessly.

Yes, what does one do when feeling shattered by cruelty, an unkind injury,
One inflicted by someone close, but now no longer one’s desired company?
Oh, how it pains, Lord, robs of sleep and energy, aches at every twist and turn,
And that midst its overwhelming feverish heat, threatens to forever burn.

How does one rise above such, get beyond it, put it behind, dead and buried,
And more so when one’s besieged by pressing concerns, weakened and badly wearied?
For hurt such as this, Lord, seems far more than one can bear, it clouding faith and hope,
One descending into a pit of darkness where nothing’s found though one may grope.

Answer me, Lord, lest You seem far away, for Your presence is sorely required,
And release from this heartbreak that tortures so, the old devil having conspired.
And why I turn to Thee, for You’re the God of miracles of which I’m in need,
That I may soon be freed from this crippling hurt that is refusing to recede.

By Lance Landall

8.  No Love Burns Brighter

They said you asked after me. Well, that’s nice, but is that it?
After all, you know where I live, and there’s the phone, you must admit.
A letter wouldn’t go amiss, even a note, (a sentence or two),
But at the end of the day, it’s a visit that I’d like from you.

Anyone can say things like “How is he?” or “Say hi for me,”
But they’re just words from a distance, often said casually.
When folk really care, they make and take the time to visit you,
They don’t rely on others, make passing comments -- no, such won’t do.

Their loves bigger than that, they don’t take the easy way out,
Instead, the very thing love would do, they quickly carry out.
Once they know that you’re missing, they have got you in their sights,
Which is why you treasure them, for their love is up in lights.

And so it is with God, for His love also brightly burns,
Which is why your every need He intuitively discerns.
He is always there for you as if you’re the only one,
Yes, a God who’s love itself, and who at your cry will run.

By Lance Landall

9.  That "Too Hard Basket"

So you think you’ve been placed in our Saviour’s “too hard basket” — well, please think again,
For those are the discouraging whispers of Satan and careless words of men.
Yes, for Jesus has no such basket, and who do you think hung the world in space,
Rose from the silence of the grave? — and look at Nature, for there more skills you’ll trace.

If any folk were to be found in such a “too hard basket,” it would be those
Who’re smug, arrogant, proud and defiant, and whose ill Christ’s judgment will expose.
Or those Christians sporting a form of godliness, they merely Christians in name,
False witnesses fulfilling another sign of the times, and who their Lord shame.

But no, there’s no such “too hard basket,” and they having chosen their coming fate,
For Christ can work miracles, and very patiently is seen to woo and wait.
And thus the problem being men, not Christ, who’s oft able to turn many around,
But not all, for we’ve freedom of choice, and don’t forget this Earth’s a battleground.

So take heart if feeling you’re too hard a case but sorry and desiring change,
Sick and tired of all your failings and wishing Earth for Heaven you could exchange.
For where there’s the will and a humbleness, you can be sure the Spirit’s still working,
And that Christ can remove those oppressive shadows where the old devil’s lurking.

Yes, each tomorrow being a new day, and Christ knowing that change takes time, of course,
And therefore, He never being the one who seeks a divorce, nor resorts to force.
And this why He has no “too hard basket,” but an everlasting love for us,
For we’re not talking about some fallen man, but our forever friend, Jesus.

By Lance Landall

10.  Remember David's Prayer

My dear fellow Christian, perhaps you feel that you will never be good enough.
Well, you’re absolutely right, so please don't fret, as no one can be good enough.
You see, our side of things is to simply co-operate with the Trinity,
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit who desire that we respond willingly.

The truth is, that only They can bring about that needed change, though even then,
Sin will still mar the past, present and future of God-fearing obedient men.
After all, we’re born with a sinful propensity, and growth takes time, dear friend,
A lifetime where our struggling with self, and stumbling and growing in Christ won’t end.

And, by the way, Scripture tells us that there’s no one who’s good but God, only He,
Hence why there’s no point in us asking Him to make us good, for good we can’t be.
So what we should pray instead is this: “Create in me a pure heart, oh God, and,
Renew a steadfast spirit within me,” our relationship no one-night stand.

Yes, David’s prayer; we having no power of our self for such a change within,
The Trinity bringing about that change; and that cry for help where we begin.
And from there on, we daily attuned to the Spirit’s promptings, steadfast in prayer,
Doing our best to walk rightly, the will and ways of God having been made clear.

And let me share this, that God is gentle with strugglers, He bearing long, dear friend,
Yes, He merciful and compassionate, and why His hand He’s seen to extend.
Oh, how He understands, though never pleased with slackers, abusers of His grace,
Who, when it comes to their walk, act as if obedience has no point or place.

Hence that prayer of David’s that the Spirit be actively dwelling within us,
Our hearts becoming clean, we willingly thinking, talking, acting more like Jesus.
And hence why by their “fruits” we’ll know them, for any who are truly genuine,
Seek to walk righteously-cum-don’t rebelliously hammer any more nails in.


To summarise: Don’t worry about being good enough, for you will never be,
But rather, surrender-cum-willingly co-operate with the Trinity.
For They will bring about that needed change, hence that prayer that you should pray daily:
“Create in me a pure heart, oh God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

By Lance Landall

“ ‘Why do you call me good?’ Jesus answered. ‘No one is good — except God alone’ ” (Luke 18:19, NIV).

“Indeed, there is not a righteous man on earth who continually does good and
who never sins” (Eccl 7:20, NASB).

“But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags…[only the robe of righteousness that Christ has provided will fit man to appear in the presence of God]” (Isa 64:6, KJV).

“As it is written: ‘There is no one who is righteous, not even one’ ” (Rom 3:10, NIV).

“Yea, thou heardest not; yea, thou knewest not; yea, from that time that thine ear was not opened: for I knew that thou wouldest deal very treacherously, and wast called a transgressor from the womb” (Isa 48:8, KJV).

“He [Christ] saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy...” (Titus 3:5, NIV).

“For it is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to will and to work for His good pleasure” (Phil 2:13).

For David's prayer see Psalm 51:10

11.  All's Not Lost

Should it be you’ve messed your life up, remember this: All’s not lost, for another life awaits you,
Yes, a new one, and a far better one — and given Christ’s soon return, it’s almost within view.
So despite your present woes, daily trials and even foes, you’ve got so much to look forward to,
And why meantime I would rely on God, for despite any anxieties, He’ll get you through.

And also remember that you’re not alone, for many have made a big mess of things, sadly,
Folk usually learning too late, but God is merciful when called upon repentantly.
And why despite having messed up, we have that promise of eternity, that new life with Christ,
All being why His blood was shed on Calvary, and why His life in place of ours was sacrificed.

And hence why all’s not lost, for our trials, sadness, pain and regret will soon be a thing of the past;
In other words, any misery or heartache we’re currently experiencing won’t last.
And why both that and the coming unbelievable joy are reason for patience, faith and trust,
And for relieving ourselves of those earthly shackles, be they pride, envy, selfishness or lust.

Oh yes, we so in need of the Spirit’s transforming power, we so fallen and prone to sin;
However, God’s stronger than our foe, and when called upon, able to deliver if within.
All why we need Him in our heart, we having seen how His absence from such results in folly,
But as I said, all’s not lost, hence eternity, for Calvary provided a remedy.

By Lance Landall

12.  If It Weren't For Trials

It’s no surprise that God allows trials, for without them, very shallow we’d be, and unlike He,
For God desires that same depth-cum-love, compassion and empathy that He has for humanity.
However, trials are simply the sad result of this fallen world we’re in, and thus common fare,
But oh, what a blessing to know that amidst them, our Saviour who suffered too, is very near.

And it’s He who imparts that strength we need, and more so, when we’re accosted by woes or some foe,
Satan being our greatest foe next to self, and he, with malicious intent, walking to and fro.
But God is stronger, and our impossibilities His opportunities, for believe me,
There’s nothing He can’t do, as He’s the God of miracles, and known for His creativity.

Yes, if it weren’t for trials, our rough edges would no doubt remain, and we, less closer to our Lord,
For in good times, who feels their need of Him the same? — and why an unshaken life we can’t afford.
And hence why we sometimes, (or even often), need to be driven to our knees, and feel our need,
And if we want less troubles in our life, then His Word-cum-wisdom and desires should always heed.

But as I mentioned, trials oft prove a blessing, and more so when we’re receptive to God’s moulding,
And thus as time goes by, (or sooner), the wonder of His better judgment and knowing unfolding.
And that’s why we can trust Him, He always knowing better, and why in love He allows those trials,
For via such, there’s much that benefits us, unlike that fool’s paradise that so many beguiles.

By Lance Landall

13.  When Life's Terribly Cruel

Some suffer more than others, they carrying a load that’s most unfair, hence that common prayer,
“Why, Lord?” — and still they suffer, a screaming silence adding to their lot — “Lord, Lord, don’t You care?”
No relief, no answer, and their trust in God takes a hit, they feeling that such they can’t bear,
And others watching helplessly, 'cause there’s only so much that they can do sometimes, though near.

But cling to God one must, despite the load, the stress of waiting, 'cause hope lies nowhere else, and,
Though God seems absent and Heaven silent, there's still those scars where nails passed through, tore at each hand,
And how they shout, it impossible for Christ to be absent, that cost and His love too great,
He having suffered badly too, and you know, thirty three years for Calvary had to wait.

He knowing what lay ahead, and oh, how that weight must have rested on Him (we in His hands),
'Cause had He put one foot wrong, we all would’ve been lost, and why stress and pain He understands.
And hey, our waiting is hard for Him too, 'cause how He longs for the same answer, His return, 
All having played out, His trumpet breaking the silence, and that “Come forth!” proving His concern.

Meantime, faith and trust are our best friends, though He knows that our burdens don't make such easy,
Hence why He tells us to call on Him, only He providing that strength that’s necessary,
'Cause there’s reason for that silence and wait, Christ having thought His Dad had forsaken Him too,
But quite the opposite, 'cause when we suffer, it’s only because God’s near that we get through.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 15 February 2020.

" 'So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand' " (Isa 41:10, NIV).

14.  Remember Elijah

Okay, so one day you’re bold for God, and the next despondent — well, don’t despair,
For such once overtook Elijah, confidence having given way to fear.
One day his trust in God unshakable, the next he succumbing to doubt, and
He running from the threats of Jezebel when His God had everything planned.

Yes, disappointment and discouragement comes to all, and, “Where is God?”, we cry,
Despite having seen how He worked before, but oh, our trust having gone awry.
We having been bold for Christ, but then intimidated by something, and ran,
Like Elijah, when God had it all under control — yes, a sure to work plan.

So does God forsake us? No!

Just like He never forsook Elijah in his hour of weakness, awful low,
But displayed compassion and mercy, His love for him just as deep, and so,
As with Job, we rising up, and our cry, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him,”
No matter the enemy, no matter the darkness, "Glory to God,” our hymn.

By Lance Landall

15.  Why Wouldn't Christ Understand You?

Christ was once a baby too, you know, an infant, teenager and young man, and,
Someone who also met with temptation and trials, He labouring by hand.
Yes, He confronted with sin and sinners, and His pain more acute, I must say,
Because Christ wasn’t fallen by nature, and thus sin not His desire or way.

And so, Christ dealing with the physical and emotional too, mental strain,
And hence why He needed to rest, because as you and I well know, things can drain.
And He under greater pressure given that He couldn’t afford to fail, and,
Was deeply pained by taunts and sneers, that cruelty from folk who didn’t understand.

Yes, Christ was no rich kid, and Nazareth had a reputation, so there you are,
Christ receiving no special privileges, He no celebrity or star.
And was born in a stable, His earthly needs the same as yours and mine, and so,
There not a thing He doesn't understand — and don’t forget Calvary, oh no.

So, take heart if feeling despondent, or if you’re afflicted by any ill,
Because Christ knows all about such, and thus should you stumble, He will love you still.
Oh, how tender pity fills His soul when any of His children sob or fear,
He once a child too, but one who grew,
And He desiring that you trust Him, for He won’t fail you, and is always near.

Yes, Christ would’ve grazed His knees, breathed in dust, wiped away sweat, ached from labour too,
And known what thirst and hunger is like, and also, where His path was leading to.
Yes, no greater burden than to bear the sins of the world, to die in man’s stead,
And He carrying that dread thought with Him daily, until finally, He bled.

So hey, why wouldn’t Christ understand you given everything He went through?
Separation, accusation, brutalisation — all being borne for you!
Oh yes, friend, He understands you alright, and no one will understand you more,
So lift your voice and sing His praises, respond to His gentle knock at the door.

Yes, Christ knows how tough it gets, suffered same pain and hurt, both as a child and man,
And oh, how He wants to end such misery, it never a part of His plan.
And one day He will end the ill, wipe away every tear, so hang in there,
And know that He truly understands, doesn't miss a thing, because He’s been there.

By Lance Landall

16.  Midst Tears And Fears

Dear Father God, whose Son is Jesus, my Saviour and my Lord, please hear my plea,
That I never be torn from His side by devils, folly or adversity.
’Cause I’m so weak and fallen, beset by this and that, and hence my heartfelt call,
My hourly plea, for though as much a wretch, I know I’m not as strong as Paul.

Though having said that, his strength was found in our Saviour too, that same hope and stay,
Whose smiling face and outstretched arms I long for, and those words, “Well done, all’s okay.”
Not that I could boast, grace being unmerited favour, thus my all but nought,
Because it was on Calvary that the battle over each sinner was fought.

And so, I dependant on grace, not works, though obedience You still desire,
And why, Father, I pray for the Holy Spirit, unswerving passion and fire.
My strength and wellness lessening with age, I feeling more a wretch than before,
My awareness of my true condition more acute, that load that Jesus bore.

So please, Father, may I never be torn from Christ's loving side — oh, how such pains,
The very thought disturbing me, this world like thick cholesterol in my veins.
Veins that need unclogging that truth, love, trust, loyalty and hope may freely flow,
No matter what Satan throws at me, or that fallenness that bedevils me,

And so,

For temporal better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and health too,
May I love and cherish my Saviour till the end, always stay faithful and true.
’Cause Your Son means all the world to me, and why I daily fall at Calvary,
That nothing ever tear me from His side, His love and His grace sustaining me.

By Lance Landall

You may wish to read my poem Holy Intention, Not Perfection which is on my page Understanding God's Grace. 
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17.  Are You A Cinderella?

Most of us know the story of Cinderella, which got me thinking of us,
And how Satan’s like that horrid stepmother, trying to keep us from Jesus;
And Jesus like that prince who’s searching, hoping we’ll fit His robe, which we will do
If we’ve repented and accepted His grace, and chosen the right things to do.

So, are you a Cinderella who Satan’s oppressing, trying to control,
One who’s longing for that Prince who one day soon will save you and then make you whole?
Well, hang in there, and keep on believing, because He will certainly find you,
And there in His heavenly castle you’ll live happily ever after too.

By Lance Landall

18.  We Spot You, Satan

“Why God?” they cry, when some calamity occurs, or when they’re dealt a sad blow,
When what they really should be saying is, “We spot you, Satan, we know, we know,”
’Cause it’s Satan who’s behind it all, and Christ coping the flack, appallingly,
Despite Him suffering at the hands of Satan too — remember Calvary?

No cruel and nasty God would let Himself be nailed to a cross, believe me,
Tyrants and dictators only thinking of themselves, and surely you’d agree.
Satan having nothing to lose, he doomed and angry about it, and hence why
He’s causing trouble and woe wherever he can, his fingers in any pie.

But Christ having everything to lose, yet He took those steps of love and grace,
That we might be free from that trouble and woe, and bound for a heavenly place.
Unlike Satan who’s not going anywhere, he remaining in his fouled nest,
And not heading to Heaven with the God of peace and order who passed the test.

Yes, His goodness proven, He just, fair and true, not someone who would hurt and harm,
Which can’t be said for Satan, he behind those soldiers who put nails through each palm.
And Christ always near us in our suffering, and thus that “Why God?” insulting
Because it’s the devil who’s behind all the mayhem, troubling and assaulting.

Yes, it’s the devil who’s where trouble and woe are, though our Saviour is there too,
But not causing the pain and suffering, all those things that are going askew.
Oh no, but rather, He taking it in, jotting it down, awaiting His day,
Giving comfort to the afflicted, who, put their full trust in Him as they pray.

And He hearing, responding as best He can, because things must run their course, and
Run their course they will, until, Christ beings an end to the old devil’s sleight of hand.
A time when all will see who’s been behind it all, and Satan’s ultimate plan,
’Cause right now, only a certain percentage of fallen humanity can.

It’s a pity all couldn’t see that it’s not God, but a devil whose time’s due,
And thus suffering not caused by God’s absence, but by the presence of Satan, who,
Long ago, the same loving, caring, faithful, truthful, selfless, saving God knew,
Until pride and envy took hold of His heart, and why I’d stop saying “Why God?”

 If I were you.

Though Satan’s not the cause of all that's tragic, he’s certainly its origin,
His pride, envy and rebellion not only sin, but the beginning of sin.
And now, he lurking like a vulture near the wounded, causing his share of ill,
All of which has nothing to do with God, because it’s just the devil who fell,

And who’s oft behind, actually causing, or hurrying to, any ill.

By Lance Landall

19.  Dear Wretch Like Me

Don’t despair, dear wretch like me, terribly fallen and erring regularly,
And so often down on your knees asking forgiveness and pleading tearfully.
Yes, I know how it goes, “Please, Father, please, Father, grant me all the help You can,
Because I just can’t seem to get it together, I’m such an issue bound man.”

And God knows it, but you no less in His searching eyes, just more in need, and, friend,
A badly broken (even mistreated) earthly vessel He so wants to mend.
You simply requiring more of His time, just like so many children on Earth,
Whose earthly parents also, have had to dedicate more time to since their birth.

Hence why God looks upon you with greater pity, He knowing the potential there,
And therefore, His interest more intensive, and so too His creative flare.
Success bringing Him greater joy, His power answering your need, and why, friend,
By the grace of God and only begotten Son, you will get there in the end.

And so, trusting as you go, always on your knees — and of course, rising again,
A fall a fall, but remaining down being what the devil wants of all men.
He the cause of broken vessels, the origin of sin and suffering, and
Why we need his shackles removed — so please, rise with the help of Christ’s outstretched hand.

No, you’re hardly a villain, nor indulging in couldn’t-care-less rebellion,
But simply a struggling Christian, and not a single one of us without sin.
Yet still we press on, traps to the left and right, Satanic missiles aimed at us,
But angels in-between and surrounding, along with the presence of Jesus.

And should we suffer, Heaven is promised and waiting, Christ’s coming very near,
And an unbridled eternity of peace, joy and happiness we’ll then share.
Our present existence a mere speck of time, and pain what we must learn to bear,
Though knowing that the One who suffered too is on our side, full of love and care.

Yes, persecuted perhaps, but not abandoned, physically wearing out,
But new life springing up within, and why “Praise the Lord!” and “Hallelujah!” we shout.
Our troubles nothing compared to the glorious future, and God’s with us now,
So don’t despair, dear wretch like me, but before the throne of grace rightfully bow.

By Lance Landall

20.  Why In God's Arms One Nestles

All God has to work with (here on Earth) is imperfect people, wretches like me,
And so it was with the apostles, they hardly saints either, such clear to see.
Yes, still squabbling after three odd years of close contact with the Son of Man, who
Not only taught them, but set an example, one we’re supposed to follow too.

But fallen we are, and fallen we’ll remain, erring ’till that glorious day,
An impetuous Peter or son of thunder, cracks in our bodies of clay.
Our wretched condition giving us away, we unable to hide the flaws,
Though often trying too, but enter that grace that silences the devil’s roars.

Yes, he may accuse, but God knowing our heart, that direction we’re walking in,
How we’ll still stumble midst our continuing growth as a committed Christian.
All why we should bear with the failings of others, ’cause who of us can point, and,
Bearing in mind how when it comes to us, we too wish that folk would understand.

So don’t despair when you stumble, nor lose heart when fellow Christians err, but pray,
Because even when they should know far better, they too were fashioned out of clay.
And this world full of temptations, tests that push the limits of clay, cracked vessels,
Enter the Holy Spirit’s enabling, and thus why in God’s arms one nestles.

By Lance Landall

21.  Those Things That We Have To Face

There are things in life that we have to face, things that can cause us anxiety,
Things that we sometimes can’t do anything about, and we pleading tearfully.
Yes, such painfully common in this fallen world of ours, and God well aware,
And though not always removing something, or curing something, He’s always near.

All why our hope must lie in things to come — and meantime, acceptance our best friend,
Our trust in God leaving us with a certain inner peace, whatever the end.
There often no point in asking “Why?” Our Lord’s wisdom surpassing ours, and thus
We sometimes having to leave the situation in the safe hands of Jesus.

And there are no safer hands than His, He the way, truth and life, the God of love,
Who, the empowering of the Spirit, and mighty angels, sends from above.
We bearing our cross just as He bore His, but knowing that one very soon day,
That cross will be removed, and only joy, peace and happiness coming our way.

Meantime, many receive the answers to prayer that they desired, praise His name!
Our living Saviour that very same One who once healed the sick, deaf, blind and lame.
And hence those miracles still seen today, but be the answer a “Yes” or “No,”
He’s with us all the way, there’s a new life to come, and the answers we’ll soon know.

By Lance Landall

22.  The Hell Of The Meantime

Yes, the hell of the meantime, that waiting for Christ’s return midst evil, hurt and pain,
We living in a world where the law of the jungle and dictates of Satan reign.
Not always blatantly so, but behind and within, and hence the ill that we see,
Many pleading for relief, but the years still going by, almost mercilessly.

And Christ struggling with it too, it never His intention that any suffer so,
But enter that devil, and midst our suffering, time seeming to go very slow.
And so, humanity under the curse of sin, a plot that has to run its course,
That all may see the truthfulness of God, and just what Satan wishes to enforce,

Which takes time, Satan working via evil and deluded men who achieve his ends,
And finally the end of ends, Satan taking no prisoners, having no friends.
Helpers and followers dispensable, he having no love for he human race,
Unlike that loving Creator-cum-gracious Saviour who willingly took our place.

But meantime, the hell of the meantime, all those miseries that so many go through,
Jesus longing to end it all, but having to wait, and horribly suffer too.
Oh yes, how it pains Him, we His Creation, His children, all of whom He died for,
And longs to rescue, but sad to say, many not answering His knock on their door.

Oh, can’t they see that He’s their only hope, love hardly being the cause of it all,
But jealousy, hate and lies, hence that battle for Earth, and Christ’s urgent warning call.
Yes, turn from the same path as that devil, embrace the God who’ll reward, or repay,
Because Satan, evil and evildoers are on borrowed time, Christ on His way,

And justice must have its say.

Those evildoers gaining nothing from the hell of the meantime, all being lost,
No Paradise, no eternity, they foolishly having paid a double cost.
Suffering’s a sad reality, but growth and reward oft coming at the end,
And certainly for the true follower of Christ, and I’m hoping that’s you, dear friend.

But don’t forget that Christ is suffering the hell of the meantime too — yes, the shame,
The devil having cunningly and evilly worked things so that God’s got the blame.
Many having mistakenly turned from God, defamed Him too, which He’s had to bear.
As if that crown of thorns and wicked cross wasn’t enough, and His love crystal clear.

Thus God needs vindicating, which will come at the end of this great controversy,
This battle between God and Satan, and over you and I, which other worlds see.
We not the only ones, just the only ones going through the hell of the meantime,
’Till, if having endured and remained faithful, up to heavenly mansions we’ll climb.

By Lance Landall

23.  Legitimate Whiners

In every church (possibly), there are those who go on and on about the lack of love,
Or their unattended issues-cum-hurt; lack of love and hurt oft going hand in glove.
And oh, how their whining irritates others, and this, despite its legitimacy,
As everyone gets tired of dripping taps and a wheel that’s irritatingly squeaky.

Yes, though they’ve good reason for their whining, their unattended cries for help-cum-action,
Or annoyance over some feeble response, they seldom get the desired reaction.
And more often, folk soon avoid them, and quite understandably, but not rightly so,
For such simply ups the whining, worsens the situation, from which more ill’s seen to flow.

Though such whiners should receive the attention they need, the truth is that they seldom do,
The reasons many and varied, some fair enough, some not; those available oft few.
Yes, if its not a lack of love, it’s busyness, some inability to relate,
All why the whining continues, or something worse occurs, some feeling they just can’t wait.

Well, no matter how much empathy one may have for such legitimate whiners here,
One thing’s clear, and that is, that the help they need more oft just isn’t there, though such unfair.
In other words, that’s the sad reality, and thus why acceptance is one’s best friend,
And oh, what a friend we have in Jesus, whose faithfulness, strength and love I recommend.

You see, sometimes we’ve no choice but to find ways of coping on our own, though not alone,
For as I said, Jesus is always near, the hearer of every prayer-cum-heartfelt groan.
But hey, loneliness and the indifference of others could well be a Job-like test,
God allowing such in order to build our spiritual muscles — the Christian’s quest —

Well, at least it should be, we growing stronger in the Lord, depending on Him, not man,
For people will always let us down — and growing and moving on all part of God’s plan.
Yes, folk can continue with their legitimate whining, but such seldom gets them far,
And thus they oft having to go it alone, shouldering that silence, coldness or scar.

Meantime, may God help those legitimate whiners who’ve some genuine hurt or complaint,
Lest their stressful, depressing-cum-draining load, or gaping would, see them stumble or faint.
And may we become more like Christ — truly loving and bearing long — for one thing is clear:
If each member were like Christ, and each church just like it should be, there’d be no whiners

By Lance Landall

24.  Tears In Heaven?

“There’ll be no tears up in Heaven,” many Christians say, unthinkingly,
For such a clear-cut assertion cannot be proven biblically.
Rather, when talking about our tears being wiped away (permanently),
The Scriptures refer to the earth made new — far more logical to me.

Why? Well, presumably when in Heaven, there’ll be questions on our mind,
Questions deserving answers, which I’m sure Christ will help us find.
After all, loved ones may be missing, along with, “What’s he doing here?”
Or, “What’s she doing here?” — which, a close inspection will duly make clear.

Yes, surely Jesus will provide us with such an opportunity,
In order for us to see, (if saved), that He'd acted most justifiably.
After all, He’s transparent and fair, won’t hide behind authority,
Hence why I’m very certain that Heaven’s record books we’ll get to see.

And after such an inspection, the new Jerusalem will descend,
The past well and truly behind us, our hearts having had time to mend.
All thanks to our Saviour
who His reasons for rejecting some revealed,
For only that way, friend, will we be able to move on, truly healed.

By Lance Landall

“I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a
bride beautifully dressed for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying,
“Now the dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them. They will be His people,
and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away” (Rev 21:2-4, NIV).

See my poem A Melancholy Millennium which can be found on my page Where Love And Wrath Meet
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25.  Prayer

When we pray for something, Satan often knows what we’re praying for, and moves in,
He fulfilling our desire when he knows it’s something not best for a Christian,
Or where it simply wastes money needed elsewhere, and more so where godly things,
Hence why we should mind our heart’s desires lest the devil and not Heaven sings.

And this why we should pray, “As You see fit, Lord, and in accordance with Your will,”
For Satan’s a cunning devil, and has many smiling on their way to Hell,
Their end, in other words — he convincing folk that all is well, or that they’re right,
When what they want isn’t good, or where they’re heading isn’t where there’s godly light.

So sometimes we need to be careful what we pray for lest we get it, sadly,
Our persistence resulting in much pain, and God foreseeing such misery.
But such being what we wanted, and He allowing it, but most reluctantly,
And such oft the case with earthly fathers who hear that very same, “Please, Daddy.”

By Lance Landall

Repeated poem.

26.  What!

And they begin their prayer with a “Hey, God,” and I thus thinking to myself, “What?!”
For it’s God Almighty they’re seeking, and why here, I believe they’ve lost the plot.
And why I’ve reason to wonder what well they’ve been drinking from, for this I know:
Our heavenly Father should be approached with the uttermost respect, but oh…

How folk err, they even approaching Christ instead, (when they’ve been told otherwise),
We only ending our prayers in Christ’s name — though here too, rudeness just as unwise —
For though Jesus is our friend, He’s still the ruler of the universe, a king,
One who despite also being our Saviour, His warned of sword of justice will bring.

Yes, He no casual, liberal, anything goes kind of mate, but Divine,
A Holy, righteous, Creator God, who in the sand, has drawn many a line.
And He a judge and lawgiver; and as far as that Law goes, where should it be?
But written on our hearts, respect and obedience springing forth naturally.

And all why there shouldn’t be any “Hey, God” coming from our lips, but rather,
(And in tune with Scripture), a thoughtful, mindful, rightful, “Dear heavenly Father.”
And we ending our daily prayers with, “This we ask in accordance with Your will,
And in Jesus’ name, Amen,” thus not in some way that disappoints, doesn’t gel.

By Lance Landall

27.  Prayer As God Intended

Might your prayers on behalf of someone result in the answer they’d like, prefer,
That is, persistent, heartfelt, gut wrenching prayer, prayer that God’s heart would strongly stir?
Are you willing to pray like that, as often as that, until He might reply,
“Sure, my child, you’ve tugged at My heart, shown love just like Mine; how could I such deny?”

Tell me, is that how you pray for another who is suffering in some way,
Daily setting aside time, whereby with humbled heart, sighs and groans, you pray?
Do you wrestle with your Father in prayer, until finally He might reply,
“Sure, my child, for given your faith in Me, persistency, how could I such deny?”

Do you care enough, dear friend, to interrupt your schedule, your work or play,
So that you may sink to your knees, bow your head, and solely on their behalf pray?
Do you plead as if it’s you that’s so afflicted, until the Father might reply,
“Sure, my child, for given your unselfish outpourings, how could I such deny?”

Oh, how I hope we all pray like that, dear friend, for nothing tugs the Father’s heart more,
And how could our loving, compassionate and gracious Father such Christ-likeness ignore?
For that’s how His Son prayed for you and I, (when on earth), and how His Son still pleads;
A pattern that we all should follow wherever a brother or sister has needs

By Lance Landall

28.  God Knows Best

When in answer to prayer God says “No,” such is reason to rejoice,
For He knows what is better, though we still have freedom of choice.
But who'd ignore His answer, for such would be folly indeed,
Something we’re likely to find if against His advice we proceed.

In fact, such might be arrogance, once we have sought His advice,
And no doubt such both the devil and misery would entice.
For no one sees like our Lord – that is, the beginning from the end,
And no one’s as wiser a counsellor, nor a greater friend.

We may hope that He’ll say “Yes,” but out of love He may say “No,”
For sometimes we wish to head where prudence doesn’t want to go.
Hence why we need to trust Him, and duly pray “Your will be done,”
Whilst bearing in mind the reason why the Father sent His Son.

Yes, it’s better to willingly take that path God points us to,
Rather than what appears to be a more attractive avenue.
For He knows where each path will lead, and whether there is a cost,
Be that trouble in our life, or you or I forever lost.

By Lance Landall

29.  Mind Those Opening Doors!

Opening doors aren’t always a godly sign, ’cause Satan can open doors too,
Even fooling Christians who’re wrongly convinced about something they want to do.
And Satan ingenious, tailor-making things to suit, hence why people err,
Not doing things as God really desired, but simply that which they prefer.

Many think that God has called them to do this or that, or to go here and there,
When the truth is, such has more to do with Satan’s creative flair, and some snare.
Thus open door’s leading one to Heaven or Hell, a righteous or a selfish end,
Hence why we need to be very careful when certain open doors we defend.

So mind that decision as godly as it seems, and despite those open doors,
Lest rather than Christ’s warm and approving embrace, you’re engulfed by Satan’s jaws.
Or maybe it’s a good move, but not the right one, you meant to stay where you are,
Or to do what you’ve been doing, but tempted by that door that who knows left ajar.

Mind your advisors too, and don’t seek those who will parrot what you’d like to hear,
But impartial sound thinkers who always have the instructive Word of God near.
Bias a danger, and if folk have things to gain by your move (that open door),
Take care, because such people are bound to bend your ear, and your desires share.

Hence doors naturally opening as a consequence, voice activated,
Wheels being set in motion, and oft neither God nor Satan implicated.
It simply our doing, but we so sure it’s God’s doing, or not quite sure, and,
Enter convincers, people pleasers, and there between Heaven or Hell we stand.

Too many leave a need to solve a need, which really doesn’t make sense to me,
Spouse, children, parents or siblings put on the back burner when they shouldn’t be.
Hence that overgrown property, the gates closed because of some open door,
One that Christ may not have opened — and certain people left behind, feeling sore.

So mind those opening doors, those look-a-likes, where everything seems to go
Click, click, click, and sometimes very quick, but such simply the doings of our foe.
And hence this call for caution, ’cause feeling sure is still a feeling, not a “Yes,”
And though that feeling may prove right, it may also mar, cost pain, and cause a mess.

Some are too busy saving souls afar whilst losing them at home, sadly,
Having been called by fellow labourers, but not by God, necessarily.
Yes, we to save souls everywhere, but not at the loss of our loved ones, who,
We must make our personal goal — everything starting with one’s family.


Pray for your father, for God has placed him at the head of the home, family,
And should he go down, soon too that home, hence those attacks by our adversary.
’Cause once the home is wrecked, so to the church, and along with it, society,
And this why when it comes to cries for help, our family’s the priority.

Yes, I wonder how many open doors have cost, courtesy of the enemy,
Or mistaken sincerity; and other folk sharing culpability.
And this why where our loved ones may be negatively impacted by such doors,
We should reconsider that doubtful direction, and in prayer, selflessly pause.

By Lance Landall

"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I
 notice it always coincides with their own desires."
Susan B. Anthony

30.  Shut Doors Don't Always Mean "No"

I’d bought a lovely bookcase from an Op shop, it the sale of the century,
And I wishing that I could find another (for my wife) selling just as cheaply.
Well, God is good, and later I came across another one, a bargain too,
Though at first I had to think a bit, it a little confusing at first view.

Though true timber (pine), it didn’t quite look it, but more like a white-washed veneer,
And the back of it was partly loose and needing a few staples here and there.
It was actually a very nice bookcase the way it had been done, and,
I deep in thought, having caught the bus, leaving the car at home, you understand.

I had no phone on me, and wished to contact my wife, our car needed, you see,
And was hoping the shop might help, place sold on the bookcase temporarily.
Well, frustratingly so, they weren’t as helpful as I’d been hoping they might be,
So I left it, heading home to fetch the car, but would that bookcase I still see,

And I having said, “I’ll risk it,” the lady almost shaking her head at me.

When looking at the bookcase, a couple had said, “It’s not worth the price,” and so
Such adding to my deliberations, lest God, via them, was conveying, “No.”
Things not really having gone in my favour, and walking taking longer too,
Though a friend joining me on the way, as if God had provided them on cue,

I not so fixated on that bookcase, and agitation lessening too.

As far as that sneering couple went, I clearly knew a little more than they,
That veneer-look fooling them, perhaps, and how I got a real bargain that day.
’Cause on returning, there it was, and on getting it home, I had no regrets,
And yet, everything seemed to be saying, “No,” but just as well I said, “Let’s.”

In the shop I had whispered up a prayer, but things not looking good, even though
God knew I was looking for a bookcase for my wife too, and here, the price so low.
Yes, no opening doors, seemingly, but still I pressed on, they just stuck, maybe,
In need of some divine oil, or God providing a way around, possibly.

I could’ve left that bookcase, thinking that it looked like it wasn’t meant to be,
That I’d hardly find it there on returning, thus time more like an enemy.
But as I said, God not only able to open doors, but go around them,
Oh, if only we had the faith of that woman who reached for Christ’s earthly hem.

Yes, shut doors or jammed doors, it doesn’t matter, and nor do they always mean “No,”
Just like opening doors don’t always mean “Yes,” they sometimes but traps of our foe.
Hence why we need to fortify ourselves with the Word, and stay close to Jesus,
’Cause Satan can make truth look like error, and error like truth, thus fooling us.

Perhaps Satan was trying to spoil or prevent an answer to prayer, who knows,
But our Lord outsmarting him, and as with this case here, a little knowledge shows.
I having worked with timber, even delivered such with a seven ton truck,
And thus a little knowledge and experience preventing me getting stuck.

And so it is with our Christian walk, that relationship that we have with our Lord,
That relationship we have with His Word, ’cause lack of knowledge we can’t afford.
And then there’s prayer — oh yes, prayer, prayer, prayer — because without that too, we’re sure to err,
And Satan (hardly dozing in the noonday sun, nor a dummy) sure to stir,

And stir he did, but not succeed, and why in your mind I hope I’ve sown a seed.

By Lance Landall

For the dangers of "contemplative" prayer, see the orange box that's titled An Unbalanced Gospel.

31.  Though He Slay Me, Yet Will I Trust Him

Okay, so your prayer wasn’t answered (so you think), or God said, “No,” or maybe
You were so sure that He’d said, “Yes,” but things kind of working out differently.
In other words, you’re confused now, and thinking, “How can I really Know His will?”
Enter discouragement, that “I feel like giving up” response, which much might tell.

After all, surely you have read, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him,” which means:
Still trusting in Him no matter how confusing, dark or hopeless it all seems.
Yes, you having acted on what you thought He was saying, and fair enough too,
But maybe you got things wrong somehow, and as a result, things going askew.

We’re growing, you know, hence why we’ll sometimes misread things, though it can also be
We’re not quite in sync with what we should be, and why we don’t always rightly see.
We so tuned to our own desires, love hearing what fits with what we hope will be,
And Satan happy to help with that bias, we oft our own worst enemy.

Perhaps there was someone who disagreed with what others were saying to you,
Their argument worthy of more serious thought, and perhaps it proving true.
But they only one, or maybe it was two, and more folk saying, “Yes,” and so,
With their words in mind, and apparent signs, you thought that you knew which way to go.

Yes, only to find otherwise, but God gracious, understanding, and still there,
He allowing for sincere mistakes, knowing things aren’t always as they appear.
And we can turn back, you know, though where there’s confusion, we might just have to wait,
Reflecting on whether we’ve erred, or for some reason, God having closed the gate.

But you know, there’s that Job scenario too, we all having to be tested,
Our true condition proven under fire, just how much in God we’ve invested.
Oh yes, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him,” or will we simply walk away,
Despite the abundance of blessings in our lives, even midst what can dismay.

An old song goes:

“Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again,” and it’s so true,
We having a head of our own, and God having given us freedom of choice too.
Some expecting God to act like a doorman, make all the decisions for them,
When we’re to be more mature than that, not like kids clinging to their mother’s hem.

No, God’s not there to dot every I and cross every T for us, so,
Expectations should be sensible, and we aware of the wiles of our foe.
He opening doors too, zealots the biggest of fools, and sometimes then comes us,
Which is why the best way to know which door is right is to stay close to Jesus,

Really close!

God respects our right to choose, and where we might well have erred, He still helping us
(Perhaps with a certain relationship), because that’s the kindness of Jesus.
But He knowing that that person isn’t the right one, and that pain there’ll be,
All because we chose differently, misread things, kind of didn’t wish to see.

God’s help not a sign of approval here, but a sign of His goodness, you see,
He bringing good out of bad, or improving things for our sake, actually.
And so it can be with any choice of ours, but it’s best we make the right one,
Lest pain and trouble come our way, though its never too late too call on the Son.

By Lance Landall

32.  If Heaven Could Be Rung

If Heaven could be rung, we’d hardly grow, less thinking and searching going down,
Any question answered immediately, which personal effort would drown.
Yes, faith hardly tested, and the lazy made lazier, who grace abuse too,
Given the little change that takes place in their lives, those wrong things they still pursue.

Oh, how easy it would be to reach for that phone, the line jammed with callers, who,
Hadn’t prayed for the Spirit to guide, plumbed the Word of God, nor dwelt on it too.
Yes, so little retained, the answer given and even forgotten, one saved,
So what does it matter, they reasoning, or going by the way they’ve behaved.

All why it’s just as well that Heaven can’t be rung, we to test things by God’s Word,
Which wasn’t given to cover with dust, nor we to just go by what we’ve heard.
“Study to show thyself approved,” Scripture says, and faith trusting where questions remain
That God may know His true believers given so many falsely take His name.

But you know, many of us are like children who’re always running to Mummy,
Or Daddy, rather than we learning to stand on our own two feet, maturely.
“Take up your cross,” we’re told, God giving us the strength to bear it midst the silence,
Those times when He doesn’t seem about, those times when earthly trials make us winch.

Answers are all well and good, but trials must still be faced, and faith needs testing,
We relying on the Spirit’s help, and meantime, in the bosom of Christ resting.
We still able to have contact with Him though, hence those stories of answered prayer,
That despite the absence of such a telephone, show His watchful love and care.

By Lance Landall

33.  Praying In Public

It’s the custom of some Christians when they’re out with a group, to pray openly,
Meaning, in public, where cars may be parked, or on a beach, though it can vary.
Non-believers coming and going, or who may come and go, which seems to me
In their face, out of place — and given other reasons, not acting prudently.

We shouldn’t be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, nor afraid to pray,
But there’s always a time and place here too, lest even something good go astray.
And prayer is good, but lets be careful lest we simply and pointlessly annoy,
Non-believers not seeing things like us, and how our witness we can destroy.

Yes, we opening ourselves up to derogatory shouts, a tooting horn,
And no doubt there’re other unpleasant ways they may express their feelings-cum-scorn.
A wheel spin, a revving motor, and perhaps we even blocking their pathway,
Our boldness for Christ having become insensitive, which really doesn’t pay.

Its oft better to either not pray or to find a quiet and people free place,
In other words, somewhere further away, well off to the side, thus showing grace.
And mindful of others in that group of ours who’re not comfortable with such,
And can hardly wait until that prayer is over, and why their car keys they clutch.

We witness via our love and thought for others, which means our own membership too,
Some things being lawful, but under certain circumstances, not best to do.
And thus before we pray in public, we should consider all that’s mentioned here,
Lest as much good we do, as much harm we do; we taught to be both wise and fair.

Some Christians are like women who overdo the perfume, one more assaulted,
All why from their overwhelming presence potential converts have soon bolted.
That witness far too salty or blinding, courageous but brash and foolhardy,
Their public expressions appearing pharisaical, pridefully lofty.

And those public prayers open to interruptions of the not surprising kind,
Be that via pleasant users of that area, or those with ill on their mind.
We not to unnecessarily draw fire, nor wear our faith like some badge, which
Just like that overdone perfume, will cause the nostrils of trouble to twitch.

By Lance Landall

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