Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

He's Ever Near

I felt my Saviour near me in a gentle breeze that blew,
In a wisp of summer breath that softly cooed, “I love you.”
In the warmth that bathed my face as I sat and faced the sun,
Relaxing and reflecting on God’s grace and His dear Son.

I felt my Saviour near me in a smile that soothed my heart,
A smile that had me singing, made the shadows soon depart.
In a word that stilled my soul, had me feeling all was well,
In a touch that brushed my arm and brought me under love’s spell.

I felt my Saviour near me as I sniffed a flower’s scent,
And pondered on its beauty, and how much to Him I meant.
How He had surrounded me with such artistry and thought,
And how He had redeemed me, and into my life hope brought.

I felt my Saviour near me as I stood and watched the stars,
And thought of His returning, and how soon I’d see His scars.
I thought about the angel that beside me spends each day,
And again felt Jesus near me, though in Heaven far away.

I felt my Saviour near me via the chirping of a bird,
Via the bubbling of a brook and its babbling that I heard.
Via the sound of someone’s laugh that my spirits lifted too,
And reminded me that God the impossible can do.

I felt my Saviour near me as I stopped to help someone,
And I thought of how He too, that very same thing would’ve done.
How He healed the lame and sick, and offered them life anew,
How that when we’re in Heaven, no more heartache we’ll go through.

I felt my Saviour near me as I wandered down a lane,
Where the beauty of nature whispered my Creator’s name.
Where a picturesque sunset or a colourful rainbow,
Would so often remind me of this loving God I know.

By Lance Landall