Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

He's Going Down

Yes, the devil knows he’s done, yes, he knows he’s going down,
That in the “lake of fire” he’ll soon very quickly drown.
Like the killer with a gun who strafes all within his sight,
The devil’s taking with him all who from him don't take flight.

He’ll get you if you let him, so beware this wily foe,
For where this devil’s going isn’t where you’d want to go.
You’ll need the Lord’s protection to ensure you’re not ensnared
By the ingenious traps that this devil’s engineered.

Oh yes, Satan’s going down, and here we’re talking big time,
For he’s just full of evil, he’s the master of all crime.
He’s hoping to take with him anyone who’ll let him win,
So, strap on Holy armour, lest you give him cause to grin.

The thought of further victims fills this devil full of mirth,
Hence why he’s cruelly prowling the whole length and breadth of earth.
He’s a shocker for deceit, and there’s hatred in his eyes,
And taking out a Christian he considers a real prize.

Remember he’s got helpers, who fell for the things he said,
For Satan, when in Heaven, a revolt against God led.
Both he and all his henchmen are forever on our tail,
So make the Lord your partner, otherwise, you’re bound to fail.

He’s downright mean and angry, for he knows his time is short,
And believe me, he’s determined to make sure you get caught.
Because he’s just not worth it, don’t go giving him an inch,
For each inch that Satan gets, helps add grease to his old winch.

Yes, the devil knows he’s done, and going down hard and fast;
Very soon his reign of evil and terror will be past.
And he won't gain the victory unless you give in to him,
So, tap into the power of the One who’ll help you win.

By Lance Landall