Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

He Means All The World To Me

I love my Lord and Saviour, He means all the world to me,
And every day, expressions of His wondrous love I see.
Every day He seems so near, for He’s come into my heart,
And because His love I trust, I don’t want from Him to part.

Let me tell you what He did, which shows how much He loves me,
Me! A wretched sinner! Who lets Him down continually!
What He did still baffles me, for I just can’t understand
Why I mean so much to Him, yet, that proof is on each hand.

They nailed Him! On a cross! A cross that was meant for me!
Which is why He has those marks, that I think of regularly.
Yes, He took my place instead, so that I could then go free,
And though He suffered agony, He did so, willingly for me.

Wow! That love’s deep, that love’s real, and, such gratitude I feel,
But though I am so grateful, He’s said He’ll more love reveal.
So right throughout my lifetime, further evidence there’ll be,
Of His love and blessings, that He wants to share with me.

Thus, blessings, blessings, how they fall, from His blessed realm above,
Blessings, blessings, how they come, wrapped and bound in pure love.
Every day I know He cares, every day I know He’s there,
Blessing and surrounding me with a love beyond compare.

His love’s everlasting, and why so patiently He bears
With all my faults and failings, childish wants, self-focused prayers.
He gives the time that’s needed for my love to deeper grow,
Hoping that as time goes by, much more love for Him I’ll show.

Hence the reason why I say, He means all the world to me,
And why I want to be with Him right throughout eternity.
Thus, He wants me to be faithful, so that forever we will be
Enjoying that relationship; sealed in blood at Calvary.

By Lance Landall