Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Heartless Confinement

They’re kept in a very tiny cage — a prison, in other words,
Incarcerated for life, never to be free like other birds.
And there those poor creatures remain, until finally there they die,
Yes, a cruel and heartless confinement, that no one can justify.

Such is no minor infringement, for it’s acting inhumanely,
And hence why it’s time folk stopped to think, as it’s torture, quite plainly.
It’s simply deriving pleasure from some poor creature’s misery,
In other words, getting amusement callously and tastelessly.

Yes, back and forth they hop each day, for what else can a caged bird do?
It's such a mindless existence, and it's so unnatural too.
I’m sure that it drives them crazy, and it must have some ill effect,
For after all, it’s a form of abuse, that we all should reject.

No bird was ever meant to be caged, but rather, flying freely,
In other words, enjoying their habitat, living naturally.
After all, they’re not toys or ornaments, but living creatures with rights,
Therefore, it’s wrong that their imprisonment amuses and delights.

Not one single creature should be caged, accept where necessary,
And, let me add, nor should humans be imprisoned so barbarically.
Yes, it’s selfish, even sadistic, keeping creatures in a cage,
And should the tables be turned — oh, how loudly we'd holler and rage.

I’m not mincing my words here, am I? And neither should I be, friend,
For caging these innocent creatures is a practice that should end.
How can we who champion freedom, not grant them their freedom too?
For not doing so, is hypocritical, behaviour that’s askew.

So please don’t become the warden of a prison in your own home,
A prison with an inmate who's unable to fly or to roam.
Yes, consider how you would feel, should you be kept in a barred cell,
Simply for someone’s enjoyment, and completely against your will.

By Lance Landall