Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Hung Up On Sex

Sex — love making, that is — is a beautiful thing in its right place,
But unfortunately, overindulgence is often the case.
Likewise, once folk used to eat to live, whereas, now folk live to eat,
And hence why more and more these days, unbridled appetites we meet.

When anything is overdone, it soon suffers in quality,
Hence, new titillations are devised, when the problem’s frequency.
You see, Christmas every day of the week would soon lose its luster, and,
The same would be true if every day one visited Disneyland.

We’ve turned a beautiful, fulfilling experience -- sex -- into
Something routine, unsatisfying and dull, and debased it too.
And all because we have wrongly made frequency the driving force;
Become obsessed with sex, cheapened it, turned it into something coarse.

Indulging in sex excessively just results in an early
Reduction in vitality and function, generally.
Anything can be abused, but an overindulgence in sex can
Bring on a toxic state that can imperil health and illness fan.

You see, misused sex drives become all consuming, and I must say,
Can never be satisfied — the sexual being dwelt on all day.
In other words, friend, we’re talking lust, an unbridled appetite,
Which eventually, only the corrupted will stir, fire, excite.

By that I mean, healthy, normal sex will no longer be the attraction,
Which somewhere down the track leads to marital dissatisfaction.
But why drain the life force via exchanging quality for quantity,
And via a corrupted excitement that inflames injuriously.

A lack of discipline in our lives displays immaturity,
And leads to damaged relationships, practices that aren’t healthy.
There’s always a price for corrupting or overdoing things,
A price that more often than not, friend, serious misery brings.

Yes, keep it pure, under control, selfless, and within the marriage.

By Lance Landall