Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Husbands And Wives

They have given their life to you — therefore, you owe it to them to respond,
Appropriately, that is, bearing in mind here, that only love can bond.
Yes, as their life-long partner, you have a duty to treat them correctly,
For it’s all about sacrifice, not about expecting, not about ME.

You see, because you are their life-long partner, you’re effectively their life,
Therefore, you will either fill their life with joy or much misery and strife.
But it's terribly cruel and very unfair to cause them pain and despair,
When they could’ve had a lovely spouse, who, for them would truly love and care.

Four very important things to remember, and hey, well before bedtime too,
“I was wrong,” “I’m very sorry,” “Will you please forgive me,” and, “I love you.”
Otherwise your marriage won’t be a happy one, or simply will not last,
And why these four things should always be forthcoming — and hey, I’m meaning fast.

As a very early ballad conveys: “The angry words spoken in haste,
Such a waste of two lives” — and in far too many lives, such words are oft traced.
And that sad ballad continues, “It’s my belief that pride is the chief cause
In the decline in the number of husbands and wives.” Here I'd like to pause.

What exactly is pride? It’s that dreadful self thing, you don’t want to lose face,
You being far more concerned with that little ME, and oh, how oft that’s the case.
Well, friend, you should be bigger than that — after all, marriage is for adults,
It certainly not for the likes of someone who self interest exalts.

The way that you treat your partner — in other words, your husband or your wife —
Not only displays the real you, but also affects your very own life.
Yes, it’s not just their life that you spoil via such, it’s not just them that you hurt,
And this why I would give self the boot, for that way, heartache you will avert.

Oh, how partners need to bury self — otherwise, their marriage will just fail;
Sure it may not actually break up, but a joylessness will prevail.
It's often said that it takes two to tango, and in marriage that’s so true,
However, that should never stop you from doing those things that you should do.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 4th February 2016

This poem contains a degree of Christian content necessary for the purpose.

2.  Then Came Planet Earth

And God was pleased with His work, man and woman the pinnacle, crowning glory,
They innocent, pure, and their love-centred marriage a true fairy-tale story.
And oh, how stunningly beautiful their bodies, every inch a work of art,
And their sexual relationship off to a selfless, tender, polished start.

But then came their fall and lustful groping, aggressive probing and smutty pen,
And going by movies, women tearing their clothes off, they as sex-obsessed as men.
And soon, human vitality sapped by licentiousness and lack of control,
And within society, this whole degrading, porn-fuelled scene taking its toll.

Oh, how man has sunk, women raped by eyes that objectify them, but oh dear,
They aiding this scene via their sexy attire, state of undress-cum-what they bare,
And via those photo shoots they consent to, cameras capturing their teasing shame,
And husbands committing adultery in their heart, women open to blame,

(Don’t take my hubby, sort of thing, but excuse me tempting yours — it all a game).

Yes, then came planet Earth and the spoiling of it, sex hot, raw, crude and steamy;
In other words, it divorced from love, or such corrupting the love of many.
And thus many still gorgeous bodies assaulted by sex toys, fetishes and
Sleazy hands; and why there’s less respect for women, more sex crimes in every land.

No, it’s not always a power thing, but a horny thing that’s out of control,
Men constantly fed and stirred by what can only debase them and take its toll.
And this why morals have largely been despatched, but not by those who know better,
Those men who don’t listen to those selfish, callous promptings that shout, “Go get her!”

Or is it, go get him?

Oh, how many women have been claimed by more than one man, such invasion proof,
She effectively his, (or how many?) — and what husbands really know the truth?
Well, I mean to say, waiting for the right one and only one isn’t cool now,
Or seemingly so, and why in these times it’s more a case of when, where and how.

Okay, so we know better apparently, though not going by what is seen,
Broken hearts, sexual diseases, ravaged bodies, minds that are far from clean.
And why we’re kidding ourselves, for all we’ve done is hurt ourselves, stamped on the rose,
And now we’re left with nothing but thorns and more fodder for poetry and prose.

By Lance Landall

It would be a good idea to check out my article Are Women Blameless? which can be seen on my page, Time To Face Things.

3.  Don't Ruin Either Life

The attitude and behaviour of your spouse can make or break your marriage, so choose carefully,
Otherwise, that lifelong happiness that you desire won’t be realised, it exiting quickly.
And such being why it’s better not to marry until you have found the right one, for one thing’s clear:
Misery and heartache are more oft the result of bad choices, and especially so here.

And don’t forget the old vice versa thing, lest you be the saboteur, their life thus spoilt by you,
And why you need to take a good look at yourself too, lest they end up with a partner they rue.
Yes, how dare we examine them before we’ve examined our self; and let’s hope we pass the test,
And where we don’t, we not short-changing them, for our unworthiness will soon become manifest.

So many, if not most, don’t really know their spouse until further down the track, such oft too late,
Many paying dearly having made the wrong choice, oft thanks to impatience-cum-failure to wait.
Yes, many fearing they’ll be left on the shelf, their low self esteem-cum-lack of confidence their foe,
All of which sees them ruing their marriage; or their disillusioned spouse soon shouting, “Cheerio!”

Hence why it’s better to remain single than ruin either life, such showing character and strength,
And bearing in mind that ignoring such advice is why marriages oft don’t last the full length.
And thus we or they thereby exposing an unsuitability when it comes to marriage;
All why we should tread carefully, and act unselfishly, not putting the horse before the carriage.

By Lance Landall

4.  Losing It Can Cost

It’s so easy to lose it, (even over minor things), but it’s never worth what it can cost,
And sometimes that cost is heavy indeed, for as a result,  prized relationships can be lost.
Yes, it’s so easy to damage something precious, we taking our eye off the ball, mind elsewhere,
And to be honest, it usually on ourselves — yes, that age old and problematic sphere.

And often adding to such, the one who’s been hurt not forgiving, forgetting or moving on,
Or they sulking, not talking, responding with that age old “treatment” — silly childish carry-on.
All of which delays reconciliation, and adds to the regret of the one who lost it,
And who’s oft truly repentant, struggling with inner demons — but no — here, take another hit!

The truth is that neither benefits, and both can suffer more, and all so very pointlessly,
Hence why it doesn't pay to lose it, nor respond with that “treatment” — punishment, effectively.
However, lose it folk can, and those who sulk just as many, the cost either light or heavy,
But any cost is a loss that each can’t afford, and why much is to be said for maturity.

Yes, it’s so easy to lose it, but always remember that there’s a cost, a price that one pays,
Be it immediately or over time — and in-between, those oft very unpleasant days.
Yes, unnecessary days, and unpleasantness that could’ve been avoided, oft easily,
And bearing in mind what it may have cost before, for there’s no fool like an old fool, believe me.

By Lance Landall

5.  Flawed Unions

There’s a certain undeniable truth that here I’ve chosen to remind of, and it being: That
When any man and woman live together just like a married couple, they’re exactly that.
In other words, despite no legal documentation, they’re still as married as one can be,
They sharing the same bed and home, and therefore, they shouldn’t treat that union less seriously.

You see...

Either they’re committed to a permanent relationship or they’re not, and if they aren’t so,
Then neither should’ve wasted their time on that union, as such flawed unions, deeper cracks soon show.
At the end of the day, any easy way out can’t help but decrease one’s determination,
And one’s loyalty too, and why just living together is a far-reaching miscalculation.

Yes, the reason being: That couples who live together as opposed to getting married-cum-wed,
Can hardly have the same commitment in mind, hence why either's soon seen in someone else’s bed
— Well, in so many cases, that is, and I'd imagine most —
For rather than weather the storms that can hit any relationship, they seek another port,
Forgetting that calm seas don’t make a good sailor, nor marriage, hence why their next union comes to nought.

(Marital muscles require effort).

When someone truly loves someone else, they want that union secured-cum-anchored in every way,
And when squalls appear, they man the sails rather than some lifeboat — the latter oft seen to dismay.
They having thought that living together would suffice, their union just built on sand, foolishly,
For though as married as one can be, they failed to see, they weren’t truly wed, unfortunately.

Yes, such being a truth that isn’t all that new, but wisdom that’s been passed down throughout the ages,
For the sad result of the repudiation of legitimised marriage fills many pages.
Sure many legitimised marriages fail too, but at least they’ve a better chance, better start,
For just living together leaves a door ajar, one that should’ve been shut and locked via the heart.

And the reason why is, because loopholes aren’t where the answer lies, but rather, in one's mind and heart,
For there, no hint of such self-interest should be found, as such is how relationships fall apart.
And why only each other’s best interests should be sought, such reinforced by security,
A permanence sealed in the mind, living in the heart, and declared by that public ceremony.

In other words — marriage in all its fullness — a union that one’s children can rely on too,
For far too often kids are the victims of a broken home, a love neither genuine nor true.
So shun that “Lets live together” approach, for when kids come along, that doors ajar — mockingly —
And oh, when someone closes it behind them, more sad results are unleashed on society.

By Lance Landall

6.  The Battle Of The Sexes

Men and women were never meant to hurt each other — such an obvious deduction, surely —
For why should they, and what would be the point? — other than for selfish gain, such nothing but folly.
Yes, the latter having been proven over and over again, and one thing perfectly clear:
That men and women were designed to compliment each other; such enhanced by the clothes they wear.

Thus, a man looking like a man, and a woman like a woman, attraction being guaranteed,
He acting masculine and manly, she feminine and ladylike, and this, in thought, word and deed.
Yes, for Nature intended that such be so, and as is clear for anyone who wants to see,
Both men and women thereby balanced, matched, poised, and for their well-being sake, working in harmony.

And why when men and women clash or fight, they undermine each other, subtract from each other,
Rather than strengthening their manhood and womanhood, their roles as husband, wife, father, mother.
And why far too often we see the sad results of such — the battle of the sexes, it’s called —
And why in every relationship, marriage and home, mutual respect should be reinstalled.

No, men and women were never meant to hurt each other — physically or emotionally —
But rather, were meant to bring out the best in each other, they not competing, scrapping childishly.
And until this finally registers, the battle of the sexes will continue to rage,
It fuelled by those men and women, who, to be honest, need to get with the play, and act their age.

At the end of the day, success comes by working with rather than against — common sense, really —
And this, no more proven than in those men and women relationships, and yes, maritally.
But only where one puts selfishness behind, and just concentrates on what is best for the two,
And they being, those couples wanting their relationship to work, and general relationships too.

By Lance Landall

“Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There’s just too much fraternizing with the enemy.”
Henry Kissinger

7.  The Mystery Of The Sexes

It’s an undisputable fact that men and women are very different, and hence all those books on sale,
They trying to explain why men and women think and act so differently, and why marriages oft fail.
But no matter how well such is explained, and how the sexes can better click, those books still keep coming out,
And the reason why is, because understanding the other sex better isn’t what it’s really all about.

Now, I’m not implying that men and women shouldn’t try to understand each other, for of course they should,
But rather, that they never truly will — and no, I’m not being facetious — for in some ways I wish they could.
Thus, until men can magically become women for a spell, and visa versa, such will always be,
And why it’s more about acceptance and learning to work in with those differences-cum-forget about “me.”

While books have their place, and are one way to make a killing — excuse my sarcasm — there are no magic tricks,
For great relationships are more the product of attitude-cum-willingness, and less about the mechanics.
And why despite all those clever books, men and women still won’t fully understand what makes each other tick,
For the answer’s found in one’s heart and mind, and not in glossy pictures, fancy written words-cum-rhetoric.

But though the answer is found in one’s heart and mind, that’s seldom where folk go looking, such not seeming to suit,
As such demands the confronting of oneself, for within us, and problem-cum-cause wise, lies the offending root.
Well, usually so, but as I said, folk looking everywhere but there, and often at the other sex,
Who, equally as foolishly is staring in return — they too in need of a different set of specs.

It’s more how we look at things, how we go about things, that determines the outcome of a relationship,
And why when we take our eyes off the ball —- it being selflessness — we slip or fail, not having taken ownership;
For men and women will never truly understand each other, but should they, there would go much attraction,
Women finding themselves less drawn to men, and men, no longer finding women such a gorgeous distraction.

Yes, long live the mystery!

By Lance Landall

8.  Your Spouse Isn't Your Property

Dear husband or wife, I realise there’s nothing worse than betrayal, it cruel indeed,
Hence that uncovered affair that sees anger arise and one’s wounded heart bleed.
Yes, we’re talking adultery, a sexual fling or full blown affair,
Which oft sees the wounded seeking revenge, and thus how in wrongdoing they share.

Though having exchanged vows, and even promised the Earth, (some blinded by feelings),
Your spouse isn’t your property despite that marriage certificate or rings.
Therefore, though you’ve every right to feel betrayed and stung, and anger standard fare,
You’ve no right to assault them, and they’re also the parent of those kids you share.

So mind how you go, as one wrong’s quite enough, and good examples should be set,
For though one of you has erred, there is still the other who hasn’t, don’t forget.
But where both err, what’s left for those kids who need to know how one should deal with such?
And given that your spouse isn’t your property, hence that unseen, “Do Not Touch!”

At the end of the day, nobody owns anybody, nor should act that way,
And why one can only forgive and move on, leave that one who chose to betray;
Though the latter too oft a wrong decision that makes a waste of many years,
And that ignores cries of genuine repentance and any progressive stairs.

By Lance Landall

9.  For Better Or For Worse?

You have a duty to look after yourself once you marry,
Though one should do that anyway, for that is acting wisely.
But once you marry, there’s not just you to think of, and therefore,
When married — those things about you that aren’t the best — don’t ignore.

Your partner has married you for life — therefore, it’s only fair
That you take care of yourself, (and give some thought to what you wear).
To think differently than this, is to just think selfishly,
And to thus fuel the fires of discontent, eventually.

No person — once they are married — should foolishly think or say:
“They should accept me as I am,” for that’s a cop out, doesn’t pay,
And more so, if since you’ve married, you’ve gone backwards in some way,
Due to laziness, thoughtlessness — for that’s sure bound to dismay.

“For better or for WORSE” means: Where it is beyond your control,
As after all, friend, things beyond your control can take a toll.
But should you — via your own foolishness — be the cause of such ill,
Don’t be surprised if your marriage soon nose-dives, because it will.

By Lance Landall

10.  Sex Ain't Love

For some strange reason, many equate sex with love, and I guess that is why they’re jumping in and out of bed,
Aside from plain promiscuity, that is — fuelled by all the sexual nonsense that people are being fed.
While sex is part and parcel of a loving relationship, it is hardly love, and it never will be,
For sex is sex, and love is love — and the one thing that true love doesn’t do, is use sex self indulgently.

So many who are looking for love, and a love that is true, seem to think that they will find such in a bed,
When the truth of the matter is, that’s hardly where love is found, and why later, so many tears are oft shed.
For love is not an act, but more an attitude, though one that reveals itself in selfless and loving acts,
And not in those bedroom encounters that have more to do with self, lust and confusion, and that twist the facts.

So many who are willing to jump into bed, cannot see that they’re just being used — in fact, even abused,
And hence why those relationships that are formed via such encounters, oft leave many empty, angry and bruised.
For just like a pair of shoes that have been tried on, they’re soon discarded, or conveniently called upon,
Given that commitment seems like a foreign word to many, who their clothes more often remove than they don.

Or so it seems, for much of such amounts to nothing more than animal acts that are parading as love,
Or to put it another way, behaviour that is motivated far more by what’s lower than above.
And why any man or woman shouldn’t sell their body so, for those who do, effectively sell their soul,
And having via their foolish doing so, become nothing more than just another person’s watering hole.

By Lance Landall

Though sensual feelings are part and parcel of our make up, it's only when they come under the higher powers, and are employed at the appropriate time and place, that they are in tune with love.

11.  Sex For Sex Sake

Once upon a time, sex was seen as belonging to marriage; a permanent union, one built on loyalty,
Where as well as enjoying the pleasure of making love, one was also able to raise a family.
And there, midst that security, both planned and unplanned children could grow and thrive — and yes, marital health as well,
For there in that home — due to selfless sacrifice and commitment — both the couple and children would happily dwell.

Well, times have changed, (as they say), and sex is no longer seen as belonging to marriage, nor some relationship,
But rather, as something to be had on a whim, and with whoever takes your fancy — condoms at one’s fingertips.
Yes, sex for sex sake, and hence those multiple partners, those one night stands, and those sad consequences that have come,
For consequences are inevitable when in the other direction society swings the pendulum.

When we use our body so recklessly, who knows what we may thereby bequeath — that is, leave as our legacy,
Let alone what we may suffer personally, for there’s always a price tag attached to promiscuity.
And the first thing that such will cost us is our soul, for our soul and body are one, and our very privacy,
That being, our whole self — an intimacy best kept for just one, who thereby, can also lay claim to our body.

But no one can lay claim to our body if it has been shared with others, for others have rifled its booty,
And thereby, they have left it empty of its intimacy, its secret chambers now soiled permanently.
For where the newcomer may go, others have been there before, and have thereby left a part of themselves behind,
For their causal entry didn’t just sack those inner chambers, but in passing, signed the guest book in our mind.

By Lance Landall

12.  Tragedies Of The One Night Stands

There’s nothing better on the TV than those programmes where people are reunited after many years,
They seeing again — or even for the first time — their siblings, mother or father, and this, midst hugs and tears.
And for most, the reason for those missing years being adoption, or some orphanage-cum-emptiness and pain,
And they thus seeking answers as well, which will hopefully soften and heal their hurt, and certain things explain.

Yes, joy and sadness, for their reuniting can’t undo the past — and the cause? Oft one night stands, effectively,
For boy met girl, and well before wedlock that never took place, they unwisely got involved sexually.
Hence those solo mums, (or dads), those children without a mum or dad, and so often without their siblings too,
And all because of a short relationship, lack of control and the passions of youth, which many soon rue.

And oh, how such offspring can suffer, they feeling a big hole in their life, many affected mentally,
And by that I mean, they struggling emotionally, troubled, listless, depressed — they victims, undoubtedly.
Thus, though not unmindful of the failings of young folk, given that good judgement often only comes with age,
(And thereby often results in injured offspring) — one can’t help but over such injury quietly rage.


Well, it’s such a sad thing that these children suffer so, and all because of casual sex, effectively,
The result of indulging in sex outside of wedlock — viewing such as being okay, when how can such be?
For such can lead to children — in other words, an abortion, an adoption, or some orphanage, sadly;
And when have we or the martial institution ever benefited from such promiscuity?

Yes, some folk refer to such as the sowing of wild oats, over which, the callous, selfish and notched belt gloats.

By Lance Landall

13.  Never Kiss And Tell

The world is full of people who kiss and tell, or who go and air their family’s dirty laundry,
In other words, people who let the world know what the world shouldn’t hear — betrayers, effectively.
Yes, folk who selfishly or thoughtlessly spill the details on someone else, and very foolishly,
For things have a way of kicking back, and such can also make the talebearer look rather silly.

Whenever we speak ill of our spouse, current or past partner, or some member of our family,
We act like cads, backstabbers and evil gossipers, and show our own flaws or immaturity.
For it could be that we have played a part, which people can often wonder, and quite naturally,
But what self-respecting person would provide such easy fodder for some potential enemy?

For after all, any such negative press can be used to our disadvantage, undoubtedly,
And we, via such, can convey that our life’s not all that happy, which some folk may relish joyfully.
And hence how we can give ourselves away when we may not want to, or thereby, simply invite ill,
All because of those things about our spouse, those things about someone in our family, that we spill.

And hence why none of us should ever kiss and tell, nor go airing our family’s dirty laundry,
And why a problem that’s shared is often a problem that’s doubled, a chink in our own armoury.
And why parents should mind what they say about their own children, and visa versa, obviously,
And why partners should mind what they say about each other, for there are opportunists aplenty.

By Lance Landall

14.  No, Opposites Don't Attract

To say that opposites attract is to fly in the face of sense and evidence that’s to the contrary,
For in all spheres of life we’re attracted to the things we like, not those we don’t like — (well, not typically) —
And as far as relationships go, even more so, though here there are certain variables, obviously,
Hence why we see many getting wed who are opposites, and thus oft destined for trouble, tragically.

Yes, far too many opposites marry, for people tend to just fall into relationships, as it were,
Such commonly being a case of who they think they can get, as opposed to really want — be that him or her.
And “Why?” being the likes of low self-esteem, fear of being left on the shelf, lean pickings — circumstances, maybe —
Yes, any number of reasons, and hence why many are mismatched, most making the best of things, undoubtedly.

Many confuse curiosity with attraction, some being intrigued by the mysterious, perilously,
For oh, how curiosity sees many getting into trouble — they drawn but not attracted, you see.
Hence how folk embark on a path that they shouldn’t, even end up pregnant, stuck with someone, regrettably,
And by that I mean, they cursing their folly — for some only show their true colours when married, unfairly.

Yes, that opposites attract is more myth than fact, fuelled by those cases that folk string together that they see,
Or that Hollywood perpetuates; but given it’s all about making things work, opposites can be happy.
At the end of the day, there will always be differences between partners, though the less the better, for
The less like each other partners are, it’s more likely that one of them will soon be exiting their front door.

Hence that high divorce rate that we’re seeing these days, and those words that we hear, which hardly come as a surprise,
And those words being — “Irreconcilable differences” — which their failure to get on is soon seen to advertise.
For opposites seldom get on with each other — and yes, they do say “Love is blind” — and with such, one must agree,
Given the foolishness of those opposites that wed
and then there’s selfishness, the other problem, sadly.

Yes, far too many opposites marry, but not because they're opposites.

By Lance Landall

15.  Where Opposites Do Attract

I don’t know about you, but I like a woman to talk, act, and dress like a woman, and visa versa too,
That is, I like a man to talk, act, and dress like a man, for either acting otherwise is to act askew.
For after all, men are hardly born feminine, nor women masculine, but rather, as they were meant to be,
And hence why men are attracted to women, and women to men, both being very different sexually.

And where they’re not attracted to each other, but to those of their own sex, it’s because something has gone amiss,
And why an abhorrence of such is quite understandable, and therefore, shouldn’t be put down to prejudice.
After all, how can two males mate, or two women? — no, we know they can’t, and why despite any legislation
Such will never truly be accepted by the majority of folk, for it’s clearly an aberration.

However, having said that, and despite our abhorrence of such, we should never treat such folk differently,
And by that I mean, treat them any less than we would anyone else, for that would be acting inhumanely.
In other words, by all means denounce same-sex sexual acts, but don’t go mistreating the individual,
For at the end of the day, it appears that many are born that way, and such feelings cannot exactly quell.

When I say that many are “born that way,” I’m simply meaning in the sense that something has somehow gone astray.

Well, returning to where I began, (given such is more a digression), men and women are clearly opposites,
And why men acting effeminate, and women acting masculine, neither natural appeal and nature fits.
And why even dressing up in the clothes of the opposite sex, just for fun, is something that is hardly right too,
For such conveys something that is unwholesome or unsavoury, and sanctions what one is better not to do.

There’re also those times, (and perhaps many), where a man is mistaken for a woman, and visa versa too,
That is, where a woman is mistaken for a man, which, to be quite honest, is hardly a flattering view.
And why every man and woman should only wear that which enhances their gender, and as much as possible,
For there’s nothing worse than that question, “Was that a woman or a man?” given it’s not always easy to tell.

And, let me add here, a woman doesn’t have to dress sexy to enhance her gender, but simply femininely,
Otherwise, all she’ll do is just turn herself into an object of lust, become the butt of crudity.
For nothing gets most men talking more unseemly than the teasingly sexual — yes, hardly in a woman’s best,
Given that rather than being drawn to her, men are drawn to her body, of which so many one night stands attest.

At the end of the day, it’s simply all about men being men, and women being women — acting naturally,
That is, the way they were clearly designed to, so apparent in their thinking, their ways, and their anatomy.
After all, this is where opposites do attract, this is where opposites were meant to attract, and naturally so,
For men and women were designed to compliment each other, which surely anyone with a lick of sense would know.

By Lance Landall

16.  Mind Those Who Play With Hearts

Of all the crimes here on Earth, there’s one that must surely rate pretty high, and that is, playing with someone’s heart,
Yes, a very cruel action, no minor infraction, which some cads even seem to have down to a fine art.
And oh, how they mislead, appear so convincing — even genuine — when in fact very far from sincere,
They soon leaving behind a pool of tears — a broken heart — the truth discovered too late, but now crystal-clear.

And against such, there’s oft little protection, given that love is prone to blindness, most not wanting to see,
Even though others have noticed the signs, and thus the danger, a danger that the conned refute testily.
However, time duly proves that they were mistaken, and the others right, but oft not before much injury,
For those who play with someone’s heart, reach deep inside that person’s very being, a tender inner sanctuary.

And there, they tear and wound, the heart bleeding profusely, and sometimes terminally, such being too much for some,
While others simply don’t trust again, remaining single and cynical, and less holistic thus become.
For there within their trifled heart, they harbour that which can only but do more harm than good, prolong the agony,
Which a deliberate or simply thoughtless and selfish act caused, leaving behind another casualty.

And hence those pithy words of many a philosopher, for such injury is as old as history,
And why the wise person not only listens to wisdom, but acts upon it, preventing such injury.
Yes, such is easier said than done, admittedly — but better done than not, feelings held in check by sense,
For those who play with hearts are actually the enemies of love, their callous plundering oft immense.

By Lance Landall

17.  Working Together

We’ve only the one life, so please don’t take someone else’s life and mess it up,
Demanding, pushing, marring, paining, wrecking; trying to train them like a pup.
For no one’s ours to treat as if they are, a ring not changing a single thing,
’Cause one’s partner isn’t for locking up, and if they were, they would cease to sing.

And there would go their love, because love is only forthcoming when it is free,
And when it’s not, unhappiness and resentment the upshot, eventually.
Hence why all must have the freedom to walk away at any time, say Goodbye,
Not that I’m encouraging such, but such being a right that we can’t deny.

Yes, such we’d use in our own defence should we be treated just as unfairly,
And why there must be a mutual agreement, no one acting forcibly.
And neither spouse trying to put their stamp on the other, acting selfishly,

But rather, selflessly, for nothing’s a greater blessing come matrimony.

By Lance Landall

This poem has been done with a touch of humour.

18.  Two Halves Make A Whole

Men and women are like an apple split in two, each one being the other half,
And thus never a whole apple until they’re placed together — now, please don’t laugh.
For as fruity as such seems, such helps us to get to the core of things, that being:
That men and women are each half of a whole, despite they not always seeing.

Yes, ever since that fated day when bites were taken unlawfully back then,
Things have never been quite the same between those two halves, here called women and men.
They each forgetting that two halves make a whole, and thus should learn to get along,
Instead of scrapping and parting-cum-so often getting things terribly wrong.

Though of the same tree, so to speak, they acting like they're completely different fruit,
As if an orange or a lemon, for example, confusion at the root.
And thus each branching out in different directions, even getting the pip,
Rather than growing together, seeking an amicable relationship.

By Lance Landall

18.  Where's Mister Or Miss Right?

Many are waiting for the right one, as if only that one would ever do,
When there’s a number that we could be happy with, and to whom we’d say, “I do.”
Yes, there's not just one, but far more, the trouble though, being finding them, and so,
Off we go a searching, and who knows where they’ll be, or whether in time they’ll show.

And for most, despite there being many right ones out there, the right one’s not found,
We unable to give our list of desired traits to some globe trotting sniffer hound.
And so, we having to accept some mere mortal, unless we’re very lucky,
And lucky many are, the right person living in the same territory,

Or coming their way, miraculously.

Yes, because what’s the chances of that, and why our expectations should make sense,
Mister or Miss right hardly found by simply peering over the neighbour’s fence.
And even trips afar not always proving fruitful, hence why some don’t marry,
That simply how life is, and why over “Why?” it’s rather pointless to tarry.

We’re not in the Garden of Eden where perfection would’ve glowed from any,
But rather, in a world where a perfection of sorts, would hardly fit many.
And so, out of one to ten, say, we more likely having to settle for eight,
Even seven, ’cause for the right one, we could well have to wait and wait and wait.

However, its better to still be waiting than end up with the wrong one, who,
Much misery might bring with them, they far from eight or seven, and more like two.
While not seeking perfection, we shouldn’t lower the bar too far, lest we find
That sound advice, warning, sense, wisdom and objectivity we’ve left behind.

By Lance Landall