Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


I Wish She'd Said, "No"

If your boyfriend pressures you, to do something best not done,
Please say, “No,” lest later, you regret what you didn’t shun.
In fact, even he, may also wish that you had said, “No,”
For pain could afflict you both, deliver a hammer blow.

Then you blaming him, and he blaming you, for the misery,
That being, the consequences of your, “Yes,” your laxity.
Sure he pressured you, but you could’ve and should’ve said, “No,”
Though, you’re both responsible, as far as the results go.

That’s why he’s feeling somewhat justified in blaming you,
After all, as far as a tango goes, it does take two.
You didn’t have to say, “Yes,” for you have freedom of choice,
But instead, for whatever reasons, you bowed to his voice.

And so it goes, unfortunately, and, too commonly,
The “Yes,” the pain, the blame, the falling-out, eventually.
And all because of one little word that gave the okay,
One that sometimes is too unwise or injurious to say.

“I wish she’d said no,” is what some boys have no doubt said,
After the seed that was sown proved to be an arrowhead.
One that entered her heart, and bloodied him too, consequently,
A bullet that ricocheted, a boomerang, effectively.

I’m not unsympathetic towards those who’re pressured so,
For pressuring I don’t condone, it’s the tool of a foe.
However, it must be said, it’s that, “Yes,” that opens the gate,
And that it’s those who say, “Yes,” who problems for both create.

Where you’re unlawfully forced, it’s not your fault — which all know,
But when you say, “Yes,” you’re the creator of your own woe.
That is, if you said, “Yes,” to the wrong thing — always unwise,
A sure way to see trouble and unhappiness arise.

Oh yes, “I wish he’d said no,” is also how it can go.

By Lance Landall