Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

I Would If I Could

Write a poem? Well, I would if I could, but thoughts won’t crystallize,
Thus, I need a potion that grey matter will revitalize.
I’ve got writer’s block, my head’s gone on holiday in Bangkok,
The postman has lost his bag, the ship is unable to dock.

Yes, I would write a poem if I could, but the cupboard is bare,
Seems the old thinking process has suffered too much wear and tear.
It’s gone on strike, shut the gate, and pressure won’t accommodate,
Therefore, I’ve simply got no choice, but to sit around and wait.

I’m sorry, but there you go, words are just refusing to flow,
For my creative force has vanished, the light bulb just won’t glow.
So there’s not a thing I can do, my brains saying “No thank you,”
For there’s a blockage in the pipe, there’s a hold-up in the queue.

Yes, I would if I could, I really would, but I can’t, you see,
For there’s a power outage, a break-in at the library.
No, I just can’t think of a thing, no bell’s beginning to ring,
Seems I’ve lost my rhythm and rhyme, misplaced my artistic zing.

I’m utterly distracted, my old brain cells are in a tizz,
My lemonade is missing lemons, not to mention its fizz.
I’m shocked, shattered, stunned, perplexed, confused — certainly not amused,
And I’m feeling so embarrassed, mentally battered and bruised.

I'm hoping it’s just a hiccup that will shortly disappear,
Yes, a temporary mental fog that’ll soon begin to clear.
I'm hoping that it’s just a fuse, a case of a good night’s snooze,
Nothing more than just a passing blip that later will amuse.

Yes, I would if I could, that would be good, but I can’t, sadly,
Thus, I’m sorry to disappoint, but there’s no spark currently.
My brain is far too tired, it hasn’t the energy required,
So you’ll just have to wait ’till I’m poetically inspired.

By Lance Landall