Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


If Only

If only we could go back to those days that used to be,
When far more folk were loving, and the catchword wasn’t “Me”.
When more folk thought of others, when far less sought to impress,
When “sorry” was heard more often, and criticism, heard less.

If only we could go back to the time folk seldom swore,
When crudity appalled, and obscenity, appalled more.
When sexual behaviour largely stayed in marital beds,
And when beauty, not immodesty, saw men turn their heads.

If only we could go back to that time not long ago,
When couples stayed together, when most single girls said “No”.
When just romance was in mind, when most young men wouldn’t dare,
When chivalry was common, and divorce was some-what rare.

If only we could go back to when more folk made a stand,
When the sexually explicit was condemned outright and banned.
When women didn’t dress like men, when folk seldom slept around,
When censors really censored, when adultery would astound.

If only we could go back to when music didn’t pound,
When music still had beauty, a soothing or cheerful sound.
When singers sang good lyrics, and also, dignity displayed,
When talent was more wholesome, and discretion hadn’t strayed.

If only we could go back to when people had more sense,
When they were far more truthful, and seldom caused offense.
When principles and values were upheld and not discarded,
When morals tried and proven, society’s well-being guarded.

Yes, could we turn the clock back, what a difference it would make, 
Though sadly, that’s unlikely, as a miracle it would take.
However, much can still be done that’ll help turn things around,
But we had better hurry, as each day we’re losing ground.

By Lance Landall