Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

It's All About Others

I’m grateful there are doctors, surgeons, optometrists too,
Dentists, psychologists, those who medical research do.
And I’m grateful there’re nurses, paramedics, specialists,
Chiropractors, podiatrists, and physiotherapists.

The ones that touch my heart though, out of all those mentioned here,
Are those who show compassion mixed with tender loving care.
They’re the ones who put folk first, knowing money should come last,
Those who make sacrifices, and little of others ask.

Yes, it’s all about others, (and so many are in need),
It’s all about callings, not careers, bank accounts or greed.
It’s all about easing someone’s plight, heartache, pain and aches,
And where such care is shown, what a difference it makes.

Yes, it’s all about others, many vulnerable and afraid,
Who are looking to others who are qualified to aid.
Yes, it’s all about others, many dependent on those
Who’ve the skills and equipment, and ability to diagnose.

Losing ourselves in others is what will truly satisfy;
We receive the greatest joy whenever ‘self’ we crucify.
Sacrifice and selflessness character will beautify,
And when practiced in one’s life will enrich and dignify.

Those who’ve chosen a calling because they desire to serve,
We should salute and applaud, for such our praises deserve.
They’re heroes and heroines whose compassion, love and care,
Makes us feel that we’re valued, makes life easier to bare.

Yes, I’m grateful there are those, (who thinking of humankind),
Have sought out a profession that deals with body or mind.
That it’s all about others, is something that they’ve realized,
And why here in poetry my gratitude I’ve exercised.

By Lance Landall