Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


It's Not The Blues

Everybody gets the blues, it could be said, but not depression though,
For depression is in a league of its own, as sufferers well know.
The blues are simply under-the-weather days, and somewhat common fare,
But not depression, deeper than deep, darker than dark — yes, loss, pain, fear.

Sure there are degrees, but depression is depression, not the blues, and,
It’s a medical condition; an ill that many don’t understand.
Yes, until folk experience such, they have no idea what it’s like;
A cruel out-of-body experience that so hellishly can strike.

It’s when the lights go out and darkness descends, and you’re there on your own,
Seemingly trapped in a world that is blank, a dismal "no desire" zone.
A wretched world of gloom, despair — a pit, and breakdown territory,
A struggle, battle, a time or times, pure mind numbing misery.

Sadly so there’re know-it-alls who add to the sufferer’s misery,
So sure that they have the answer neatly packaged for delivery.
And likewise the “Snap out of it” brigade, or positive thinkers’ club,
Both doggedly convinced that negative thinking is depression’s nub...

When the truth is that there can be many complex causes, (injury),
Not just mentally, emotionally, but also physically.
Both mind and body are complex in themselves, and linked intricately,
And clearly added to all this is one’s individuality.

Therefore, it’s not a one size fits all scenario, approach or cure,
For there’s no silver bullet — though there’s always hope, let me reassure.
It can be a one off, or recurring thing, and afflicts many,
And like I mentioned — as far as magic wands go, there just aren’t any.

And drugs are not the answer, though sometimes possibly necessary,
But because they can do more harm than good, they should be temporary.
Often it’s a case of learning how to live with such, so to speak, and,
What a difference it can make when others show thought or understand.

By Lance Landall