Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


It's Your Decision

Should a Christian woman wear a pair of trousers (slacks) or a dress?
And if she opts for trousers, is that a decision God will bless?
Yes, interesting questions, worthy of an answer, a reply,
Hence my attempts to provide an answer I hope will satisfy.

In the beginning, God created male and female, woman, man,
Thus, gender distinctions were clearly part of His creative plan.
But who loves to destroy, blur, create substitutes? Yes, Satan, who,
The very opposite to God’s plans has always sought to pursue.

And he’s certainly trying to blur the gender distinctions, hence,
Unisex, role dismantling, political correctness nonsense.
His prints are all over marriage break-ups, broken homes, arguments,
And why you can be certain that these things aren’t mere coincidence.

That being the case, and given Satan’s gender blurring exercise,
Dressing very different to the opposite sex would be wise.
This way, Christians will help counter his efforts — that is, his attack,
And thereby show that God’s plans, not Satan’s plans, they’ve chosen to back.

And surely that’s what our Creator God would want amidst it all,
Clothing that upholds and more clearly points to His blueprint pre-Fall.
A blueprint best lived by, and not the faulty post-Fall condition,
For there’s no blueprint there — rather, opposition, demolition.

Yes, masculine men, feminine women, God’s intent, nature’s way,
Thus, slacks on a woman less femininity will convey,
And will see them develop mannerisms akin to men, sadly,
Mannerisms less ladylike, less fetching, unsurprisingly.

The more women look like men, the less it flatters them, believe me,
For nothing does more for a woman than dressing femininely.
And nothing’s more appealing to a man, nor complimentary,
For when God made male and female, that’s how He intended things be.

Don't they say opposites attract?

By Lance Landall