Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Just Relax?

Why don’t people like visiting a dental surgery?
Okay! Okay! One at a time. Such commotion, honestly.
Given your reaction, I think I had better say why,
Or at least certain disturbing elements identify.

How about those needles for one — they’re rather sharp, aren’t they?
And intimidating, even scary, when coming our way.
Do they need to be so lengthy, and waved about like that,
And who’s fooled by those smiles, and all that, “You’ll be okay,” chat?

No, that nasty needle’s coming our way despite it all;
“Just a wee prick,” they say. Now tell me, who for such would fall?
Yet, mouth wide open, we let them do their thing, and they do!
And you guessed it. It’s no mere prick. Seems like they’ve impaled you.

To add insult to injury, they’ve more mean looking tools,
Which once again, despite all their banter, nobody fools.
After all, we’ve been there before, and know such won’t be fun,
And oddly, only think of fleeing after work has begun.

Perhaps we’re just good sports, or is it fear pinning us there,
While they drill, prod, push, yank, pinch, and inside our numb mouth peer?
“Is it hurting?” — they ask. But tell me, how can we reply,
When fingers, swabs, and other foreign things, won’t let us comply?

When they’ve finished with us, and stunned like, we vacate the chair,
They smile sympathetically, then point to the cashier.
Referred pain they call it, for now it’s traveling elsewhere,
Given our precious dollars are beginning to disappear.

Well, how did I do? Feel better now? Oops, silly old me,
Filling you in is one thing, but such details — how scarrrrry.
But to be fair though, what would we do without dentistry,
And who’s the real culprit? Dentists? Or pockets full of candy?

Just relax? Yeah, right.

By Lance Landall