Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Just This Once, Okay?

Now here’s a tasty treat for you, one that I shouldn’t be revealing,
Because once it goes past your waiting lips, I know how you’ll be feeling.
And therefore, it comes with a strong warning that one must use self-control,
And thus only have a slice or two; such followed by a little stroll.


 Firstly, you will need a slab tin, a greased one, for you to bake it in,
Though should you not want to grease the tin, place some baking paper within.
And once this fruity slice is baked, cut it into squares while it's still hot,
And please remember to share it too, ’cause you shouldn’t gobble the lot.

Ready? Grab a bowl.

Okay. Next get a cup of self-raising flour, a cup of coconut,
A cup of jumbo, seeded raisins, one hen's egg — keep the cupboard shut —
One hundred and twenty five grams of standard butter or margarine,
A tablespoon of golden syrup — oh, I hope that your hands are clean —

And lastly so, three quarters of a cup of plain white sugar also.
Now, when you've got those ingredients together, you're all set to go,
So, take the dry ingredients and mix them together. Which are they?
The flour, the coconut, the raisins and sugar. No! You mustn’t play.

Now take the butter and the golden syrup and place them in a pot,
Letting them melt until just boiling and then quickly remove the pot.
And into that dry mixture in the bowl, tip the contents of the pot,
As well as that egg. Hey! I certainly didn’t say to lick the pot.

Mix all the ingredients well and then place it all in the slab tin,
Spreading it all out evenly — and better wipe that food off your chin.
Now bake it for twenty minutes in the oven, and at what degrees?
One hundred and eighty — Celsius, that is. A cake that's sure to please.

Once it's baked, place it in front of your friends. Now come on, you can do it.
Yes, I know how yummy it smells, but your friends would also love a bit.
And you should take a look at their faces when they take their first big bite,
And I'd listen very carefully too, ’cause they’ll all squeal with delight.

Now remember that it’s just a treat, not something that one should oft eat.

I’m watching you!

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 19 April 2018.