Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



Some people call it karma, others call it justice — payback time, effectively,
For that which goes around, certainly comes around — cause and effect, invariably.
Oh yes, we reap what we sow, which surely we all know, or learn, eventually,
When we do to others what we wouldn’t like them to do to us (so thoughtlessly).

Such also applies to unwise actions in general, and our foolish choices too,
For going contrary to common sense, or ignoring wisdom, oft sees things go askew.
And hence those things that bite, those things that kick us back, often very painfully so,
Leaving us with regret, wishing we hadn’t done this or that, hence tears that oft flow.

Oh yes, how slow we humans are to learn that selfishness and foolishness doesn’t pay,
That those unkind insensitive bullets we fire at others are prone to ricochet.
Bullets that we should never fire, nor even think to, but oh, how often we do,
Via those things we wrongly say and do, that over time, ill winds and heartache accrue.

Yes, hurt and you’ll be hurt, harm and you’ll be harmed, mistreat and you will be mistreated,
And as long as we continue in that vein, those consequences will be repeated.
Others aren’t for hurting, injuring, mistreating, deceiving, nor for putting last,
And oh, how things have an unpleasant way of reminding us of our erring past.

Wrongdoing isn’t a generational thing, but the bane of humanity,
More often seen in the form of selfishness, as opposed to general folly.
And hence why others suffer in the main, and invariably ourselves, and rightly,
For why should we get away with inflicting ill on others via acting unkindly.

It’s time we realized that the self-serving mentality is a destructive one,
(Not just one that leaves others shivering in the shade while we’re soaking up the sun),
And that if we want true happiness, it’s found in living selflessly, and humbly;
The past no longer surprising, nor we looking over our shoulder anxiously.

Yes, some people call it karma, others call it justice, and some, life’s carousel,
Given that what goes around, comes around, whether such be something nice or something ill.
And as to what comes around, usually lies with us, our choices, words and deeds,
For as we all know, things invariably grow, from both poorly and well planted seeds.

By Lance Landall

2.  Our Little Secret

Are psychopaths born so, injured later, or made? And then there’s heredity,
By that I mean, who knows what’s handed down via one’s genes (lying dormant, maybe).
Yes, it’s the chicken or the egg scenario, and there are those triggers too,
Which circumstances and background sees some mother’s grownup child going askew.

I guess there’re clues, but who picks them up? Though I guess some might wonder, or predict,
But generally, when such folk are exposed, it’s a case of, “We didn’t suspect.”
Seemingly normal, but not so, for something tragic has occurred within their mind
(And no doubt their heart) — and too late, the sad results of that disturbance are seen.

Who knows what’s going on beneath the surface, where the sinister, one can’t see,
Those ominous thoughts and feelings that come to fruition eventually.
And who knows what feeds such thoughts and feelings, though I’m sure that one could speculate,
Given the ghoulish, violent, weird, and pornographic that folk now tolerate.

So who might be a psychopath?

Your child? My child? You? Me? For who really knows, given that we all think we’re sound?
And in the main, perhaps we are, but not some of us, whose psychosis in time is found.
Plus, there’re various shades, types, and these latter folk quite prolific, it would seem,
For not just certified psychopaths carry out callous acts, and wickedly scheme.

So tell me, what’s in a label? Is such simply how we define the very worst?
Those who within the shadowy recesses of their mind some ill have rehearsed?
Those who coldly scheme, manipulate, hurt, force, cruelly injure — unfeelingly?
Oh dear, sounds somewhat like most of us, I fear — but hey, let’s keep that quiet, shall we?

By Lance Landall

3.  We Two-sided Like A Coin

How can those who love their spouse and children be torturers and murderers too?
Hitler’s henchmen being one example, hence their viciousness towards any Jew.
And then there are those doting husbands and fathers who’re rapists or paedophiles,
Their malice toward others hidden behind family photo album smiles.

And lest you think I’m picking on men, there’re women who commit dreadful acts too,
But whether folk be male or female, there’s something here that’s terribly askew.
And to be honest, very concerning, for who isn’t a Jekyll and Hyde?
And hence those unfortunate things that we oft see that reveal another side.

Road rage, unfaithfulness, some deviance, and what else do people try to hide?

And therein lies the problem — yes, that other side that shouldn’t be, but that is
(And be that ‘loving some and hurting others’ a problem that is hers or his).
And all this why we’re in a mess, for there should only be one side to us, and,
It that side from which only good comes, not ill that’s opportunistic or planned.

So where does that injurious side come from, and why does it plague humanity,
Or to put it another way, why’s there a Jekyll and Hyde in so many?
Well, one thing you can be sure of is, such is not a normal state of affairs
(Though common among us), but an aberrant condition that too often steers.

And hence those vices, those destructive traits and that selective brutality,
That schizophrenic cruelty oft sporting a gown of respectability.
Yes, men hugging their wives whilst deep in simulated rapes via pornography,
And women plotting their husband’s end whilst engaged in some worthy charity.

No, this no soap opera, but reality, we two-sided like a coin,
And we more governed by selfishness, appetite, an objectifying loin.
And hence why we love and yet hate, caress and yet brutalize, share and yet steal,
Our worthiness and glowing public persona oft more dishonest than real.

Well, that aberrant side comes from somewhere, a devil and a fall, I believe,
And why ever since men and women have been seen to harm, strut, use and deceive.
And here we’ll all remain until that sad Jekyll and Hyde business gets the boot,
For wherever one loves and yet injures, that two-sidedness is at the root.

And this why we must look up and not down, thus reaching for a higher level,
We acting more like a loving, untainted Saviour than a turncoat devil.
Okay, so you’re not a believer, perhaps, but tell me, what’s your idea then?
For I’ve never seen a time on Earth where the answer was provided by men.

By Lance Landall

4.  Pike River Mine

Twenty nine precious lives met their end in Pike River mine, and all so very needlessly,
Yes, courtesy of mismanagement, folk in charge avoiding their responsibility.
And money the root of much evil, it’s said, profit one reason those twenty nine are dead,
Hence money and negligence winning the day when it should’ve been twenty nine lives instead.

And adding to the torture-cum-that lead in the bellies of the grieving, another blow,
“Sorry, but we can’t retrieve the bodies….so, proper burials you will have to forgo.”
Yes, a tragic loss that shouldn’t have been, nor that added pain that followed, and lingers on,
For not only do investigations drag and reopen wounds, but their loved ones have gone.

Oh, that such tragedies occur, lives being far too precious to exchange for filthy lucre,
And as for clear-cut irresponsibility….well, some stiff penalty such should incur.
Not that justice resurrects a loved one, nor those twenty nine lives lost in Pike River mine,
And hey, who’s prepared to put their hand up, for such takes a healthy conscience and robust

Well, what goes around comes around, my dad used to say, something that many have found is true,
And why when it comes to others, more so their lives, we should always mind what we say and do.
Otherwise, how many more lives will be lost via this or that, or scarred in some unfair way?
And why all of us can learn much from that fateful — yet avoidable — Pike River Mine day.

By Lance Landall

In memory of those who lost their lives in the Pike River mine disaster — Greymouth, New Zealand, 19th November 2010.

5.  Flight MH370

We’re living in times where strange things are happening, and stranger they’re bound to get,
For there’s evidence of behind the scenes activity, a stage that’s being set.
And why it comes as no surprise to me when some plane is seen to disappear,
Or something else occurs that doesn’t gel with the official story we hear.

Yes, we’re living in different times, times when folk shouldn’t be so quick to fly,
For evil’s not only stalking folk on Earth but snatching them out of the sky;
And so it was with flight MH370, currently a mystery,
And such adding to the grief of loved ones deprived of closure so unfairly.

Oh, the pain that they must feel, their happiness in shreds and they questioning “Why?”
And who wouldn’t, certain things not adding up, and hence their rightful hue and cry,
For planes shouldn’t suddenly disappear, nor change direction without good cause,
And wander on for some time at that, and why we all have good reason to pause.

Well, maybe truth will surface in time, some answers too, not that the pain will go,
For nothing can bring back the deceased, and people can’t always pinpoint the foe.
And who knows just what’s happened here, life being so full of much that doesn’t make sense,
And such aided by those behind the scene who’re adept at evil and pretence.

No, I’m not pointing the finger at anyone, but facing reality,
For this world’s been plagued with both random and premeditated acts of cruelty.
All why many occurrences seem suspicious, some proved not and some proved so,
And hence why we need to have an open mind; much more going on than we know.

By Lance Landall

In memory of all those on board Flight MH370 that disappeared on the 8th March, 2014.

This poem has been done with a touch of humour.

6.  Me, Me, Me

Oh dear, hello Mister Self, you’re really quite a problem, aren’t you, night and day,
You demanding this and that — in other words, you always wanting your own way.
I’m truly sick and tired of you, can’t stand that whiny old, “Come and play with me,”
As I would rather lose myself in others, and not get caught up thoughtlessly.

Yes, there’s no joy in hanging out with you, as you’re always seeking attention,
And I have to say that there are a host of other things that I could mention.
For example: You’re always dwelling on yourself — yes, thinking of yourself, and
You still keep using that nauseating little word — me! — which I just can’t stand.

So bud out, I want to be left alone, I’ve things to do for other folk, and,
I’m well and truly feed up with the fact that you’ve always got something else planned.
I really want to keep away from you, am tired of hearing that me, me, me,
You nought but a horrid bore, to be honest — an introvert, if you ask me.

By Lance Landall

7.  Boils

Did I upset you? — oh dear, and even more than once — well, I’m really sorry,
But we do have our bad days, and hence those unfortunate words that came from me.
Sometimes we say the stupidest of things, act in the poorest of ways, sadly,
Not that we mean to, but things build up due to this or that, unfortunately.

Sometimes we’re like a boil that needs pricking, and something comes along that does so,
Not that it’s always someone’s fault, as such, but nevertheless, we up and blow.
And out comes all that poison, and it needing to, ’cause such pus is unhealthy,
But it such a shame when it splatters others, has them responding as wrongly.

So please, mind how you react when someone’s boil is pricked (hopefully not by you),
Because such boils aren’t all that uncommon; which maybe you, friend, can relate to.
And after those boils have burst, we, if it’s us, most regretful, really sorry,
And hoping it will be dismissed for what it is, just a boil, momentary.

By Lance Landall

8.  Pity Help Us

You know, we’re all so darn selfish, so caught up in ourselves, AM and PM,
Always wanting others to understand us, but failing to understand them.
We busy running here and there, and others needing to be understood too,
And maybe more so, but we in our own little world; and how things go askew.

Yes, some relationships going from sad to bad, we nursing this hurt or that,
And some of those hurts more perceived than real, able to be resolved via a chat.
But no, ain’t talking, and why some things aren’t resolved, or only after much time,
And we the one at fault, or clinging to some grievance over which we oft chime.

So what on earth’s wrong with us given that such behaviour can go on for years,
We hollering for plasters and crutches, or searching for sympathetic ears.
And oh, how we nauseatingly whine, repelling rather than attracting,
And when it comes to certain things, many of us simply overreacting.

Yes, we full on about others, and oft resenting truth said of us — oh dear —
For we should be taking on board such truth, and cultivating a caring ear,
One that responds to the cries and complaints of others, for self’s a dead-end street,
It’s row of houses full of folk who’re seldom happy and depressing to meet.

By Lance Landall

9.  Expect A Lot From Leaders

Yes, expect a lot from leaders — be they mayors, pastors or MPs, say — for they
Have been entrusted with power and authority, considerable sway.
And therefore, and in all their sayings and doings, should be above reproach, and
Thus always held accountable; all of which may call on you to make a stand.

I’m sure you know as well as I do how so many leaders have gone astray,
Leaving behind a historical trail that shows no sign of easing today.
And this why we see abuse and corruption, much sexual hanky panky,
And that proverbial fudging, outright lying-cum-goodbye transparency.

The truth is, that leaders are appointed to serve us via some capacity,
And thus when they deceive us, mislead or plunder, it’s with great audacity.
All why out reaction should be swift, coupled with a message that’s loud and clear,
For those who display such unworthiness, no longer have a right to be there.

Yes, the last thing we need is some errant leader, there enough to fill a lake,
And they all having left so much misery and trouble in their selfish wake.
And this why we should expect a lot from leaders, remove any pedestal,
For pride, ego, selfish ambition and agendas have always led to ill.

Too many leaders are full of excuses, blaming this or that, he or she,
And thus they often ensuring that it’s not their head that rolls, when it should be.
Oh, how they play their games, even delude themselves, dictate from their self-made thrones,
Until that time when justice intervenes and their smug little kingdom disowns.

It’s sad that many who would make good leaders are bypassed for many who don’t,
And why we soon see things going amiss, and why certain things that should get done won’t.
And some of them claiming that they’ve been anointed by God, or so they argue,
When the truth is, they’ve merely been appointed by men, God far from happy too.

Yes, when it comes to leaders — even judges, by the way — we need to stand firm,
For any who err in their dealing with weighty matters give cause for concern.
And particularly so where it affects lives — in other words, you and I,
And why compassion should be wedded to sense, our expectations rightly high.

By Lance Landall

"A leader leads by example, not by force."
Sun Tzu

10.  Man Worshippers

I've never understood how people (be they one, thousands or millions) can revere a man like they do,
'Cause no man’s a god, nor can be one, or even come close to one, so such adulation isn’t due.
At the end of the day, a man is nothing more than a man (requiring the toilet like us all),
A flawed human who shouldn’t be given some Divine or glorified title — oh, how oft such men fall.

Such reverence is most unhealthy, it giving a man an even greater platform for doing ill,
'Cause a man granted God-like authority can have others believing they must carry out his will.
In other words, as if God himself is dictating via that man, and therein lies great danger, you see,
'Cause there's nothing worse than blind faith in another person, especially someone with such authority.

Such adulation is the product of folly-cum-humans who've discarded wisdom and commonsense,
Many having been taught so from childhood, and others misinterpreting the Bible in their defence.
Yes, an inculcated, perpetuated tragedy, one that's seen so much evil done in God’s name,
'Cause such homage simply sees those who're so revered making some pompous, deluded, injurious claim.

Those who put men on such pedestals are effectively man worshippers (be they pagans or Christians,
And such Christians taking glory away from their God, whereby, despite their denying such, each one sins).
But whether one's a Christian or not, such affection and adulation for some man is plain folly,
And something that so many of Earth’s inhabitants today haven’t learnt from our bloodied history.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 13 February 2020.

11.  Exalt No One

So many people revere or idolize someone (or more than one), and many of them obsessively so,
Hanging on their every word, copying them, clutching their photo, even dreaming of them, though better should know.
For such is one sure way to end up being led astray, conned, used, or most disappointed, and unsurprisingly,
Given that we’re all so human, so flawed, which includes those who’re revered and idolized so very foolishly.

Many of them are far from squeaky-clean, and are involved in this or that, their private lives another story,
Which, were such known, would see them pulled from their pedestal, upon which they should never have been placed initially.
For after all, all are equal, and of no greater worth, and therefore, not deserving of such exaltation,
And such revering and idolizing (which is a form of worship), being more worthy of one's condemnation.

So many who strut the stage, appear in movies, officially on T.V., or before some congregation,
Are involved in the unsavoury, criminal, or immoral, and who knows what other selfish violation.
Hence those falls from grace so often heard of, read about, and even seen, proof we shouldn’t revere or idolize,
For such is the territory of fools, who their naivety, immaturity, or ignorance advertise.

Yes, no matter how godly someone appears, no matter how squeaky-clean they may look, or how high up the scale,
They’re never worthy of, nor entitled to, any form of worship or pedestal, be they male or female.
And any who think they are, are not only deluded or misinformed, but a danger and possible snare,
And even less deserving of revering and idolising, for their unfitness of such, is more than clear.

By Lance Landall

12.  Just Crooks

This world is full of fraudsters who prey on the vulnerable — they including, the young, the aged, the weak, the helpless, the unwell and gullible — yes, easy prey for those who’re out to make a killing, and who even convince many who’re less willingly, who midst a desperate sigh, the fraudster’s flawed theory try, or quack potions, lotions, and tablets buy, thinking, “Well, I’ll never know  will I until I give such a go?” which just leaves these fraudsters richer, an all to common picture, a scene that’s set via clever spiels, those too good to be true deals, slick and sophisticated adds, that financially fleece caring mums and dads, or whoever else falls prey to such scams, so like innocent children, unwary new born lambs.
Yes, cures for this, answers for that — and yes, there’s always a cost, hence how over time much is lost, or perhaps in one hit, folk hoping and thinking that “This is it,” only to find that it isn’t so, just another harsh and “Thought so” blow, for often there isn’t an answer or cure, and why sometimes we’ve no choice but to endure, or to just accept things the way they are, carry that burden, live with that scar, rather than playing into the hands of conmen, who deceive and fleece again and again.
And I’ve no doubts that there are deluded fraudsters out there, those who believe they do have an answer or cure, and in that sense, they are sincere, but given they haven’t, and one’s money duly take, they’re simply fraudsters of another kind — still fake — who’re deceiving and fleecing humankind.
Yes, some have cures for this, answers for that, no doubt could pull rabbits out of a hat, and so it goes, which in time shows, for reality and fantasy are worlds apart, though seldom in the fraudster’s mind and heart, nor in that of the deluded, who cannot be excluded, for they effectively work the same art, peddling their cures, their answers, their seminars and books — yes, fraudsters, modern day pickpockets — in other words, just crooks!
By Lance Landall