Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Keep It Neutral

Some like to worship this way, some like to worship that way,
And in our own time or place, how we worship, may be okay.
But when we come together as we do each worship day,
We should consider others who don’t see things the same way.

So, let’s keep worship neutral for the sake of unity,
Given Satan’s looking for any opportunity.
He loves to stir up friction, and division loves to cause,
So, let’s keep worship neutral lest he give himself applause.

When Christians come together, they shouldn’t seek their own way,
But rather, the good of all, and not selfishness display.
The God that Christians worship wants their worship to be free
Of anything that’s tainted with a ‘me’ mentality. 

So, let’s keep worship neutral and not seek to introduce
Anything that’s divisive, or that friction may produce.
It’s better plain and simple, and where all are in accord,
For we aren’t there for our sake, but to honour and praise the Lord.

Must we also place our stamp on this time God’s set apart?
Must we have our way here too, showing a self-centered heart?
Can’t we forgo our own way for the sake of just one day,
That morning, that hour, that we study, listen, sing and pray?

Yes, let’s keep worship neutral so that all can happier be
Worshipping in a sanctuary divisive and friction free.
When we all come together, peace and harmony can be,
If everyone’s God-focused, and minus that ‘me’ mentality.

What in worship upsets others, may upset our Saviour too,
For at times, even some things lawful, we shouldn’t choose to do.
If we’ve true love for others, and desire to please the Lord,
We won’t seek to introduce those things that’ll cause discord.

By Lance Landall