Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Last One Out ...

So many young folk are leaving their church, even Christianity,
No longer knowing what to believe given all the changes they see;
Courtesy of the contemporary movers and shakers, who,
Ignore the old way-marks, question God’s Word, and its content misconstrue.

Yes, contemporary movers and shakers who’re hell bent on change,
And who — the gospel as proclaimed by the apostles — rearrange.
They introduce the worldly, along with, “The end justifies the means,”
Which muddies and confuses, and the Word of God, clearly contravenes.

Thus, it’s no wonder young folk wander (and many never to return),
Often immature spiritually, hence unable to discern.
Yes, lacking an in-depth understanding of Scripture, tragically,
Having only been fed on milk, and not meat, most irresponsibly.

Sure it doesn’t help, if they themselves haven’t plumbed the depths of God’s Word,
But what a travesty, when from the pulpit, solid teaching’s hardly heard.
Or when deeper study gives way to other things that aren’t so weighty,
And worship is more focused on the man pleasing contemporary.

Where there isn’t a solid foundation, there is no security,
But rather, simply shifting sand, and all those changes that we can see.
A casualness, irreverence, an unhealthy lack of concern,
Which sooner or later sees many young folk doing an about-turn.

That is, heading back into the world, leaving their church — for why remain
If there’s little difference, confusion, and nothing’s no longer plain,
If grace covers sin, and not just sinners, as is being taught or implied,
And if the narrow way isn’t narrow anymore, but rather, wide?

Yes, why would they remain if all they are seeing is hypocrisy,
Double standards, compromise, worldly imitation — a mockery?
Hence one reason why a church back door swings, hinges oiled unwittingly
By contemporary movers and shakers -- alias apostasy.

By Lance Landall


Is every single thing that’s contemporary unacceptable?
No. Only that which conflicts with Scripture, and runs counter to God’s will.
After all, contemporary simply means: What’s going down today,
Currently, as of this time, as opposed to the past — now, one can say.

Note: This poem can be used without the P.S. verse.