Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



God will hold accountable leaders in the Christian church,
Their every word and action, and their heart He’ll also search.
For they’re watchmen on the walls of the Church that He holds dear,
They’re watchmen He’s appointed till that time when He’ll appear.

They’re to guard the Church’s gate lest Satan enter and adulterate,
And on the Day of Judgment will answer to the Magistrate.
Where, if they have been faithful, He will say to them, “Well done,”
Or, if they’ve been disloyal, “Depart from Me. Reward? There’s none.”

Each Christian’s an ambassador who represents the Lord,
Each is accountable, thus, rebellion they can’t afford.
But more so those who’re leaders, for they’re there to guide the flock,
And uphold each precious truth entrusted to them by the Rock.

So, woe betide those leaders who soon stray from what is right,
Who act hypocritically, mislead, or division incite.
Yes, woe betide those leaders who distort God’s Holy Word,
And who bring wrong into the Church that they think is preferred.

All leaders should make sure that what’s said and done is right,
For the Lord will not excuse those who’re careless with the Light.
Throughout Israel’s history and the reign of each new king,
Kings were classed as good or bad given the following thing:

When they embraced idolatry, they were considered as bad,
And that foolish choice they made, soon saw Israel troubled and sad.
But when they shunned idolatry, and/or such evil removed,
They were considered as good, and Israel’s lot then improved.

And so it is with leaders in the Christian Church today,
They’ll either shun what is wrong or embrace what’ll lead astray.
Thus within the sight of God they’ll be classed as good or bad,
And receive eternal death, or, in Heavenly robes be clad.

Not in leaders, but in God we trust, and given history, that's a must.

By Lance Landall

Yes, pastors are leaders too. A congregation will not usually rise higher than its leadership. Hence a Christian leader must exemplify the principles of his profession.