Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Let's Face Up To It

It seems that many see themselves as pretty good underneath,
When in fact -- injury to others -- they via their lives bequeath.
Thus, were honest appraisals made of all the things we do and say,
The truth of our condition might show less growth and more decay.

As the years have drifted on by, there has been a sad decline,
Hence, values that once were cherished, now lie prostrate before self’s shrine.
Yes, so subtle in progression has this loss of values been,
That most haven’t even noticed their departure from the scene.

It’s not until there are problems from not doing what is right,
That many then see the reason for the sadness of their plight.
The same goes for society and the problems that ensue
When citizens -- good principles and values -- foolishly undo.

We're seeing this in the language that so many use today,
For words that were once forbidden now in public you can say.
And along with such profanity we see crudity as well,
Tearing down morality, inflicting on us all its ill.

And within the family home, further evidence is seen,
For a corruptive smorgasbord fills a constantly watched screen.
Yes, endorsed by all and sundry, TV's content is excused,
Midst principles and values being continually abused.

Many against adultery sit and watch with interest keen
As married actors fornicate with other actors on the screen.
It seems that because it’s acted, that some think that makes it right,
But that is just hypocrisy that is treating black as white.

Now the evil world of witchcraft supposedly enlightens,
And it appears that the occult no longer any frightens.
Thus, the clearly spiritualistic delights and praise brings,
Whilst Harry Potter vies with the vaunted Lord of the Rings.

Sexual activity too, boundaries has overthrown,
And pornographic material along with this has grown.
And surprise, surprise, crime has increased, as once again is seen
The rejection of more values — safeguards, that most folk demean.

And music has suffered too, for the once beautiful and sweet
Has now sadly been exchanged for just a strong hypnotic beat.
And a gyrating sexuality and lyrics as obscene,
Are filling ears and vision too, showing that lust reigns supreme.

Thus, when evil's seen as fun, and when violence entertains,
When foul language rules the day, and when sex nobody restrains,
When crime is running rampant, and crudity just brings forth mirth,
When music has lost its beauty, then, corruption has given birth.

And when sound values are dismantled, and morals are discarded,
When others’ rights are just spurned, and self is much more regarded,
When error has replaced truth, and when what's wrong is called okay,
When what’s right has little weight, then, disaster is on its way.

So tell me, where do you stand, friend, and what part might you have played,
And will your future actions see more wrong or more right obeyed?
You see, the biggest challenge we face isn't this world we’re in,
But rather, that wrong within ourselves, requiring discipline.

By Lance Landall

Figuratively Verbalizing

I’ve a few things I hope you won’t mind me verbalizing,
And you may consider some of them hardly surprising.
Perhaps in your own mind they’ve also been crystallizing,
And with my thoughts will actually be harmonizing.

It’s very clear that there has been too much compromising,
And that there are some things we’ve been wrongly legalizing.
I must say too, I’m not impressed with some advertising
That certain things is irresponsibly glamorizing.

Yes, I’m concerned over many things we’ve been televising,
I’m concerned over many things we’ve been sanitizing,
I’m concerned over many things we’ve been authorizing,
And I’ve concerns over things we’ve been popularizing.

I’ve also concerns over things we’ve been satirizing,
And I’m concerned about folk we’ve been marginalizing.
I’m concerned about those people we’ve been stigmatizing,
Categorizing, ostracizing, dehumanizing.

We’ve been maximizing wrong, rather than minimizing,
And things one shouldn’t dream of, we’ve been rationalizing.
We’ve been polarizing, pressurizing, tyrannizing,
And penalizing, paralyzing, demoralizing.

It’s clear that wisdom’s something we’ve been anesthetizing,
And, sadly — folly and error — have been customizing.
Yes, we’ve been systemizing, institutionalizing,
Monopolizing jeopardizing, destabilizing.

And it’s clear that we have been foolishly idolizing
What society, (that’s us), is simply scandalizing.
You see, we’ve all been far too busy acclimatizing,
Unaware that this boat we’re in is slowly capsizing.

Have I been dramatizing? No, rather, summarizing.

By Lance Landall