Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Let's Get It Right

The way we treat offenders, says much about you and I,
Which here, via my poetry, I’ll attempt to clarify.
To lock folk up in prison, toss the key, or just leave them be,
Is to simply escalate problems in society.

Many who are put away, sometime later are released,
Only to offend again, hence why problems are increased.
This cycle is repeated, thus, the list of victims grows,
And consequences ripple, adding to our present woes.

Whether they’re released or not, it’s more sensible and right,
To help them become better, to rehabilitate, show foresight.
We all should act humanely, and also, an example set,
Otherwise, indirectly, we’ll simply aid and abet.

Imprisonment, is punishment enough, it’s certainly not fun,
It’s not a bed of roses like so often some have spun.
Many shout, “Make things tougher for those who’ve been put away,”
But were they sent there also, I’m sure such they wouldn’t say. 

Imagine: Life in a tiny cell, all the goings-on,
Being governed twenty four seven, constantly spied upon.
Imagine: Kept from loved ones, lonely, no longer free,
Days and days of mindlessness, potential threats, abuse maybe.

Many who’re not in prison, are as bad as those within,
They simply haven’t got caught, may look benign, or genuine.
And some who’ve been put away are innocent, shouldn’t be there,
Thus, for their sake, when demanding this or that, please take care.

Yes, punishment should occur when people break rightful laws,
And that there’s need of prisons, only a fool, such ignores.
But when folk are in prison, let’s not leave them there to rot,
Rather, to each inmate, things that may change them, we should allot.

What about war criminals, political prisoners, P.O.W s, terrorists?

Any human on this earth, regardless of what they’ve done,
Should be treated humanely, and justly, by everyone.
To treat such folk otherwise, would be to act just the same,
Which invariably would mean, the moral high ground we couldn’t claim.

We must be above reproach when dealing with offenders,
Totally transparent, objective, with no agendas.
Sound reasoning, not emotion, should dictate what we do,
And all paths that veer from such, we shouldn’t consider, nor pursue.

Otherwise, where will it end, so, let us take the high ground,
Let us only do what’s right, lest wrong on our side be found.
Yes, how we treat offenders, the vulnerable or sick,
Reveals the truth about us, acts as a measuring stick.

By Lance Landall

Mind Those Approaches

There are those who struggle in life, but who try to do their best despite those problems and issues that oft dog them,
And who stumble a lot as a result, often acting wrongfully, and who we should be less quick to condemn.
For the ones who are more deserving of reproof, are those who don’t struggle the same, but who still act wrongfully,
That is, quite knowingly and willingly, when they are more than capable of acting very differently.

Those ones who struggle, but desire to do better, and be better, need a softer approach to their wrongdoing,
An approach that’s compassionate, thoughtful and understanding, lest any advancement it end up undoing.
Yes, one that’s more encouraging than anything, for such strugglers are well aware of their inability,
That is, all those weaknesses, traits and hang-ups that make it so much harder for them to act appropriately.

To those folk who struggle so, hampered somehow emotionally, the lofty heights of better thoughts, words and ways
Can seem so much further from their reach, perhaps impossible to reach, which often discourages and dismays.
And such feelings are often why they succumb to those wrongdoings, not that I am condoning wrong, (for wrong is wrong),
But simply stressing that in their case, stronger words of reproof, and tougher responses, (punishment), don’t belong.

But as for those other folk, both capable and who’ve a better footing, it’s a very different story,
For they’ve hardly any excuse, and why more should be expected of them, and hence stronger reproof necessary.
And why when we're calling all to a better way of life — a much better way of thinking, talking and acting,
We should be less tolerant and thus tougher on one, and of the other, far less demanding and exacting.

By Lance Landall