Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



The people in this world who truly touch me, and even deeply,
Are the ones who display a touching, loving sensitivity.
They know that you have problems, (unique perhaps, even complex too),
And yet, even though not understanding such, are still kind to you.

They accept your unique issues, and work around them, helpfully,
Thereby responding to your situation very thoughtfully.
They’re gentle, compassionate, caring — even display empathy,
For they have a heart that responds despite your veil of mystery.

That being: Those depths that are deep within you, that no one else can know,
Where, for many struggling souls, tides of pain and heartache ebb and flow.
And where fear and gnawing anxiety threaten to overwhelm,
Because confidence and hope are no longer standing at the helm.

Oh yes, those words of reassurance, those touches that mean so much,
Are needed lifelines, that many midst their struggles eagerly clutch.
However, such lifelines can be few, and such good people rare,
They being: Those who via their selfless kindness, relief and comfort share.

Such people don’t stop to criticize, but to lend a helping hand,
Knowing that there are times in life when things don’t always go as planned.
And that life can deal us heavy blows, treat us harshly, unfairly,
And that when it does — a hand and not a boot — is the therapy.

Yes, such people truly touch me, and are the kind who can reach me,
For this impartial love that they show affects me very deeply.
It’s very healing, it lifts me up, it gives me hope, helps me cope,
For it’s a light in the darkness, and an unconditional rope.

And likewise for other folk too, who struggle emotionally
With those cold shadows of darkness that can haunt one internally.
And for whom the daily cares can often seem far too much to bear,
And who're so in need of a sensitivity that says, “I CARE.”

By Lance Landall

"Eyes that look are common, eyes that see are rare."