Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Love's The Only Way

“Forgive and forget,” “Love your enemies,” and also, “Do good to all” —
Yes, I’m sure that you’ve heard such said, and for some folk, such is a hard call.
However, if we want to change this world we're in, there's no other way,
For it’s only love that conquers all — thus, it’s love that should rule the day.

We cannot change this world by using force, except superficially,
For change must start within each heart — that is, it must first begin with, ME.
Therefore, let's forget legislation, for though such no doubt has its place,
Both force and laws can't change the hearts and minds of this errant human race.

No, governments cannot change someone's heart, nor Christian politicians,
For both of them can only change things, just subtract or make additions.
Therefore, everyone needs to realize, and try to help each other see
That if we don’t change our ways, we will write our own obituary.

Everybody should lead by example, and never fight fire with fire,
For such behaviour will always backfire — it’s a treacherous quagmire.
So let us turn our backs on warring, and violence of any kind,
For it's time that we stopped acting so selfishly, shamefully and blind.

The title of an early pop song goes, “What the world needs now is love,”
No, not sexual love, and not self love, but an all-embracing love.
Along with a hatred of cruelty, bigotry and depravity,
Wedded to an active passion for total freedom and liberty.

Yes, every human that's on this earth, and each creature, (land, sea or sky),
Should be treated with great respect, never hurt, nor somehow caused to die.
And neither should revenge ever figure in the lives of you and I,
Along with hatred also — and therefore, self we all should crucify.

Yes, let's all stop this merry-go-round that is currently gaining speed,
For it's high time we slammed the brakes on, as there's a very urgent need.
You see, we’re just heading for disaster, as we're fouling our own nest,
Thus, do I hear a call for change, is such strongly beating in your breast?

By Lance Landall

Break The Circle!

Sadly so, and far too often, the lives of this Earth’s inhabitants are made up of circles of injury,
Circles that badly need to be broken in order to destroy the cycles of abuse and misery.
Yes, “The sins of the fathers,” one might say — in other words, bad examples, or inherited negative traits,
Or simply some very injurious groove, some most unfortunate habit — that sadly, further ill  generates.

And all being, destructive paths that encircle lives, destructive paths that can wear depressing  and distressing grooves,
Grooves that hurt both the circle maker and those who are encompassed by such, and that the foolishness of such proves.
And that being, the folly of treading those same old injurious paths, and thus adding to the weight that others bear,
Who, when it comes to life’s misfortunes, heartache, suffering and pain, no doubt already have far more than their share.

Therefore, it’s time that these circles were broken, and not just for our own sake, but for the sake of others also,
 Who, far too often have to bear the brunt of such, and who as a consequence, their own injurious seeds can sow.
For many, rather than choosing otherwise, fall into step with the circle maker, thus widening the trail,
And thereby, don’t just add to their own troubles, but the happiness and security of others oft assail.

What the world needs now, (other than love), and seemingly more than ever, is circle breakers, groove destroyers, who,
Rather than falling into step with circle makers, groove gougers, a much wiser and brighter path will pursue.
And thereby decrease rather than enlarge the huge stockpile of misery that is afflicting humanity,
Thus adding to what sense, love, care, peace and happiness exists, rather than adding to all the insanity.

By Lance Landall