Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Love The Girl

A woman should be treated with the greatest of care — yes, tender, loving care,
For women are priceless treasure, poetry in motion; simply beyond compare.
Yes, a gift to man, who should guard them protectively, love them unselfishly,
Delighting in their sweet company, and attending to them sensitively.

No harsh nor unfitting words should reach a woman’s ears, and no look should displease,
For women need reassurance, words that their concerns and emotions will ease.
Words in due season, (and not out of), for women mostly need listening to,
And such is what they desire — yes, a tuned in ear, that their best seeks to pursue.

A woman should be cherished, nourished, greatly prized, handled like fine porcelain,
Bearing in mind that she has been so designed to compliment the masculine.
Thus, only tender expressions should come her way, and that which bolsters and buoys,
For her life should be filled with happiness, selfless acts, wholesome pleasures, lasting joys.

Yes, a woman should be celebrated, complimented, appreciated,
Surrounded with undying affection, a love that’s unadulterated,
A love that’s faithful to the end, and that her honour will defend, despite the cost,
A love that’s committed, and that in her, rather than himself, is centered, lost.

Such love will see a woman bloom, and from that bloom a fragrance will emanate,
One that the heart and soul of the selfless kindler will further captivate.
A fragrance that brings its own reward, for love begets love, rewards the giver,
And a brighter life for both the giver and receiver will duly deliver.

So love the girl, treat her like a princess, and make her your top priority,
Shower her with little gifts, loving surprises — yes, romance her ceaselessly.
Give her all the time you can, support her in her endeavours, be her best friend,
A confidante whose lips are sealed forever, never to betray or offend.

Yes, love the girl, let nothing stand in your way, let nothing tear you from her side,
And tell her all those things that she needs to hear, as hand in hand you walk beside.
For there’s no greater treasure than a woman, and her worth will continue to grow,
Providing you never forget those seeds that every man needs to lovingly sow.

Go on, love the girl!

By Lance Landall

2.  Mind That Gate

There are many good men in the world, but far more men who aren’t that good, and who
Promise women the Earth but don’t deliver, their words ringing hollow not true.
However, and when in love, even good men can promise what they don’t fulfil,
Or only partly fulfil, and why many women have a sad tale to tell.

Though not wanting to pick on men, the sad truth is that they’re by far the main villains,
Prone to violence, adultery, criminality and many more sins.
Hence those cowboy builders, con-men, carousers, abusers, despots and so on,
Who thus bring shame on all men, and why many women soon want their errant man gone.

Thus, when men are smitten, it’s usually their interests they pursue, not hers,
As well as the fact that it’s oft that physical attraction that firstly stirs.
Such only natural, you say — well, to a point — but nevertheless, beware,
For it’s not the body that should hold a man’s interest, nor clothes women wear.

Yes, too many men promise some women the Earth, but then don’t deliver, or,
That undying love they said they’d prove, dismiss after shutting the bedroom door.
Or, having got their woman, (she having removed any incentives, foolishly),
They fail to come through on some things they’ve said, alarm bells ringing belatedly.

Too many men get away with not fulfilling their promises, or try too,
And yes, they too oft aided by women who consent too quick-cum-say, “I do.”
And hence why any woman should put a man’s promises to the test before
And not after she’s said “Yes,” lest some sloth or wolf prise some window or the door,

And mind that gate. But you know...

I have always maintained that when men treat women well, women get in behind,
And by that I mean, men having little bother with them-cum-harmony find.
But when men depart from that path, thus letting women down, their troubles begin,
For women shouldn’t be lied too, used, abused, nor treated like some mannequin.

Yes, history’s littered with the mistreatment of women, courtesy of men,
Who in war or peace have acted abominably, hence my poetic pen.
And though many men mean well, it’s still too often that they err, thus causing pain,
And why in the life of many women, there’s too little sun and lots of rain.

By Lance Landall

3.  There's The Door

If he wants to touch you intimately, and he’s not your spouse, quickly say, “No,”
Otherwise you’re simply looking at lust, a signal of what in time may show.
In other words, if he can’t wait, he’s less likely to be faithful, trustable,
And it best he go, he probably going anyway once he’d had his fill.

So don’t say, “Yes,” nor just let it happen somehow, for that’s how women get used,
And one way or another suffer, love and sex too often being confused.
If he can’t stand the test of time, how much does he really love you? Not enough,
So don’t accept his lusty wants, nor fall for any self-serving, “I love you,” stuff.

Your body was hardly meant to be cherished and enjoyed by more than one man,
And thus only your husband, or that special intimacy won’t fit the plan.
In other words, it won’t be special if you’ve shared it with someone else, who then,
No doubt will paw some other women, as if such is acceptable for men.

Oh yes, just like bees going from flower to flower, they selfishly busy,
And oft knowing that they won’t be hanging around, not that they’ll say, quite frankly.
’Cause then you might not say, “Yes,” and “No” isn’t what many are wanting to hear,
For they’ve oft just one thing in mind; and what they’ve picked up elsewhere, they may well share.

So best you say, “There’s the door.”

By Lance Landall

4.  Mind Those Consoling Arms

Too many married and hurting women end up in the consoling arms of another man — perilously —
For the world is full of heartless opportunists, flawed counsellors, and men who simply don’t act prudently.
Yes, it’s better that such women find solace in the consoling arms of other women, and wise ones too,
For far too many people are too quick to take sides, they suggesting or advising what they shouldn’t do.

Many a marriage has been repaired and restored, such being what all should seek, both the couple and society,
The latter meaning, family, relations, friends and anyone involved at the time, all acting wisely.
Yes, no selfish, thoughtless interference, nor ill-informed, uninformed, biased judging-cum-unfair injury,
For there’s oft two sides to a story, and even where there’s just one, that marriage can still be saved, hopefully.

Broken marriages mean broken homes, children the innocent victims of such — that is, should there be any —
And they, all the worse for such generally, and the tragic fallout often affecting society.
Hence why these hurting women should take care, though given their plight, it's quite understandable when they do err,
For as was said, there’re those men out there, who — when such women come their way — very self-advantageously purr.

And this being one good reason why a temporary separation isn’t always such a good idea,
For when disputing couples are apart, both naughty mice and injurious rumours oft prepare a snare.
And with such couples apart, communication and effort can be thwarted where it would’ve proved helpful,
And given that the last thing a marriage in trouble needs, or some hurting woman, is another obstacle.

By Lance Landall

5.  The Wrong Man Will Cost

Any man who says he loves you, and pursues you, regardless of how your parents feel,
Regardless of whether it’ll damage your relationship with them-cum-their joy steal,
And who pursues you regardless of how your siblings or friends feel, isn’t the right man,
And if you foolishly ignore these words, it’s a certainty that pain all-round you’ll fan.

What decent father would want to give his daughter away to a man who would act so,
For such a man is neither noble nor sound, which in time you’d painfully come to know.
And the reason why is, because genuine love will go without for another’s sake,
And not a path that causes friction, division and marring wedding day factors, take.

It’s never enough that two people love each other, (their love often blind, by the way),
But that their union have the blessing of parents, siblings and friends, lest things go astray.
And go astray they will if you think such isn’t important, for it is, believe me,
If you’re wanting a happy and wholesome marriage, not a short-lived hollow victory.

At the end of the day, the big picture is more important than a dating couple,
Whose self-interest so oft gets in the way, and why wisdom they’re soon seen to farewell.
Hence their headstrong rush into perilous water that both them and others burns or chills,
Enter karma, for what goes around comes around, their own children repeating such ills.

So, dear, a truly good man will back off, go seeking elsewhere, even should such pain you,
He knowing such pain’s better than the greater pain you’ll suffer should he still pursue you.
For no man’s worth the loss that you may suffer, and hey, there’re many more fish in the sea,
It all just a matter of waiting, and thus neither of you acting short-sightedly.

Yes, better to have no man than such a flawed man who’s really just thinking selfishly,
His desire for you overriding any maturity, thoughts of your family.
All why I couldn’t pronounce my blessing on such a bound-to-fail relationship, dear,
Or at least one that’ll rob you of so much, for hey, how much does such a man really care?

Yes, it’s better you have a better man, not one who wrongly whispers like a traitor within,
His words knocking your parents words, or those of others, he thus going all out to win.
And win he will if you can’t see the wisdom in these words that often return to bite,
As one thing’s for sure — well, eventually, that is — that such a man, your life will soon blight.

A good man will respect your parents, he knowing your need of them, and yes, his need too,
For should your marriage falter, and you’re at fault, their support for him will come shinning through —
Well, hopefully so — and should your marriage fail, he being at fault, they would be there for you,
All why you should go about things the right way, for if it wasn’t for them, there’d be no you.

It’s never wise to upset your folk, nor make things harder for them, which you could do here,
Which is why I'm telling you to mind such men, oft bearers of promises that ensnare.
And they also pledging their undying love — famous last words — for so often is seen
The soon dismantling of some picket fence; home sweet home no longer such a cosy scene.

You see, it’s always better to gain something without losing something in the process,
Especially something that benefits one’s marriage, and that rather than curse, will bless.
Yes, for there’s nothing like having your family on board, they there should you strike rough seas,
And you, dear, at peace with yourself having valued and applied such proven words as these.

Love, Dad

By Lance Landall

Yes, better to have the best of both world's — in other words, your parents on deck too.

6.  Many A Woman's Burden

Oh, that deep hurt that so many women bear, amidst raising their children — a burden that’s so cruel and unfair,
Their husband inflicting his selfish, (and even twisted), desires on her, whilst the children slumber unaware.
Or perhaps they’re not so unaware, hearing their poor mother’s stifled protests — yes, lust instead of love at work,
Their father forcing himself on their mother, wanting too much too often, and she, satisfying some weird quirk.

Perhaps her nerves are frayed, awaiting each return from work, his moods prone to swing, and possibly an arm as well,
And she, therefore living in fear, or feeling trapped, so mindful of the children, no one to turn to, or to tell.
Yes, each mistreated mother’s story striking a cord, and amidst it all, they protecting their offspring from such,
Be it via little reassurances, so fragile and even false, though they have no choice but to do that much.

Yes, good mothers, good women, who deserve much better, hurting, worried, and yet, still treating their husbands kindly,
That is, despite their husband’s selfishness, callousness, thoughtlessness and foolishness — yes, his acting so blindly.
And amidst their efforts to raise their children well, there’s that real concern that they may well turn out just like their dad,
For many sons who have become thoughtless, abusive husbands, (and even fathers), that same background have had.

And oh, there’s that length of time those mothers carried those wee ones in their womb, that discomfort minus his concern,
That is, their husband’s seeming indifference to such, and even selfish annoyance — oh, when will such men learn?
Yes, the lot of so many women, who amidst raising their wee ones, such coldness and suffering have to bear,
A burden that no husband or father should inflict on his wife or children, for such is so cruel and unfair.

By Lance Landall

7.  When Hometime's A Nightmare

When a wife doesn’t look forward to her husband coming home, nor a child its father, there’s nothing so sad,
’Cause that arrival time (given his workday’s over) is something that should make every wife and child glad.
However, in too many homes, be they opulent or ramshackled, such is a tragic daily affair,
Where selfishness, insensitivity and injury on the part of the husband-cum-father chills the air.

Users, abusers, unfair accusers — call them what you will — and often boozers, who make those homes a hell,
Hence those sad, shameful tales that many a battered, shattered wife, or sexually molested child can tell.
Oh, such betrayal, such cowardice, such callousness (of which no man should ever stoop to, nor entertain),
That instead of daily doses of emotional sunshine, delivers weeks, months, years of storm clouds and rain.

Yes, unseen deeds that go on behind closed doors and curtains, leaving behind a trail of heartbreak, misery,
The fear of such showing in the eyes of those so afflicted (which only the discerning see, possibly).
And they — the cruelly abused — left shocked and numb, racked by feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, even self blame,
And drowning in an emotional whirlpool — each distressing day, or each distressing night, always the same.

Some mother and father’s daughter having made the wrong choice, ensuring the suffering of her child as well,
But she not necessarily to blame, for oh, how suitors deceive, making some marriage a living hell.
Hence how hometime can become a nightmare for many wives and children — upper class, middle class, or lower class —
Whose happiness is destroyed by such spoilers, ravagers of the soul, who make each day like treading on glass.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 17 March 2019.

8.  The Everyday Housewife

Though no doubt he meaning well, such only serves to knock stay-at-home wives, sadly,
When Glen Campbell sings, “An everyday housewife who gave up the good life for me.”
For after all, such implies that a housewife’s lot is not a happy one, and,
That she’s somehow missing out, and including those stay-at-home mums close at hand.

Thus, I wonder how much harm this very melodic, well sung ballad has done;
In other words, is this where dissatisfaction for many may’ve begun?
Oh, how folk underestimate the power of repeated lyrics, some song,
Which, as in this case, tars all housewives with the same brush, and gets things very wrong.

The truth is, many wives are much happier being at home, and strongly believe
That being at home is where the “good life” is, that they’ve nothing over which to grieve.
After all, the “good life,” just like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder,
And why so many housewives give Glen Campbell’s so called “good life” the cold shoulder.

Lyrics aside, I really like the song, and applaud Glen’s sensitivity,
But his view that housewives are hard done by is flawed, and more imaginary.
For while some aren’t happy, and who knows why, many housewives are very happy,
The rat race nothing to envy, and the so-called “good life” more delusory.

By Lance Landall

9.  What Have We Done To Our Women Folk?

What have we done to our women folk, (they so precious), and who’s responsible?
They plastering their faces with caustic chemicals that only lead to ill.
And oh, those back, leg, knee and foot damaging heels that get higher by the day,
And with them, those higher skirts and daring tops that chill whatever’s on display.

Yes, what have we done to our women folk? — so many of them wrecking their hair,
All in an effort to straighten or curl, and then there’s that gunky spray, oh dear.
And also those sun beds that injure and age their skin, and even tattoos now,
The latter blighting what any husband would behold, his thoughts more “oh” than “wow.”

And adding insult to injury:

That plastic surgeon’s knife that lacks foresight, wisdom and moral integrity,
A woman’s natural beauty disfigured and scarred by what oft turns nasty.
And all so pointlessly, they oft the only one unhappy with their body,
But ads and images fuelling discontent and usually lying cruelly.

So there you have it, our women plastered, dyed, sprayed, scorched, pierced, disfigured and scarred,
And how many have exchanged their clothes for those lust fuelled porn flicks in which they’ve starred?
Yes, our women decked out like Christmas trees, oft artificial inside and out,
Or naked, they caving to demands or conned — and men, lapping it up, no doubt;

Well, those men who’re that way inclined, they thus more into the sexy than healthy,
Their woman perilously perched, sporting goose bumps and cosmetic fakery.
And oh, such dire expense, manufacturers laughing all the way to the bank,
And when those deceiving heals and lying paint have come off, how many hearts have sank?

Excuse my frankness here, but you can’t beat those natural breasts, be they big or small,
That face or body that’s not doctored, that simple, natural girl, short or tall.
But no, we’ve misused our women folk, turned them into dolly birds — objects, say,
Even prostitute look-alikes in many cases — and no, it’s not okay —

And why some men stray, do what certainly doesn't pay.

Yes, what have we done to our women folk, those daughters of ours once young and pure?
But now, many narcissistic, sassy, moody, loose, adrift and insecure,
For we paint, dye, spray, scorch, pierce, deform and scar them, sexy them up and parade them,
And why we just end up with a glass replica of an original gem.

By Lance Landall

10.  Orang-utan Clumsiness

By the time we’ve learnt, it can be too late, or the best years lost to it, sadly,
And so it is with many men, I fear, they having let their wife down badly.
Oh, how much happier she would’ve been, and as a result, her hubby too,
But men seemingly prone to orang-utan clumsiness — oh, the things men do,

Or don’t do!

Most men hardly taught how to handle a woman properly, their darling wife,
Who, as a result, bears the joy-robbing cost of such throughout her married life.
Unselfish love, deep affection, thoughtfulness, patience and sensitivity
Either missing or patchy, when she should be surrounded by totality.

Instead of her being her man’s life, she’s oft just a part of it, like a toy,
Played with, used for this or that, even paraded — you know, those things that destroy.
She no mannequin, dartboard, rubbish can, waitress, call-girl, footstool or trophy
But a precious life, equal in worth and being, a test of man’s nobility.

She either treated rightly or wrongly, and dare she aid any man’s folly,
Bad husbands only worsened by such, and such wives left feeling far more empty.
Naught gained by encouraging, but holding to account, setting an example,
And where women take that sound path — wives, in this case — I certainly wish them well.

By Lance Landall

11.  Don't Storm A Man's Castle

Some things never change, and so it will always be with a man and woman’s mind, for one thing’s clear:
Men and woman think very differently despite many things in common that they both share.
And thus why Nature and not nurture allots to each their own territory-cum-boundaries,
Which if either chooses to cross, usually results in consequences that displease.

Yes, you may smile; or resent such, but it’s as clear as night and day, and why women need to know,
(As corny as it sounds), that men like to feel like men, hence that protectiveness that good men show.
And why women soldiers and truck drivers, (for example), just don’t cut it with men, underneath,
For such makes men feel that they’re not so much men, and hence that resentment that oft lies beneath.

You see, men like to be “the man,” and where women act like “the man,” men feel threatened somehow,
Such women intruding on their territory, and hence the proverbial marital row,
Or certain assaults, (sadly), for where a man can’t take a woman under his manly stretched wing,
(Given her feminist type approach-cum-competing for his manhood), things negatively swing.

And this why many men stop behaving chivalrously, (like a boy who’s been told he’s no good),
They feeling, “What’s the point?” or, “Too bad,” hence they not thoughtfully opening that door like they should.
But rather, “You can open it for yourself, Lady,” and as for sex, she more just an object;
In other words, welcome to the world of every man for himself, “Why should I care and protect?”

After all, women can take care of themselves, can’t they? — they doing all that any man would do,
And thus they competitors now, all in the same boxing ring where punches only men once threw.
And why women must choose which way they want things to be, for wherever a man can’t be “the man,”
He’ll become a villain or sparring partner, and if that’s what women want, it’s going to plan.

Good men naturally protect, watch over and lovingly care for their wife, such being instinctive,
Hence why women are better off when they happily accept such — that rather than take, men may give —
And by that I mean, they seeking the best interests of every women, and thus being “the man,”
Which women soldiers and truck drivers thwart, and hence how some have jumped from the pot into the pan.

Yes, women are always better off where such boundaries aren’t crossed, (some men’s behaviour aside),
For it’s all to do with Nature, not nurture; men being men, women being women, and each with pride.
Yes, for here, it’s opposites that attract, be such in the home or out; though workloads all should share,
For in all things, and given certain circumstances, both sexes should be reasonable and fair.

Though some men may not admit to such, (they not in touch with themselves, or conned by New Age folly),
The plain facts are, that that manly domain in which men thrive is their castle-cum-security.
And why when that castle’s stormed by those who’ve their own naturally bequeathed castle, men react,
For both should respect each other’s sphere, the idea being to compliment, add to, and not subtract.

By Lance Landall

12.  When Women Should Consider Forgiveness

It’s so easy for men to fall — and by that I mean, they having an affair,
Or that proverbial one night stand, (and it’s of married men I’m talking here).
Yes, for men are easily stirred, they very visual and radar ready,
And why when it comes to the sexual, their thoughts can be errant and heady.

And there’s one more thing…

Men can separate love from sex, emotion from the act, and hence why we see
Those callous rapes by brutal soldiers, which, sad to say, they relish quite clearly.
For as I mentioned, a man’s sexual feelings can be compartmentalized,
Unlike those of women, who sex wedded to strong commitment have always prized.

And rightly so, for sex and love weren’t meant to be apart, (nor outside marriage),
And why when separated, we’ve seen many a horse bolt and a stalled carriage.
And yes, those tears that flow, that feeling of having been used, (as if just a thing),
And why from such an approach to sex, we see nothing but ill and heartache spring.

But having said that…

Even good men err, and why despite their deep love for their wife, they have some fling,
Or one night stand, and thereby, and very sadly so, risk losing everything.
The other woman merely a momentary temptation they succumbed to;
Or was it a mid-life crisis? — their strained relationship perhaps a strong clue.

And this being why a wife should consider forgiveness and take her husband back,
One assuming he’s repentant, not wanting to return to that errant track.
And thus she, out of mercy, making allowances for man’s Achilles heel,
For men are quickly excited by that which women are better to conceal.

Yes, why write off many years of marriage? — such a waste of one’s life, and you know,
Divorce exchanges one problem for another, it less a friend, more a foe.
And oh, how the children suffer, and then there’s those affects on society,
They oft preventable, many marriages only requiring energy.

Though it’s not good that men err sexually, a woman needs to understand
That men are constantly bombarded with the sexy; and what thief hasn’t planned?
Yes, that other woman being as guilty where she’s known he’s a married man, who,
For the sake of his dear wife and family, she shouldn’t have thought to pursue.

And here’s something else I’d like to say: What doesn’t help a man remain faithful
Is the rejection of any worthy boundary, standard and principle.
All why women should mind the man they marry, and why men should embrace what’s right,
For those men who don’t are sure to have a problem with their eyes-cum-appetite.


Not all lesser men set out to betray their wife, and why women shouldn’t rush,
Many only too happy to dump their erring man, then tar him with that brush.
And this, despite such being a blip, and he remorseful, not wanting to lose her,
For as said: When it comes to the sexual, it’s so easy for men to err.

And err they’re far more likely too where porn and the hot-cum-sexy beckons them,
That market outside their vows promising tastier fruit that’s sure to condemn.
For once such fruit’s partaken of, its oft found to have a bitter aftertaste,
And those men having to ask for forgiveness that may not come, which many have faced.

By Lance Landall

13.  Another Thing Women Should Ponder On

It’s my belief that it isn’t wise to marry young, though some folk are lucky,
But not so the majority, hence why we see divorce and adultery.
For how many young adults really know what they want, or who they want, as here,
Their partner having been accepted rather that chosen, hence that cause for care.


Too many marry out of frustration, they simply taking who they can get,
In other words, life doing the choosing, not them, and later oft comes regret

Be such early or later
many men wanting to know if they’ve got it,
And I meaning, that ability to pull, (though this, not all men will admit).

And if living with some woman, who pressures them with that, “Lets get married,” bit,
They seemingly needing to know whether they have or haven’t before they commit.
Oh dear, thinks that man, this is where things get serious — yes, it’s funny but true,
He not having chosen this woman — and so, should other women he pursue?

In other words, is this really the woman he wants, enter a fling or two,
He wanting to be sure, but oft making things worse — such a dicey avenue

Caused by that inability to choose that results in dissatisfaction,
that inability due to a lack of confidence, opportunity,
or attraction.


The trouble with aging men is, that they’re still boys at heart, and boys will be boys,
Thus they still trying to impress, and hence those antics and even bigger toys.
Men traditionally the chasers, and like to think they can still reel one in,
But their ego and confidence is easily crushed, and where ill can begin.

Hence why they need their wife’s reaffirming, she making him feel that he’s a catch,
And she dressing and acting in a way that leaves him thinking that she’s a catch.
Otherwise — and even despite this, in many cases — a husband will stray,
That need of proof very strong, and then there’s temptation, at the end of the day,

(Though where having accepted rather than chosen, he far more likely to stray).

And you know, it generally easier for a women to get a man,
She somewhat having an advantage, though this why she often gets the wrong man.
Yes, some men erring and some men plain errant, and why forgiveness needs some thought
In the sense of taking such men back, and time out oft needed for the distraught.

To be honest, there’s really no excuse for unfaithfulness-cum-betrayal,
It far from fair, right and honourable, and why it bids dignity farewell.
Thus those who indulge in such, for any reason, can hardly be trusted again,
And many do betray again, and why I’d think long and hard about such men,

(Or even women, if a man), unfaithfulness not a good sign, hence my pen.

And so, all that I'm doing here is, trying to create some understanding,
Because such is a situation that many women aren’t rightly handling.
And therefore, they writing off a man who’s redeemable, some man they love,
And why a little knowledge can prove helpful; some things best handled with a glove.

By Lance Landall

14.  Women Who're Guilty Too

Just as there’re men who spoil a marriage via mistreating or neglecting a lovely wife, so too
Women, they not appreciating the good man they’ve got — and such foolish women, not a few.
Yes, such sad but true, hence the nagging and bagging, the using and abusing, until somewhere
He walks out the door, or she does, if it’s her husband who’s at fault, (she possibly feeling fear).

But here we’re talking about women, women who’ve little reason for their discontent, and yet,
They making life miserable — He remaining faithful, but marriage wise, not without regret.
Yes, he treated like a doormat, perhaps, she moody, difficult and demanding this or that,
And no doubt in some cases, displaying far more thought and affection towards their dog or cat.

And in their discontent, many such women looking elsewhere, such fuelled by movies and TV,
And by the latter I mean, those slick images-cum-spiel that lie so blatantly, or subtly.
Yes, be it those ads or those serials and movies that have far more to do with fantasy,
(Not to mention novels), all creating unrealistic expectations-cum-some tragedy.

Well, fools there have always been, and none bigger than those who spoil a marriage-cum-their partner’s life,
And why we’re seeing so many divorces; that seemingly resigned or trapped husband or wife.
Yes, tragedies that oft needn’t be, and though men are more commonly at fault, let’s not forget
That many a woman is just as guilty, or certain problems is seen to aid and abet.

By Lance Landall

15.  That Two Way Street

It’s very clear that a man should never think to hurt a woman physically,
But nor should any woman somehow trigger such a dreadful possibility.
For while any violence should never be excused, nor should any provocation,
Which, it needs to be made very clear here, far too often is the situation.

Men are very physical creatures, and naturally tend to react that way,
Not that I am excusing such, should any man from that which is good and right stray.
But such needs to be clearly understood, for that's simply the way that men are made,
And bearing in mind that stress and provocation will simply testosterone aid.

Hence why it’s so much harder for men when they are really riled to keep such in check,
And why in so many cases, (sadly), a wonderful relationship they wreck.
And also why women should bear such in mind, lest they pointlessly aid and abet,
And the tragic consequences of wrongly doing so, have much cause to regret.

You see, just as men need to try and understand women — so too, women should men,
Otherwise, it will no doubt simply be another case of, “Here we go again.”
We just cannot escape this fact, and neither should we bury our heads in the sand,
And nor anyone who makes a bad mistake, a “violent offender” then brand.

Yes, deal with the nasty guys that are out there, but don’t go getting carried away,
And nor each time a man badly looses it, publicly start hollering, “Foul play!”
For perhaps he was nagged at mercilessly, badgered, frustrated very unfairly,
Or even goaded, cruelly belittled, (and even driven to drink, possibly).

Tell me, why is it always the man’s fault, seemingly? Are not some men victims too,
Perhaps of their tragic upbringing, or things that their partner wrongly chose to do?
For after all, so many women can act just as badly as some men, (sadly),
So let’s get some balance here, and where there should be, a shared responsibility.

Too many women out there create their own misfortune by sowing a bad seed,
And overtime keep adding more fuel to the fire — and thereby, just resentment breed.
Yes, so often women are the little spark, the trigger, the fuel, or the kindling,
And yet, whenever they cop the backlash from such — oh dear, how loudly they can sing!

By Lance Landall

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16.  It's Not Just Men

Yes, it’s not just men, you know — but women too, who're acting badly, their tongues uttering some profanity,
And they, copying the sexual antics of men, antics they once down cried, but no longer, seemingly.
They happily embracing so much that they once condemned men for, and thereby, are degrading themselves too,
And why’s a good question, though I suspect Hollywood’s had something to do with it
its portrayals so askew.

And all that sexy carry-on, which has many women dressing more like women of the night, (even day),
Little left to the imagination, and they, thus sending signals that certain suggestive things seem to say.
And they wonder why they’re less respected, and are seen as objects — plus, they’re acting just like they’re one of the boys,
Which true manliness that wants to treat a woman like a lady-cum-princess, somehow thwarts and destroys.

And who’s surprised? — given the beer guzzling, the foul language, and loose behaviour coming from women these days,
All of which says, “I can take care of myself, thank you,” and, "I can beat you at this or that,” which hardly pays.
For such has men thinking, “Why hold the door open for them?” “Why treat them tenderly?” “Why treat them with respect?”
And once again, who’s surprised? — for when women act low, tough, silly and unfeminine, what can they expect?

For in the eyes of men, women behaving like men, or unseemly, are fair game, and create less desire,
Other than the wrong ones, of course — or distaste — which is why such copycat behaviour can only but backfire.
Thus, rather than pulling men up by the bootstraps, many women are sinking to their level, foolishly,
Which can only but hurt their case — and here they are thinking that they’re liberated. Well, you could've fooled me.

By Lance Landall

17.  Serious Fools, And Then There's Sex

Mike turned into the drive and pulled up barely an inch away from the garage door,
His friend watching from an old veranda, mock concern showing from his gaping jaw.
“Close call, mate. Keep that up and you’ll be in for a new door, and a panel job too.”
Mike laughed, It’s what you call skill.” — which had Matt laughing now, though in this case, such was true.

Matt’s full hand rose toward Mike. “Here, have a can, mate. I’ve just been enjoying the sun.
I thought I could do with the break, given all the lifting and shifting I’ve just done.”
“Finally got around to it, ay,” Mike replied, lifting the can to his waiting lips.
“Yea, and I’m glad I did, as it was badly needed,” Matt muttered in-between sips.

Mike put his can down. “I hear Sandra left Daren?” Now Matt put his can down. “Yea, mate,
I saw that one coming, especially given the way I’ve seen him operate.”
“Yea,” Mike responded, “He can be pretty thoughtless at times — lacks sensitivity;
He’s actually quite a selfish guy, seemingly more concerned about his money.”

Matt nodded his head. “It’s a common theme.”  “How do you mean?” Mike asked, interestedly,
And he picked up his can again, took a long sip, and looked at Matt questioningly.
“Well, there’s some really lovely women out there — and many, very attractive too;
Yes, women worth their weight in gold, who just about anything for their man would do.”

“The problem is, they end up with guys who really don’t appreciate the wife they’ve got,
And to be quite frank, some of these guys I’m talking about, aren’t that difficult to spot.
It really amazes me, given that these women can pick and choose, but there you go;
Is it just poor judgment? Are they conned? Have they a self-esteem issue? I just don’t know.”

“When you get a woman like that, indeed any woman, but more so one so good,
The last thing you do is mistreat her, or somehow, act differently to what you should.
You don’t go taking such women for granted, but rather, treat them like priceless treasure,
And by so doing, will receive in response, a joy and happiness beyond measure.”

“So many guys need to get their act together, and treat their wife like a princess,
Rather than letting her down, causing her pain, unnecessary worry or stress.
Seems they’re far too busy, are out with the boys, or childishly trying to impress,
And sad to say, seemingly only attentive when they’re wanting her to undress.”

“On that note,” Mike chipped in, “Do some women fuel such, given the sexy way they dress?
I’m talking about women in general, who publicly, are baring more, not less.”
“Oh, for sure,” Matt replied, “And that’s why women are oft just seen as sex objects, I guess.
And to digress: I was feeling bad about our middle-aged neighbour, Bill Cleary,
And how some young women called him a pervert when he cast a glance their way recently.”

“It’s okay for us young males, seemingly, but woe betide males somewhat elderly,
Who, at the end of the day, are still males too, and males can’t help being males, quite frankly.
Knowing Bill, I’m sure he meant no harm, and the sexy way most girls dress now, dear me,
It’s pretty hard not to look — thus, I think Bill might have taken it rather badly.”

Mike unfurled his long legs, sipping from his can of lemonade contemplatively.
“Oh dear,” he replied, “I’m sorry to hear that. He’s a lovely guy, wouldn’t harm a flee.
And he was probably thinking back to his younger days, and no doubt pensively,
But you know, it must be hard for these older guys now, given the sexuality.”

“By that I mean, things were hardly like this in their day — women dressed far more modestly,
And today, there’s so much promiscuity, girls leading guys on quite blatantly.
I guess some of these older guys must feel that they’re missing out, rightly or wrongly,
Thus, it must be pretty tough on them — so in their face — and doesn't seem fair to me.”

“I agree,” echoed Matt, “And it must be hard on married guys too, quite honestly,
Given one can dial a prostitute — or via a computer, bring up pornography.
Such must be quite a temptation, which is why I guess many act unfaithfully,
For even if they’ve a gorgeous wife, they’re confronted with teasing bodies daily,
All of which is adding to the issue of men’s behaviour, and most destructively.”

“Having said that though, and getting back to what we were talking about previously,
Such still doesn't give men an excuse for treating any woman injuriously.
It’s the old story, we should always treat others as we would like them to treat us,
And if we all adhered to such wisdom, there wouldn’t be half the trouble or fuss.”

“But why some men trample on a partner they’re so blessed to have, really baffles me,
Thus, not only destroying her joy and happiness, but their own, effectively.
And often, as a result, losing her eventually, such never to regain,
A cost that’s not worth paying, and one that leaves them without any right to complain.”

They both looked up as another car turned into the drive, a young woman at the wheel,
And the pleasure on both Mike and Matt’s face was something that neither lad could conceal.
Rushing to the convertible’s door, they reached to open it, laughter in their eyes,
Provoking a bewildered reaction, “Okay, okay, what’s going on you guys?”

By Lance Landall

Note: Names mentioned are fictitious.

18.  Domestic Abuse

Lest it be that you think I’m defending violence or men who act violently,
Let me assure you that such isn’t the case, violence and crime a tragedy.
But some things need to be understood, so enter clarity and reality,
For men are men and life is life — and yes, there are women who act violently.


When a man feels unable to care and provide for his dear wife and family —
Well, sufficiently, that is — thanks to the likes of unemployment, undoubtedly,
And the right support and backup isn’t there, enter worry and anxiety,
Stress and frustration, and oft that domestic violence that haunts society.

You see,

Once men lose their sense of manliness, that I’ll provide and protect ability,
And/or when they’re also seen as losers, it can affect them dramatically.
They soon losing heart, even their way, and under certain stress and provocation,
They often explode, men tending towards the physical where there’s aggravation.

And where alcohol and drugs are involved, oh, such is a certainty, believe me,
Men even more quickly misusing their natural brawn-cum-masculinity.
And wherever there’re underlying background issues, (they having been victims too),
There is a powder keg awaiting matches, and almost any trigger will do.

And those triggers? Well, they are many and varied, children often a major one,
They severely testing one’s patience, soaking up money, and why some folk have none.
And hence that child abuse that we hear of, and why wives are confronted with such too,
And we all so prone to hurting the ones that we love via this or that avenue.

“It’s time that cycle was broken,” we holler, but such much easier said than done,
And why harm will just continue where there’s the likes of poverty, a lack of sun.
In other words, where there’s unemployment, financial stresses or background issues,
Hence that need of support and backup, for there will always be a need of tissues.

The truth is, many parents aren’t skilled at child rearing, and such hardly a surprise,
Many having been the victims of bad parenting themselves, and hence that sad rise,
For look at the current generation who are raising kids, or who’re about to,
Many boozers, drug takers, party goers, who don’t care what their kids read or view.

Yes, you can rubbish the following as much as you like, but as night follows day,
Things only get worse where good things get dumped — in other words, where there’s moral decay.
Hence that new breed of contemporaries who think they know best, and why we see
That tired out with the old and in with the new ridiculous mentality.

And yes, there will always be renegade men — dads — just like there’ll always be baddies,
Though many of them no doubt victims of their background too, and some celebrities.
Such ill no respecter of persons, wealth or position, and why once again we see
Both generally good men and those renegades behaving unacceptably.

But hey, back to where I came in, and a word to the wives of those physical men,
Who, by the way, need help rather than punishment so that they won’t injure again.
It’s better to use healing balm than any words or actions that will further stir,
And that will simply worsen a bad situation, not that I mean to infer.

No, I’m not suggesting that a woman should remain where there is violence, and,
Nor should any wife tolerate any threat; even a hint of a heavy hand.
For where a man injures once, he often injures twice, and many don’t stop at twice,
And this why there must be a zero tolerance, and one quickly seeking advice.

A woman though, doesn't have to end her relationship with such a man, but,
Until he has seen the light and won’t reoffend, her door should remain locked and shut.
And thus a second chance not out of the question, because as I mentioned before,
Men can make such a mistake when up against it and enter that proverbial straw.

By Lance Landall

19.  Like A Mate

He’s taken you as his lifelong partner, has willingly said, “I do,” so please,
Look after him well, and try to understand just how differently he sees.
Keep him contended via what’s pleasing to a man, shore up his manhood each day,
Letting him know that he’s wanted and loved, because men can so easily stray.

Patiently bear with mistakes he might make, and where needed, gently help him see,
Taking care his ego’s not bruised, and minding what wives shouldn’t share thoughtlessly.
Make a big fuss of him, but give him space when he wants to be alone, and wait,
That he may know you’ll always be there, ready to do things with him like a mate.

By Lance Landall