Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Match Of The Day

The stadium is filling quickly, a match will soon begin;
Thousands of spectators make their way to the seats within.
All the players will be surrounded by for and against fans,
Yes, thousands and thousands of them, keenly watching from the stands.

Thousands will holler support, and thousands childishly boo
When the action gets underway, and each player comes into view.
Which reminds me of those angels who surround us every day,
Yes, both good and bad angels, watching us back and forth sway.

Oh, how we sway — but finally gaining the victory, hopefully,
Knowing that around us there rages a great controversy.
Yes, the battle between good and evil, the match of the day,
Where in our Christian walk — either good or evil — will gain sway.

And as in that stadium, (where many thousands watch that game),
The good angels shout with delight, with each victory we claim.
Or the bad angels do, when we fall for what they engineer,
For that’s what they want; and when we don’t fall, they boo and jeer.

Yes, we either sadden or gladden the good angels — who see,
Or either anger or delight the bad angels — all should flee.
There’s no in-between, no middle ground in this controversy,
We’re either supporting good — or evil, Christ — or Satan, you see.

In this controversy, the stadium’s full, the game has begun,
There’re fans (angels) on Satan’s side, or on the side of the Son.
Both are watching intently all the players on earth below,
And those goals at each end, which a victory or loss will show.

Therefore, I suggest you bring this illustration to mind, friend,
When tempted to act wrongly, for via such, our Lord you’ll offend.
Yes, think of all those angels who’re watching universally,
But most of all — think of Jesus — who died for you on Calvary.

Yes, the universe is a stadium, and the earth a playing field.

By Lance Landall

One Foot Barely In God's Camp

It’s funny how things can be right in front of our nose, and yet, we not see them (and oft just don’t want to),
A prime example being how Satan's mesmerizing via the entertainment scene, and as if on cue.
After all, he’s clearly got something on the boil, 'cause his time's short, and he after every heart and mind,
And rather than mesmerising, one could say hypnotizing, most not seeing what this devil’s behind.

If there’s one thing that Satan’s attempting to do, it’s to get our minds off God's Word, or to lessen such,
And how successful he’s been, 'cause via the entertainment that’s going down, he has most Christians in his clutch.
They doing what he wants, not what God wants, they having swallowed such hook, line and sinker, and willingly,
They now so absorbed, distracted, into the world, hence the backsliding, not to mention apostasy.

And one wonders: Is there anything out there that Christians condemn now, or has God’s grace given free reign?
Well, in their mind, because God’s Word is still saying to come out of the world, and from its wrong things abstain.
In other words, to walk obediently, and to fill the heart and mind with things that are heavenly,
Not those things that lead to loss of eternity, 'cause Christians can’t have a foot in both camps, foolishly,

And more often than not, one foot barely in God's camp.

Yes, there’s little that Christians aren’t into, they worshiping contemporary idols, effectively,
They smitten with celebrities, actors and pop stars, falling at the feet of the music industry.
In other words, they're hooked on movies, television, rock concerts and anything else going down these days,
Which our example, the Holy God above (who says to emulate Him), clearly angers and dismays.

By Lance Landall