Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Mind That Crossing!

Far too often we see people who with lack of thought and care,
Just bowl out onto a crossing as if traffic isn’t there.
It seems some have an attitude, and perhaps they need a scare,
Otherwise, they may lose their life, or end up in a wheelchair.

Though every motorist should stop, they mightn’t have the time to,
Should you stride onto a crossing without the thought that is due.
And you might make them angry, perhaps any passenger too,
Should they be thrown about when the driver quickly brakes for you.

My saying this, shouldn't come as a surprise, but the crossing isn’t yours,
It’s simply there to help you — thus, before you cross, check and pause.
Don’t rush towards the crossing, but approach slowly and with care,
Patiently holding back, or better still, wait till the road’s clear.

Some people make a driver stop who’s the only one in sight,
For rather than let that car go by, they bowl out like they’ve a right.
Such is acting selfishly, and using crossings foolishly,
And it can hold someone up who’s late, and feeling crotchety.

Many people use a crossing as if they have got all day,
Thus acting inconsiderately, hence why glares come their way.
I guess that is why some drivers are not so inclined to stop,
And why folk who drag their feet, or bowl out, have some blow their top.

Some folk stride onto a crossing while texting on their cell phone,
Or while listening to a walkman that many also own.
But some just aren’t thinking, or have an attitude, I’m afraid,
Which longevity of life, in their case, certainly won't aid.

Yes, some folk don’t seem to realize the havoc that they can cause,
When they stride onto a crossing without checking or that pause.
And when a driver hits the brakes due to someone’s lack of thought,
There’s a good possibility someone’s life will be cut short.

By Lance Landall