Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



Sometimes we make big mistakes that we bitterly regret,
Mistakes we can’t leave behind, mistakes that we can’t forget.
For the results of these mistakes continue on for years,
Causing much unhappiness, often resurrecting tears.

Sometimes we can’t understand why we do the things we do,
And why it is we say things that we also later rue.
We scratch our head and wonder why we’ve acted the same way
That earlier brought trouble, caused folk heartache or dismay.

Sometimes we cannot undo what we shouldn’t have said or done,
And our attempts to fix it, or reconcile, some folk shun.
Not everyone is willing to forgive and to forget,
And when you upset some, what they then think of you, seems set.

Sometimes we say or do things that we’ve told others not to,
Why? Because we’re human too, and under pressure, same wrong can do.
Thus, all should understand this, and more thoughtfulness display,
When someone who knows better, somehow, somewhere, goes astray.

Everybody makes mistakes, and most of us, too many;
Yes, it would be wonderful if none of us made any.
But the truth is, that we do, and we will continue to,
Because no one is perfect, and learning curves we go through.

When someone treats you wrongly, but is sorry, and says so,
And attempts to put things right, there is something you should know:
If you don’t respond to them in the way in which one should,
Then you aren’t any better, and call you hypocrite, they could.

When folk try to put things right, and seek reconciliation,
We should respond with mercy, and without hesitation.
One day it could well be us, attempting to right our wrong,
Hoping folk will forgive and forget, not mutual upset prolong.

By Lance Landall

It's Not Quite That Cut And Dried

“It’s how you choose to respond to negatives,” they say, referring to bad luck;
In other words, when unfair things come one’s way, or when certain plans come unstuck.
And, “It must be hard being that way,” they also say, referring to difficulty
That some folk have dealing with things due to the unique way they think, feel and see.

Nice of them, isn’t it?

Well, all I can say is that it’s not quite that cut and dried, platitudes aside,
For though such have their place, they’re often used out of place-cum-unkindly applied.
And hey, all have a right to certain expectations, and to sometimes feel cross,
For far too many — due to thoughtlessness and unfairness — suffer pain or loss.

The truth is, we’re not robots, and some of us are already hurting deeply,
Unable to role with more punches, and even crippled emotionally.
And thus more at risk from those who act like robots given their turtle-like shell,
For though tougher skin can prove helpful, it can block sensitivity as well.

Hence those words that too easily fall from many callous or unthinking lips,
That under certain circumstances could do with more thoughtful tightly closed zips.
For what some can do, others can’t, or not as easily, hence why care’s needed,
And why when it comes to one’s garden of words, such should be tidied and weeded.

Yes, we all busy gardening, but more so those whose garden’s been neglected,
Lest via their poorly chosen words, they leave somebody feeling more dejected.
Someone whose upset may spill over onto their loved ones, thus they erring too,
Such having been triggered by someone else’s faulty “cut and dried” point of view.

By Lance Landall