Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


If folk don’t understand you (sometimes), perhaps that’s their fault, not yours,
For we’re unique, complex — a marvel, in fact, (though we do have some flaws).
And we’re not here by accident — evolution’s just a theory,
A badly flawed one, that as deep as possible, we should bury.

Whether we choose to believe in God or not, we hardly evolved,
And nor in our being here, were millions of years and monkeys involved.
We’re far too intelligent, intricate, sophisticated too,
Thus, there had to be a Creator, Designer, for me, for you.

Yes, we hardly came out of nothing, and nor out of some Big Bang,
Our ancestors weren’t cavemen, nor a big hairy orangutan.
And nor were they aliens, I might add, little green men from Mars,
Whizzing around in UFOs, visiting earth, bypassing stars.

No, who would subscribe to such nonsense; unproven and ludicrous,
The first, leaving us without hope, and the latter, plain mischievous.
No, we’re not the product of fantasy, but rather, clever design,
And personally, I’m convinced that our origin is Divine.

Not chance, some Big Bang, nor evolution, produces such beauty,
Nor such complexity, or the likes of love, kindness and mercy.
No, the latter character traits don’t come via apes, Big Bangs or chance,
So, I’d ditch those false theories; they just lead folk on a merry dance.

If evolution were true, friend, what would be the point in living?
Why bother with laws, why bother about caring, helping, giving?
If at the end of our life, that was it, why should we show restraint?
And there’s the danger, posed by those theories, that a false picture paint.

No, you’ll never convince me that aliens, chance, Big Bangs or apes
Had a thing to do with our being here, or that they -- in some way -- life shapes.
We’re far too complex, unique, hence why we’re not always understood,
But if folk are trying to understand, then that’s got to be good.

Misunderstood? Aren’t we all, sometimes?

By Lance Landall