Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



Given the perilous course we’re on environmentally,
This earth may be coming to an end, and very quickly.
Thus, those trips to the moon are taking on an urgency,
For they seem to think that we'll live up there eventually.

Well, as advanced as man may get, one thing is very clear,
Dwellings on the moon the inhabitants of earth won’t share.
To survive we’d still need this earth, therefore, please tell me why
We’re wasting money (that more than ever) we can’t justify?

If we could live on the moon, we’d live in space-suits out of doors,
Or remain inside cocoons — submarine like — with air locked doors.
But we’d still need this earth, otherwise, we wouldn’t survive,
As it’s only on this earth that humans and creatures thrive.

Oh yes, we might last awhile — living on the moon — cocooned,
But sooner or later — up there — we would all be marooned.
Why? Because if this planet’s dying, we’ll lose the base we need
To hang out on the moon, and while up there, somehow succeed.

It would be somewhat like trying to survive under the sea,
Something only possible if supplies came frequently.
But where would they come from if earth wasn’t habitable,
And how would folk fare if certain needs weren’t accessible?

And how would the elderly, or the ill, the moon’s surface share?
After all, you’d have to be pretty fit to make it up there.
Those G-forces, and the spaceship’s thrust, would finish some off,
Hence why at the whole idea, I, with justification, scoff.

Just think of all the spaceships that would be needed as well,
To ferry each human — maybe creature — who’d bid earth farewell.
Plus a crew would have to send the last spaceship on its way,
Yes, a crew who’d be left behind, at the end of the day.

Perhaps only the wealthy ones would get to go up there,
Or just an elite few, while the rest of us remained here.
But given the logistics, I think we’d all miss out, no doubt,
Therefore, I wouldn’t hold my breath, stay up late, hang about.

I wouldn’t get as carried away as NASA, not at all,
Besides, life on the moon would hardly excite or enthrall.
It’s a no-brainer, as they say, it’s completely off the wall,
Yet, sadly, for NASA’s nonsense, some folk are bound to fall.

Tragically, billions of dollars are going up in smoke,
Upon which the poor and suffering must indignantly choke.
It’s down here, we need to spend such money, and urgently,
Or we’ll all end up with nothing, and then where will we be?

It seems commonsense is departing as fast as those rockets,
And just as quickly, taxpayer’s money out of pockets.
Yes, man in his wisdom is simply pursuing folly,
And, subsequently, is loosing the wheels on his trolley.

It’s time we left the moon alone, we’ve enough problems here,
Besides, given our record, we’d make a mess of things there.
Here, is where we’re meant to be, not millions of miles away,
Tinkering with a planet that can only but dismay.

By Lance Landall