Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Mr. Big Foot

Lord, it seems I just keep putting my foot in it, don’t I?
And it feels as if that foot has grown, I don’t know why.
It’s not that I mean to, but it just seems to happen, and,
Unpleasant situations occur that I hadn’t planned.

When such happens, Lord, I feel so cross with myself, so bad,
And regarding putting my foot in it, wish I’d not had.
I like to put things right, and just as quickly as I can,
But, sadly, there’re times when things don’t go according to plan.

You see, the desire of some that I upset, seems not the same
As my hearts desire — that is, its reconciliatory aim.
Though I’m terribly sorry, and want to put things behind,
Such folk that I speak of here, don’t seem to have same in mind.

Not only is that sad, Lord, but it leaves me feeling worse,
For it’s awful when those you’ve upset, your wrongdoing nurse.
Though such doesn’t help me, such doesn’t help them — just compounds,
Leaving in its wake weeping wounds, and pointless battlegrounds.

Life’s too short, isn’t it, Lord, to not move on, put things right,
On either side, that is — besides, some matters are so trite.
And yet, they’re turned into mountains, harming relationships,
Just because some who’re upset go on pity party trips.

Yes, when we put our foot in it, we can do so badly,
But most of us make such mistakes unintentionally.
Thus, those affected, should surely act more forgivingly,
Making things easier for those who’re sorry — though guilty.

And guilty indeed I am, but I’m truly sorry too,
When unintentionally, or foolishly, such I do.
Thus, I pray that my big foot, Lord, will grow smaller with time,
So that anything I do — with Your will and ways — will rhyme.

By Lance Landall