Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Nature's Jewellery

Flowers may well win prizes, but sitting in a home they're best,
For there they prove a blessing, and thus there, should more often rest.
Although they’re Nature’s jewellery, adorning this world we’re in,
They also sooth and calm when inside, much like good medicine.

They’re so colourful and cheery, and attractive to the eye,
Thus Earth would be more dreary if flowers didn’t beautify.
And though some take them for granted, and hardly notice that they’re there,
They would very soon awaken should all flowers disappear.

Oh yes, I’d rather have flowers than material treasure,
Given that Nature’s sweet bounties give one far greater pleasure.
So give me gardens I can view as through life I make my way,
For every diamond or pearl nature’s jewellery will outweigh.

Yes, no plastered-cum-painted face, nor some jewel bedecked body,
Can out-do Nature’s striking yet humble natural beauty.
Be such those flowers I’ve mentioned, some breathtaking scenery,
That star studded sky or sunset-cum-far greater finery. 

By Lance Landall

Slaves To An Image

Yes, Mister, Master, Miss or Mrs Sophisticated, they having just stepped out of some fashion magazine,
Or seemingly so — you know, that airbrushed, lacquered hair, tilted head, sexy look, jewelled and high end clothing scene.
Yes, just like one sees on TV-cum-some studio — you know, that artificial world, Hollywood movie,
Or those slick ads that dupe so many, they trying to mirror some image rather than being for real, sadly.

Oh, why do so many buy into that fantasy, that manufactured world, all that hype and fakery,
For strip away the make-up, those unnatural tweaks, props, enhancers and colourings — more disguise, really —
And oh, what a come down compared to that exaggerated picture that’s designed to line certain pockets,
And that has shop assistants busy processing stretched credit cards and filling out the related dockets.

Yes, it’s best we all just be ourselves, lest that untrue picture of us lead to discontent and pain one day,
And by that I’m meaning, our spouse or partner wishing that they could find someone else who always looks that way.
Hence why it’s better not to encourage such in the first place, and given such also wastes time and money,
Which, at the end of the day, could be put to better usage, given that most of us look fine anyway.

And that’s the thing, for ads, movies, magazines and so on suggest otherwise, such having more to do with lies,
A false picture-cum-predatory spiel, for fashion houses and the likes mimic stalkers — well, money wise —
Not that they’re seen as such, they waxing lyrical about creativity and artistic expression,
When it’s all a game, an expensive one — an artificial world that for some, oft becomes an obsession.

Hence those who try to pattern themselves after this person or that person, thus behaving immaturely,
They trying to attract via who or what they aren’t — some sophisticated, worldly look, now more the sexy.
And so it goes, Mister, Master, Miss or Mrs Sophisticated, all acting so cool like, but silly,
Given we all have to visit the toilet where all are reduced to the same level, and very humbly…

Or is it quickly?

By Lance Landall